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GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / A meme on the masked arab
« on: February 25, 2018, 04:51:43 AM »

So basically in his newest video he claims that Al Muqsit,the name of Allah. is also in Isa A.S's name,in the hadith,Astaghfirullah

First of all,this is a retarded claim,sorry for my wording but he made huge fallacies and not only that he used an Ad hominem against the person he addressed in the video

And now to the point, we will discuss what Muqsit means
Now he's trying to play word games here,what he does with the word Muqsit he tries to make it seem like the complete judge when we see what it means it means this

he Most Equitable,  The Just
The One who is most equitable and just. The One whose ways are balanced and just.

The One who establishes justice. The One who creates harmony and balance.

The One who does away with injustice. The One who leads mankind to justice and harmony.

From the root q-s-t  which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to act justly, equitably
to do away with injustice
to establish an equitable balance

The name Muqsit  is not specifically used as a Beautiful Name in the Qur'ān.

Abū Hāmid al-Ghazālī wrote:

... those who have the greatest share in this name are those who insist first of all on justice from themselves for others, ... but forebear demanding it from another for themselves.

So yeah. not only that,
Its root word is used in the Quran too
Say, [O Muhammad], “My Lord has ordered justice and that you maintain yourselves [in worship of Him] at every place [or time] of prostration, and invoke Him, sincere to Him in religion.” Just as He originated you, you will return [to life] –

(Surat Al-Araf 7:29)

The word Justice is Balqasat here in Arabic,which disproves Christian prince,

Now not only that, Christian prince is also a great dancer,if you watch the video the addressed person provides a Link
and whats funny is that he completely ignores the link and only sees his claim, It seems Christian prince hates Sources.

And instead of being completely objective and using all sources to see what Muqsit means,he only uses one source. and it is really really retarded,because the reason why he called it complete was because of the word "IMPARTIAL",WOW

now lets look at this
treating all rivals or disputants equally.
"the minister cannot be impartial in the way that a judge would be"

Christian Prince does not know English so what he does is that he misinterprets English wordings,and ever noticed how he never spoke arabic himself? and how he mostly relies on English translations,etc to bend their meanings,etc?

It really shows of what Nature he is.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / The Disgustful Preaching of Atheism.
« on: February 22, 2018, 08:05:19 AM »
So let me be a bit clear here. Atheism is a manipulative and disgustful ideology.
You see the things I've noticed about Atheists
is they really like to target the teenagers
like me and other teenagers,or maybe even you the one reading this,are their target of manipulation,They always target the weaker opponents,
for example if a Teenager has mental Issues,the atheist tries his hardest to Make the teenager doubt Islam due to his issues
Basically manipulating the emotions to fit a sick Agenda, and this seems like a very,very disgustful thing to me

I feel bad for the atheist Teenagers,because just to know how they've been harshened and their emotions have been manipulated to convert to a false ideology,is just sad to me.

So this is why I believe us teenagers,should atleast get into the basic fallacies in Philosophy to recognize how these Atheists are manipulating us,because really this is something,us Muslim youth should really recognize,there are people doubting Islam,because they have a Mental issue,like Autism and they blame Allah for it due to Atheists manipulating them

The question I wanna ask you is this
Who is the most merciful? and who should we believe in?

Allah,the most merciful,the kind,the supplier of all your resources and my resourhces

Or the Atheist? the one who blames Allah for things,and manipulates the weak for an evil,sick Agenda.

I mean I know one convert,who has had ALL HER details leaked online
ONLY because she left atheism for Islam
and was taken out of her manipulation
The thing is,our Muslim scholars,I believe are under-respected
Because the way they speak,they never try to manipulate us
all they do is read from the sources,and then they try to relate to us and show us how this source can help our lives
And we have the choice to either reject their advice or accept it
so there is no manipulation,we have free will
But for the atheist,there is no free will,he's forced to believe in this manipulative way that if he gets out of this he'll be insulted and even killed,I know some teenagers receiving death threats because they didnt accept atheism.

So this is why I believe us as Muslims should start to take our youth back from this disgusting Ideology,
because Islam tells us,to guide with actions and kindness
whereas Atheism you speak roughly to people,and manipulate their emotions
for your own sick agenda
And I really believe some Teenagers should start to atleast get into the basic fallacies of philosophy
so when they are speaking to the atheist,they instantly realize they are being manipulated
from their emotions.

and this is my opinion of the new atheists.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / The proof of God atheists cant deny
« on: February 21, 2018, 09:31:52 AM »
The proof of God,is You,and all of creation,now you may be saying "But How?"
Well let me make a point.

If we look into the argument of contingency, everything in scope of our universe is contingent but however,something out of the scope and time is not contingent,because it is something we cannot comprehend ever,only this uncontingent being has the knowledge of itself, and now why? Because our Brains are limited to the scope of what we know.
It is limited to the scope of what we can see,

Now to my proof, we can see nature exists,therefore Nature must be contingent.
But nature does not contradict,means its contingent upon 1 being which is uncontingent. If it was contingent,it would have made mistakes,
And now if we put this uncontingent being inline with the Islamic concept of God,it fits, so therefore the being that is not dependent upon anything is Allah himself. This is my interpretation on the name of Allah too,Al Waahid, i interpret this as the only being which is the reason of all existence,the only being that is not dependent upon anything

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Finally proof to disprove Dan Gibson
« on: February 15, 2018, 04:40:05 AM »
So you remember Dan Gibson right? Mecca is not the Qibla,etc,etc all these claims

So lets go through his claims one by one
1:The writings of the Quran are similar to Petra and not Mecca

I digress,they found an ancient tablet in Asham,southern area of Mecca,
This tablet with a Quran-like writing.

2: Mecca is not an ancient historical site

Well I disagree again,because if you look at the ancient land of Asham,southern Mecca that is,you'll find ancient houses,etc,etc so this disproves Dan Gibson again.

3:Makkah was not a trade route

I already disproved with maps of the Incense route and silk road route.

4:Makkah is not mentioned in the Quran.

Already disproved it,Kaaba is mentioned in the Quran,only found in Makkah,not in Petra.

5:Makkah is not where Mosques are pointing in the ancient world

Already disproved many major Muslims.

So here I'll prove that the Husband of Safiyya Bint Huayy(R.A) before The Prophet SAW,as we will see in the hadith that when the Husband of Safiyyah was so rough that when he slapped Safiyya R.A he made a scar on her face.
Safiyyah said, ‘It was caused by my ex-husband when I told him of my dream in which I saw as if a moon had fallen into my lap, he [Kinana] slapped me and said, ‘Do you aspire to marry the king of Yathrib?’ (At-Tabarani, Al-Mu’jam al-Kabir, volume 24, page 67) [5]

Hz. Safiyya had a small scar on her face. The Prophet saw it and asked her, “What is this?” Hz. Safiyya answered:

“When I married Kinana, I saw a dream on the first night. In my dream, the moon came from Madinah and fell onto my lap. When I informed Kinana about my dream, he got very angry and said, ‘You want to marry Muhammad, the king of Hejaz.’ Then, he slapped me. This scar is the trace of that blow.”[1]

And from this we see,that the Prophet SAW was fair to marry her,because her past husband was extremely abusive.

« on: January 29, 2018, 08:04:45 PM »
Is it haram to backbite,if you're backbiting about yourself?

Since Saudi arabia is targetted,and I do admit it has alot of negatives,but lets take a moment and think about a few positives.
So in Saudi arabia there is a very very diversity of sects and major scholars from these other sects for example:
and Shi'a communities:

So it isnt like Saudi arabia is a very very bad thing,it has its ups and downs.

I want to really answer some Muslims with doubts which are philosophical or something like "how do I know God exists?"
Needs contemplation,and these are really normal doubts in the mind of Muslims and you'll be able to come up with good and very straightforward Answers to these questions

So I'd advise people to spend atleast 30 minutes to contemplate.

So the hour long video being dumbed down to a few minutes of reading
TheMaskedarab spends 20 minutes only addressing an old drama between Asadullah Ali And Thunderf00t,and the rest he just cant admit he got destroyed,instead he uses ISIS as a representation of Islam when he realized that his sources spoke against him.

So there has been this atheist "Godless cranium" who has been trying to demean Islam and insult Islam. and he has specifically attacked Mohammed Hijab with 2 videos. Both of them being refuted here.
so his first video is about Violence in Islam and trying desperately to refute Mohammed Hijabs arguments against such a claim.
so this video shows Godless cranium Quoting verse 8:12 but once you look at the context. the verse says
8:19 "If you [disbelievers] seek the victory – the defeat has come to you. And if you desist [from hostilities], it is best for you; but if you return [to war], We will return, and never will you be availed by your [large] company at all, even if it should increase; and [that is] because Allah is with the believers."
then he goes on to quote
but the context of 9:29 is in Historical sources seen as such
"He (Hadrat ‘Umar further) said: I had a companion from the Ansar and, we used to remain in the company of the Messenger turn by turn. He remained there for a day while I remained there on the other day, and he brought me the news about the revelation and other (matter), and I brought him (the news) like this. And we discussed that the Ghassanids were shoeing the horses in order to attack us. Id y companion once attended (the Apostle). And then came to me at night and knocked at my door and called me, and I came out to him, and he said: A matter of great importance has happened. I said: What is that? Have the Ghassanids come? He said: No, but even more serious and more significant than that: the Prophet has divorced his wives. [2]"
so this shows Ghassanids were starting a fuss with Muslims and trying to attack Muslims.
the rest is a genetic fallacy because he assumes just because Saudi arabia is muslim and has strict rules that must mean Islam is strict he assumes Muslims who did evil are right because they said Islam says so. which is a Genetic fallacy and is a completely idiotic argument and it is very embarrasing

as for the second video. Let us look at what he says
So as for his claim against Mohammed hijab. now he says that mountains had a process of formation. Okay but this doesnt disprove anything just because there is a process it doesnt disprove a creator at all. Godless Cranium is using a major Fallacy it is appeal to the stone he said this claim is absurd without showing us how and just linking to a process of formation. a Process simply proves a creator more because a designer is needed to process all of these. just because a car engine goes through process it does not mean a designer does not exist it proves a designer exists.
now to the argument at hand Godless cranium continues to dodge the argument and ignore with the 9000 god claim. he says There are other Gods why should i believe in yours? this are 2 fallacies one is cherry picking because Mohammed Hijab clearly quoted verses that no other book hold and this is also a Continuum fallacy just because Mohammed Hijab was imprecise and didnt show how it was only 1 god he tried to improperly create a argument by saying 'how do I believe on yours?" and it shows a fallacy in his reasoning which he will never fix because emotional and many fallacies are abundant in his videos which completely refute his argument so he lies low and cherrypicks certain words to play word games against islam and he cuts his opponents videos alot. so this completely refutes Godless Cranium and his pointless rants completely.
jzkAllah khairun

I believe Muslims should research into this,but its kind of like a thought by me
that there could be subliminal miracles in the Quran,like the voice tone,etc,especially in Surah rahman,its just uniquely soothing,and Allah SWT might've left something in the tone and prose,etc of its recitation.

So Hassan Radwan(A former Muslim,now atheist) has tried to imitate the Quran,with a Surah called Fa Qaf.
First of all,the NAME itself is an Error.
There is no Surah with words as a name. Except one
Now to the textual errors of it trying to imitate the Quran
The repetition of Words according to the creator of the Fake Surah is a repeated pattern in the Quran which is absolutely false
because the Quran has no repetition in the Quran at all,it was trying to imitate Surah ul Baqara I presume so lets check the text of Surah Baqara in arabic
and compare it to that of the false Surah.
So the starting of the Surah itself falsifies the false Surah called Fa qaf
It reads 'Zalik al Kitabu la rayba fee hudal lilmuthakeem" whereas the fake surahs starting verse is too small and undetailed compared to this
Arabic Quranic verse
'Khalakna al Dajaj Khalaka"
so the verse is too small,so the starting of the false Surah itself is wrong,so what can we expect with rest of the Surah? Oh yeah,the recitation
Abdullah Sameer uploaded a recitation to the fake Surah,and if you watch that recitation,you can see it turns out to sound more like singing rather than Reciting,and the words themselves make absolutely no sense.
And my last point on refuting this WHOLE Surah
is that it starts with the name of Allah SWT,whereas the challenge of the Quran says that call upon other than Allah if you are truthful,so the challenge has not been met at all,and it is a complete fail on terms of the Quran.
And the chapter itself,numerically fails to imitate the Numerical miracle of the Quranic Text,and is therefore,a fail in comparison to the Quran,and has completely refuted the Argument of the skeptic mind
but now you may be wondering,but what about the Other Surahs do they have this pattern as Hassan Radwan says?
well lets see the most well known Surahs,it failed to meet al Baqara
But lets check Surah al Rahman,even then it failed
So let me list some recitations of Abdulbasit abdussamad,Omar Hisham al Arabi and Mishary al Afasy and lets see if the recitation matches
So Surah Kahf by Omar Hisham al arabi

Surah Al Rahman by Abdulbasit abdussamad

And Surah al Anfal by Mishary al Afasy

So by the whole text of the fake Surah,compared to actual Surahs in the Quran,the fake Surah fails to meet any challenge of any Surah and failed to imitate any other Surah in the Quran textually,and has commited many grammatical Arabic errors in its text,like using unknown words to the arabic language,and also has ended up with no knowledge of the challenge itself,and has broken a rule of the challenge,by copying a text and messing with some certain words, and calling upon Allah,
and is therefore
A FAIL and is completely refuted by me as it clearly holds no weight against the Quran
JazakAllah Khairun.

I've been noticing this upheaval of drama and fights among Muslims in Youtube and even personally
whats with the problems nowadays? Dawahman is fighting with other Muslims for absolutely no reason
And we have such corrupt "Muslims" starting to divide people over certain silly disagreements like Islamic conservatism against Liberalism
Its absolutely stupid,people need to realize this is politics,and spirituality unites and politics divides.

Atheists have gone to an all time low when it comes to disproving Islam,their new excuse against Islam is Noahs ark,and how its waves werent possible
Now let me demonstrate how those waves were possible and how other Lands also had them

So in Lituya bay the tsunami was 1,720 feet tall
how tall is that? 524 metres which is the size of a normal mountain
as seen in this picture:

so by this we can conclude the flood is possible,but however,now they will say this was a rare phenomena. No it wasnt because there were many tsunamis before it which were the size of a cliff.
The Unzen Tsunami which was 100 meters

The Eltanin impact which was around 200 meters
The vajont dam tsunami which was around 250 meters

so as we can see that these floods were possible so we can conclude the Flood of Noah did indeed most possibly happen.

Now about the Ark and the flood itself,it is a possibility but did it really happen? is there archaelogical proof it happened?
Well according to Charles Leonard Woolley(A archaeologist) he had this to say in his book
" . . . by the time I had written up my notes was quite convinced of what it all meant; but I wanted to see whether others would come to the same conclusion. So I brought up two of my staff and, after pointing out the facts, asked for their explanation. They did not know what to say. My wife came along and looked and was asked the same question, and she turned away remarking casually, "Well, of course, it's the Flood."

[1954, p. 27]"

And this isnt the only proof they also uncovered another one in Mesopotamia(modern day iraq.)
Within a few years, excavations of a third Mesopotamian site, Shuruppak, also uncovered a flood stratum (Schmidt, 1931). It is of particular interest because, according to the Mesopotamian legend, Shuruppak was the home of Ziusudra, the Sumerian Noah. (The Sumerian Ziusudra means "life of long days." The Akkadian equivalent, Utnapishtim, is "he found life," while the alternative Atra-hasis means "exceedingly wise.") This flood level separated late Protoliterate and Early Dynastic I remains and dates from around 2950 to 2850 BCE. Perhaps, but not certainly, the Shuruppak flood may be equated with the earliest flood at Kish. No other Mesopotamian sites have produced flood remains of significance (Mallowan, 1964).

So as we can see that Noah was indeed there and there was infact a flood, they also found bodies referring to it as so

So we can see by this that Noahs ark did indeed exist with complete certainty. and therefore disproves the whole Atheist narrative.

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