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❀❀❀❀ ِسُورَةُ الدَّجَاج ❀❀❀❀

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

فقۤ {١} إنَّا خَلَقْنَا الدَّجَاجَ خَلْقًا {٢} وَسَلَقْنَا الْبَيْضَ سَلْقًا {٣} وَأَطْلَقْنَا مَعَ الرَّعْدِ بَرْقًا {٤} وَجَعَلْنَا الجَوَّ طَلْقًا {٥} فَمَنْ يَكْفُرْ بِآياتِنَا شَنَقْنَاهُ شَنْقًا {٦} ثُمَّ خَنَقْنَاهُ خَنْقًا {٧} وَمَنْ يَطْرُقْ بَابَ فَاسِقَةٍ طَرْقًا {٨} وَيَفْعَلْ فِي بَيْتِهَا فِسْقًا {٩} حَرَقْنَاهُ فِي النَّارِ حَرْقًا {١٠} إنَّ عَذَابَنَا هُوَ الْأَبْقَى {١١} وَإنَّ عَدُوَّنَا هُوَالْأَشْقَى {١٢} فَلَا أُقْسِمُ بِبَرِيقِ الدِّينَارِ {١٣} وَلَا أُقْسِمُ بِنَهِيقِ الْحِمَارِ {١٤} إنَّي أنَا اللهُ الخَالِقُ الْقَهَّارُ {١٥} فَأَطِيعُونِي وَلَا تَكُونُوا مِنَ الْكُفَّارِ {١٦} وَاتَّقُوا يَوْمًا لَا يَنْفَعُ فِيهِ دِرْهَمٌ وَلَا دُولَارٌ {١٧} يَوْمَ يُقْذَفُ بِالْكُفِّارِ فِي النَّارِ {١٨} فَلَا يَسْتَطِيعُونَ صَبْرًا وَمَا لَهُمْ مِنْ فِرارٍ {١٩} أَمَّا الَذِينَ اتَّقَوْا رَبَّهُمْ فَإنهم هُمُ الأَخْيَارُ {٢٠} لَهُمْ جَنَّاتٌ تَجْرِي مِنْ تَحْتِهَا الْأَنْهَارُ {٢٢} وَصَنَادِيقُ وِيسْكِي وَرَاقِصَاتٌ بِلَا خِمَارَ{٢٣}

❀❀❀❀ Surat of the Chicken ❀❀❀❀

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful,

1. Faa' Qaaf
2. Verily, We created the chicken a (wonderful) creation,
3. And We boiled the eggs, a boiling,
4. And We sent with thunder, lightening
5. And We made the air fresh
6. As for he who denies our signs, We shall hang him a hanging,
7. And choke him, a choking
As for he who knocks on the door of a slut, a knocking
9. Then commits in her house, a screwing
10. We shall burn him in the fire, a burning
11. Indeed our punishment it is the abiding
12. Indeed our enemy he is the most wretched.
13. For I swear by the glitter of the Dinar
14. And I swear by the braying of the Ass
15. Indeed I am Allah the Creator, the Conqueror
16. So obey me and do not be of the unbelievers
17. And fear a day when no Dirham will benefit nor will a Dollar
18. The day the unbelievers will be cast into the fire
19. And they shall not be able to bear it nor escape
20. As for those who feared their lord, they are the best
21. They shall have gardens under which run rivers
22. And crates of whiskey and dancing girls with no veil

So this is my last post on Ex-Muslims,I'm also gonna take a break from debates,and refutations,etc but I'll still be active here.after i'm back I gotta focus on Christianity now.

so basically the reason why noone wants to debate Abdullah Sameer,is because he's a stalker,
He goes to different Muslim channels only to insult Muslims, and Insult the Prophet SAW,etc,etc

and the second reason is plagiarized claims

All his atheistical claims and views are from Richard Dawkins,Robert spencer,etc,etc,etc

And his other claims on the Prophet SAW are from Christians such as David wood,Sam Shamoun,etc,etc

So really why debate him when we already disproved his claims? infact,all debates have ended,not many Muslims or christians,or atheists debate anymore,so thats why its worthless,
infact this also proves Abdullah Sameer is looking for publicity and fame,the way HE BEGS for debate,etc,etc the way he begs to discuss with famous ex-Muslims shows hes only looking for the $$$ and he has indeed exposed himself as a liar and a emotional beggar in these terms.
so instead of fueling the fire,we just refute his arguments rather than debate him,so therefore Abdullah Sameer is a waste of time since he will bring nothing new,but Emotional,subjectivist,christian Arguments

and also,whenever someone refutes his emotionality and refutes his anti-Rational arguments, he is refuted completely,but yet the issue is,its clear he sends his followers to dislike any videos they find of him being refuted,so the issue is this person really needs to lay down on the fan support and actually try to bring a new argument rather than try to stay relevant by being a beggar,so my advice is and my conclusion is,leave this man to be a irrelevant beggar against Islam for the rest of his life.

So basically I have been looking through Abdullah Sameers Facebook page and  I'm disappointed..
I thought "oh hey there should be a new argument which might make me doubt",until I looked at his page,and the disappointment on my face..-sigh- first of all he uses the atheistic argument "how come God doesn't answer your prayers", already refuted this,and many Muslim scholars have given Khutbas on this,

So one by one I'll give his arguments and links to refute it

1: Quran copied from the Talmud,this is an argument he always spins around.

2:Bukhari is unreliable

3:Islam spread by the sword

4:Earth is flat

5:Islam allows rape

6:female genital mutilation

Rest is just ramblings and incoherent insults at Allah SWT,and also he's promoting other channels Ex-Muslim channels who all bring the same thing,also his stories of leaving Islam contradict,is it because of how Muslims act? Or is it because of Quran copied by Talmud argument? Also the fact he plagiarizes Richard carrier tells us a lot,

He also argues Islam allows pedophilia,-sigh- already refuted again,honestly

He's a waste of time,I'm disappointed,I spent All this time writing these articles,etc on this site refuting him only to find out he lied about Islam and Quran and re used Christian arguments.

Really it's disappointing and he brags about himself too,when someone wants to speak to him privately,since really,none of us have time to debate him live,his arguments are reused he uses petty insults and mocks towards Scholars and Islam,and he even fabricated stories on Mecca having homosexuals,etc,etc

He bragged on about himself in his Channel,until I came across his twitter and Facebook and everywhere,he's insulting Muslims,no arguments,just petty insults. So if anyone wants to go and refute More of his already-refuted arguments,you can search his name up and find his Facebook account

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Atheists taking advantage of death.
« on: September 24, 2017, 07:40:35 AM »
First of all,I'm surprised atheists could stoop down to this level,going through pages of Abdullah Sameer,Farhan Qureshi,and even IntrovertedSmiles I'm absolutely disgusted.

Just because someone died,they blame God for it,first of all,God destined you to die,it's your end,finish.

You have a set time and that's it,and also praying for healing someone else,doesn't always work, as the Quran says, that Allah takes whom he wills,
 Now this emotional and subjective argument can also be applied to atheists,how come doctors have killed innocents by mistake? Does that mean SCIENCE is wrong!?! Surely not,
Apparently they think God will give you eternal life,which isn't even promised anywhere in the Quran, so in this atheists are stereotyping Muslims into the levels of Christians.

Second of all,Many people have personally experienced someone be healed from the Quran,God leaves his signs sometimes..

But the issue is. That this rambling incoherence of atheists that they use someone's death to further hate for Muslims and Islam? Is unacceptable,Abdullah Sameer especially using over used ex Muslims pages to prove a point..

The issue of justice and death disproven here

And since Abdullah Sameer i caught him out on a lot of stuff, and ramblings he does on his Facebook page to promote hatred towards Muslims and Islam,I say I'll refute him more.

Basically atheist "secularists" have really been getting high in levels,and now they are on the level they attack any Muslim channel out there

In Mohammed Hijab's channel alone many Atheists in his discussion left probably around a million death threats and attacks.

And they have also Insulted Islam alot and joked about it rather than embracing rational discussion, so it seems as if Islam is really hitting their hearts to the point they are badly triggered that they see their sick ideology being completely destroyed. I'd say we as Muslims should attack Atheism even more so we see even more triggered Atheists showing their true "Secularist" color.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / More fake ex Muslims and Missionaries
« on: September 21, 2017, 04:47:39 PM »
I'm really annoyed at the Christian missionaries now.

They are literally hiring people to make false accounts and try to insult Islam.
And make them look like ex Muslims when they literally joined yesterday not only that
Literally all of them seem like young people,not anyone over 18 or mature enough to discuss with
Many Christians just leave petty Insults and "Jesus loves you" BS and run away thinking it would save them from debate what I don't get is why do they keep repeating the claims? And why don't Christians look for answers rather than insulting us for absolutely no reason

I saw a Christian literally telling a Muslim to kill himself because he was just a Muslim.. and literally it hurts knowing many Muslims went through depression before conversion,and now they are treated like this in Christian communities and they tell us Love your enemies? This is hypocrisy,this is the exact reason people become extremists and they cry about extremism?

It's fucking hypocritical,their Bible is a lie,their Jesus is not a jesus of love but of deception and to delude you by saying they love you then admit they hate you.

This is what annoys me the most about Christian missionaries,all lies and deceptions mixed together just because their church members are leaving church and their church funds are going down.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Closed the case on Abdullah Sameer
« on: September 18, 2017, 11:30:21 PM »
Now this is to his other arguments against Jinn and The Evil eye,etc,etc

First of all,you must know this side of Islam is the spiriually harmful side,it explains the protection against certain stuff,etc

now for the Jinn,first of all,the proof of Jinn,etc is the accuracy of its explanation
"Those who eat Riba (usury and interest) will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaytaan leading him to insanity" [Al-Baqarah 2:275]

Now see how it describes those who are eaten by usury and interest as insane,and it's true,they never rest,they keep running here and there to pay off debts,etc,etc

So this is nothing but accurate.

This article explains the proof of Jinns existence real well.

The Qur'an & Modem Science: JINN

This chapter is very thought provoking and intended to stimulate thinking and further research among Muslim Scholars, Scientists and Students.

The Qur'an mentions about Jinns in several places. The Qur'an specifically says that human beings are made of clay and also made of water. These statements are scientifically correct. With regard to the Jinns, the Qur'an also says that they are made from a flame of fire. A.Yusuf Ali, the well-known English Translator of the Qur'an, says in his note #929 that jinn is simply "a spirit" or an invisible or hidden force. It is also mentioned in the book ARABIAN NIGHTS that they become personified into fantastic forms, which we will see later as possible.

The Qur'an says: 

And the jinn race,

We had created before, from the fire of a

Scorching wind. Surah XV: 27

In note 1967, Yusuf Ali says, "Hidden or Invisible forces are aptly typified as arising 'from the fire of scorching winds'.

he scientific definition of the Jinns is given in the Qur'an as: 

And He created

Jinns from fire free of smoke.

Surah LV: 15 

There is a whole Surah LXXII, called Jinn or the Spirits in the Qur'an.

Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall, another translator of the Qur'an from England, gives another meaning of Jinns. He says another meaning of Jinns is foreigners (Aliens) which means they are extraterrestrial (from outside the earth). The reader must keep in mind these definitions of the Jinns to understand their scientific nature given in this article.

Currently held view is that in the whole universe only planet Earth harbors intelligent beings such as humans who are made of clay and water. In 1927, Sir Francis Younghusband wrote a book titled Life in the Stars (John Murray, London). In this book he describes the inhabitants in the stars as beings with angelic qualities. Our Sun is also a star.

No religion in the world except Islam has the concept of Jinn. On Earth all life is made of Carbon and water. Living things on Earth need energy for their activities. Some of these activities are chemical reactions, which need a supply of energy. This supply of energy comes from the foods we eat, particularly the sugars. Fat is also a source of (stored) energy. When sugars (glucose) are oxidized with oxygen they are converted into water, carbon dioxide and energy. This is a process called respiration. Similarly creatures elsewhere in the universe such as the sun or stars need energy. For those in the sun, the sun itself supplies the energy.



Based on the laws of Physics and Chemistry scientists argue the existence of creatures in the sun. The outermost part of the sun is called the Chromosphere and Corona. The temperature here is 4000 degrees centigrade. Underneath the corona lies the Photosphere where the temperature is 5700 degrees centigrade which is the temperature on the surface of the sun. Inside the Photosphere lies the Plasma Interior. Here the temperature is 30,000 degrees centigrade. At this temperature the atoms lose their electrons which wander freely. The density of the hot gases is equal to that of air at the surface of Earth. Halfway towards the center of the sun the temperature rises to several million degrees centigrade. Here the electrons are completely removed from their atoms and move freely, leaving the atomic nuclei behind as positively charged Ions. These separated positive and negative (ions) move independently of each other and this state of matter is called Plasma. Plasma could be interpreted as the smokeless Fire described in the Qur'an. At the center of the sun is the core where the temperature reaches ten million degrees and the density is five times greater than that of solid gold. That is the density of the core, which is greater than any material found on Earth. In the core the nuclear fusion reactions occur resulting in the fusion of hydrogen nuclei into Helium nuclei plus liberation of energy which we receive as the sunlight. The Hydrogen Bomb works based on nuclear fusion whereas the Atomic Bomb works based on nuclear fission (splitting of the atomic nucleus). 

Scientists (G. Feinberg and R.Shapiro, LIFE BEYOND EARTH Published by William Morrow and Co., Inc., New York, 1980) predict that there is the highest probability of finding life in the Plasma of our Sun or any star. They call these creatures as Plasmabeasts. Plasmabeasts can be construed as nothing but the Jinns. Life on Earth is called Chemical life, whereas the life in the Plasma of the Sun is based on Physical life. In the Plasma, the positively charged ions and the freely floating electrons (negative ions) are both acted on by intense magnetic forces present in the sun (star). The Jinns are interpreted to be composed of patterns of magnetic force, together with groups of moving charges in a kind of symbiosis. The possible inhabitants of Plasmaland (place of inhabitants) or Jinns have a more complex basis for their life involving charges as well as magnetic forces. The positive and negative ions interact and respond to the presence of magnetic forces. The stable structure and movement of the Jinns is influenced by the magnetic forces. In Physics we know that the moving charges influence the motion of these electrical charges or ions. This situation is similar to the influence of proteins and nucleic acids in Earth life. Finally these processes result in a favored form. For this to take place supply of free energy is required which is obtained from the flow of radiation within the sun. Therefore the Jinn can be construed to use radiant energy in their vital processes. 

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Closing the case on Abdullah Sameer.
« on: September 18, 2017, 06:40:50 AM »
This liar has gone for too long in his petty and childish takes against the Quran and Allah SWT
So Muslims have refuted and closed the case on him,he's disappeared for weeks ever since Muslims refuted him,don't know where he is now.

So let me make 2 last posts on him,
This post is on the proof of hell:

In order to prove Hell is real,we need prove that its description is scientifically ACCURATE.

"O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones..." (Quran 66:6)

Now the scientific explanation:
The word of “Hijaratu” in the verse refers to the sculptures and graven images. It is also stated that the word “Waqudu” (fuel) refers to the people and sculptures to be worshipped that cause Hellfire to kindle. However, there is no doubt that the word of “wal-hijara” includes a scientific explanation. It also informs that there are stones such as firewood and coal which kindle fire, which scientists say it is “bituminous coal”. (Elmalılı, Tafsir of the related verse)
The fire mentioned in the verse is the “fire” of Hell. It is thought provoking that this fire’s fuel is stones and man. Hundreds of years after the revelation of this verse, when people discovered the coal and lighted it, they understood that objects like stones are ignitable. Who knows what kind of stones the fuel of hell are? It is more appropriate to evaluate this stone fuel as an object which is unknown by earthmen and belongs to the world of Ghayb (the Unknown).

According to the hadiths, the fire of Hell is seventy times more scorching than the fire in the world. (Bukhari, “Bad’ul-khalq”, 10; Tirmidhi, “Hell”, 7.) Today, diamond is cut by lasers. It is also possible for the stones to be burned by fires whose true nature and severity we do not know. Even the thought of torture of a tender matter like human body in such a fire without dying and being exhausted is dreadful. As you see, the Holy Qur’an has been sent to people in order to save them from this fire and call them to the mercy of Allah (SWT), Paradise, and eternal happiness. (Diyanet Tefsiri, Kur’an Yolu: I/33.)

So this is accurate.

Now the color of the fire really proved Hellfire for me personally

It says that hellfire's flame will be black in Al Bayhaqi's hadith

Now there's proof there is a type of red fire

And also a white fire

Now if hell isnt on this world,then it must mean its out of this world as we can see

So therefore this means Hellfire is scientifically accurate,and therefore it is 100% likely to be true.

« on: September 16, 2017, 01:12:35 AM »
I will list out errors of atheism.
and how its beliefs are contradictory

1:The belief in God

when you ask an atheist why dont you believe in God? He will say God doesnt exist due to science(makes no sense,many scientists consider themselves theist and believe in God,rather than atheist,only the mainstream scientists are atheists,none else.)

but however ask him the question "How can nothing give everything" he will speak about a scientific nothing,when you ask him what is the scientific nothing?
He wont give an answer,just a bunch of curse words and red herrings and arguments that make no sense.

but if this goes the other way,and you ask him what caused the Big Bang? he'll say he doesnt know,
so how can you say God doesnt exist when you dont even know what caused any of this? doesnt it make sense that a creator caused it?

2:Issues of Morality

Many atheists speak about Morality,but however
if you speak factually and statistically many Sex Offenders are considered to be Atheists,
its a fact.
even Atheists themselves admit it:
Then they speak about Morals in Religion? that makes no sense.

3:Issue of prophecy and proof
When you list out Scientific proof of the Quran or a prophecy
they will

In the scientific proof they will start making excuses and find the most smallest thing to try and pick out,but when you disprove them with the arabic linguistics
they start cursing at you,and make fun of The Prophet SAW and Isra wa Al Miraj.

And on the prophecy
They say Prophecies are coincidence but when you tell them
"Okay so apparently things from 1400s years ago and almost 99% of them all coming is true is somehow a "Coincidence" makes no sense,Mathematically,not at all,so how can you call it a coincidence?"

And on then on they will again start using vulgar language. or maybe even just block you.

so the conclusion is:Atheists have no proof that God doesnt exist and we have proof, the proof is prophecy,Scientific miracles,the universe itself,and the probability of nothing making everything,etc,etc
so therefore it disproves Atheists completely
Atheists are just another group of faithless people who use vulgar language and make fun to seem "smarter" and "superior" when their IQ's are as low as probably 50.

and they even use the subjectivist fallacy alot.
So Atheism is just another anti-rational irrational disbelief and skeptic stupidity which doesnt look at the possibility of God rather than just insulting religion for its spiritual beliefs.

And with this we can say their beliefs are 100% full of errors,fallacy,vulgarity,and stupidity.

Finally back on writing things on here,so this is a post about ex-Muslims again.

Issue is I've been noticing lately alot of Ex Muslims have been using the subjectivist and the emotional fallacies they make the problem at hand as exaggerated as possible to make it seem bad than it really is

Subjectivist is used by such people:Abdullah Sameer,IntrovertedSmiles,etc,etc

Subjectivist is that you dont care about the historical concept or anything,
you just claim it is good for someone,and bad for someone else,and this is an issue which disproves all these Ex-Muslims and they try to play brain games with you to try and make you doubt Islam as much as possible,

so really this ex Muslim BS is all fallacious and full of fallacies and issues that do with nothing with Islamic scripture or anything but with Muslims,I have not yet met one single rational "Ex Muslim" who actually brings forth a good argument.

« on: September 14, 2017, 09:30:02 PM »
This is my last question as I have seemed to silenced him on the issue of slavery,but this is a interesting issue he bought he asked me

That if Adams children were the only ones in the world does that mean they commited incest? and wouldnt that be some genetic diseases,etc?

AND he also said about the cloning one

Dear Beez,  ++ Allah actually CLONED ADAMS children.  --- Let me see if I understand this...
If Allah Cloned Adam's Children, that means all the clones would have identical DNA. 
If they have identical DNA, Isn't that incest?
Isn't that having sex with brothers or sisters.
Isn't that going to result in genetic diseases. 
For an all knowing god,
Allah seem to know very little about human anatomy
Allah seem to know very little about genetics.

All children at some point have told a made up story. 
The adults will ask the children to explain this, to explain that.
The children tap into their vast imagination and provide amazing explanation. 
The adults will ask to explain, the explanation. 
And the story grows ever more fantastical than it ever was

After a while ... all will realize ... that the story have become too silly.
Your explanation ... my friend .. is too silly.

My debater was saying this

++"ENSLAVING,enslaving is considered one of the detestable things that are permissible". 
---Notice your use of these two words detestable and permissible.  You are making a moral judgement that slavery is detestable.  You feel that if you were taken into slavery you will detest it.  You will fight to free your self. 

--- However the conflict comes when you think that
a god who should have your back,
a god who should protect you,
a god who should look out for you and
a god who should know what is best for you,
that god made it permissible.... 
that god made it permissible for people to take you into slavery,
that god made it permissible to take your offspring into slavery,
that god made it permissible to take your daughter, your sister in to sexual bondage.

Once again, what is the honest position here? Try to find excuses or acknowledge that this deity Permits slavery, and its wrong

We have pre-Uthmanic copies that validate the Quran,but I wanted to ask,where are the original Uthmanic copies?,I'm just being curious.

« on: August 31, 2017, 08:15:57 PM »
Anti Islamists are so damn desperate that they have false news over at

So basically this guy has made so many lies about Hajj and Mecca that I can't even count let me give a refutation to them since gullible idiots believe him.

Number one:Zamzam being very thick and dirty water,he has not provided any proof or picture of the well or anything rather than just a google pic of the Kaaba,number one problem.

Number 2:Whipping people in Medina,
Again NO PROOF,he's just speaking gibberish and wants people to believe him and just to give it a spice he tells people not tell his irl name,wait a minute if he changed his name to Mustafa they literally take your picture,so they WILL find you by the picture if what you say about us were true,didn't think about that huh?

Number 3:Streams of urine,etc in Mecca

Again no proof he's just fabricating lies,and literally everyone I met who went to Hajj even the doubting Muslim or the convert,has never told me such thing and just told me that the place is very clean,even the ones on edge of their faith.

Number 4:Stealers in Mecca,what I don't get is he speaks about stealers in Mecca,yet he again has provided no proof,but lies again,a blind kid asked for charity and he suddenly starts to call it a hoax? Is this how desperate he is that he will make fun of a condition of a child?
Literally no proof again,he told us he bought his camera for gods sake,they livestream Mecca and no such case happens.
Maybe he lost his Sandal he was complaining about in the crowd.

Number 5:This problem gives the whole article a huge blow to the throat and defeats it,the zam Zam well,the streams of water,rivers,the Kaaba itself,and mount Arafat are all live recorded,and none of what he said can be found and we find no instance of what he says in any live stream or recording.

Number 6:The last thing, is he says that we leave Goat bodies,etc to rot on the roads after slaughtering,ANOTHER LIE FOR GODS SAKE,they also show the Slaughter area and the bodies are clearly carried with bags and taken away.

"Hajji Mustafa" has not provided a shred of proof, again,

Number 7:The cleaning after defecation with water by hands,false again
In Arab and Asian countries we have a mini-shower to clean up not a handful of water.

This man just seems to be painting Islam in a anti Islamist way to make us look backwards.

Number 8:The big lie is that he claims he visited Arabia,Jeddah is a city alright,everyone knows this
Yet he claims its a desert,even his geography and knowledge of the place is so low how can anyone with a straightforward,truthful mind take this man seriously?

I noticed no one refuted this article so i refuted it myself
If any idiot believes the Hajji Mustafa article to be true,he is probably retarded.

Christian Deceptionaries have been using this allegation for quite a while now,deceiving young Christians in their safe spots,so the allegation that goes is this:

"If Every Prophet did a miracle as a sign of their people everyone saw,How come no one witnessed Muhammad SAWs miracles?"

Well this allegation is false,completely it is used by someone who probably never opened sahih

This is a miracle which exists in authentic hadith resources such as Bukhari, Muslim and narrated by Hazrat Anas. Hz. Anas narrates:

“Along with the apostle of Allah, we were in a place called Zawra with about three hundred companions. He ordered us to make wudu for the afternoom (asr) prayer but we could not find any water. He ordered us to find a little water; we found and brought it to Him. He dipped his blessed hands into this water. I saw that water was flowing from his fingers like a fountain. Then, three hundred people who were there came and made wudu and used that water for their needs. (1)

Another miracle is narrated by Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah:

The people were left without water on the Day of Hudaybiya. A group of people came to the Apostle of Allah PBUH) while he was making wudu from the pitcher. The Apostle of Allah asked them:

“What happened to you?”

They answered: “We are ruined O Apostle of Allah! We are ruined O Apostle of Allah!”

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“You will not be ruined when I am among you!”

“O Apostle of Allah! We have no water left for making wudu or drinking other than the pitcher you have!”

Upon this, the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) put his hand over the pitcher and said;

“Here you are, In the name of God”. Water was flowing from his fingers like bubbling from a well-spring! Muslims both drank water from it and made wudu.

Jabir b. Abdullah was asked:

“At that time, how many people were present there?


“We were a thousand and five hundred! (2)

• “…The Prophetﷺ was told that Ali (RadiAllahu Anhu) was suffering from eye-trouble, so he applied saliva to Ali’s eyes and invoked Allah to cure him. He at once got cured as if he had no ailment.” [Bukhari]

‘Uthman ibn Hunayf relates:

A blind man came to God’s Messenger and requested him to pray to God to recover his eyes. The Messenger said: “If you desire, I’ll not pray-being blind may be better for your afterlife-or I’ll pray.” The man chose to be relieved of blindness and the Messenger told him: “Go and do an ablution. Then pray two rak‘as and say: ‘O God! Surely my appeal is to You and I turn toward You through the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of mercy: O Muhammad, surely I turn toward God through you, that He uncover my sight. O God, make him my intercessor.’” The man did what the Messenger told him and his sight was restored.6

As another example, Jabir relates:

I was with God’s Messenger during a military campaign. When my camel became exhausted and left behind, God’s Messenger prodded it slightly. This made the camel so fast that I had to pull on the reins to make it slower so that I could listen to the Messenger, but Iwas unable to [slow it down].8

So as we see there were witnesses,so how many times will Christians lie now?

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