Author Topic: My response to the "Who created God" question.  (Read 953 times)

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My response to the "Who created God" question.
« on: November 13, 2017, 07:48:25 AM »
We believe God created Nature,something can only come from something through Nature,God doesn't need a Parent something,because he created Nature,if we were to imply Nature affects God,then he wouldn't be eternal,so thats why we dont apply worldly Nature to God,since God is out of the scope of nature,heck,he created Nature,so therefore,since God created nature,God does not have a creator.

Because if God did have a creator,he would've come under Nature,and that means he wouldn't be God anymore,so thats why since God created Nature,he doesn't have a creator,its a must for a creator of nature to be eternal and not have a creator,so he doesn't come under nature,so God is not under Nature for he created Nature,so therefore God must be eternal.

If we were to say I created a Robot,then I must not be a robot,orelse I'll come under the category of Robots,therefore I was not created/be a robot,orelse Ill come under the category of robots,in a similar manner,if we apply this in a similar manner to God,we see that God does not have a creator,since he does not come under nature,nature is the reason something comes out of something,therefore God must be out of nature for he created Nature,therefore God did not come out of nothing,and therefore God was eternal since he was before time and nature.


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