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"The Messenger’s duty is only to deliver the message: God knows what you reveal and what you conceal." 5:99

"Say [Prophet], ‘I have no control over benefit or harm, [even] to myself, except as God may please: if I had knowledge of what is hidden, I would have abundant good things and no harm could touch me. I am no more than a bearer of warning, and good news to those who believe.’" 7 188

"Say, ‘I do not have the treasures of God, nor do I know the unseen, nor do I tell you that I am an angel. I only follow what is revealed to me.’ Say, ‘Is a blind person like one who can see? Why will you not reflect?’" 6 50

Say, ‘I am nothing new among God’s messengers. I do not know what will be done with me or you; I only follow what is revealed to me; I only warn plainly.’

God is very detailed on laws of modesty and inheritence, but according to traditionalist sunnis God for some reason forgot to make all forms of musical art haram and to prohibit dogs. There are also dozens of verses that explicitely cite the Quran as complete, and therefore the hadith collections, this vast external library, isn't essential to attain God's favor.

It is also a natural, intrinsic conclusion, you have to he indoctrinated to think hadith are essential. If the Quran relys on an external library, then i reject it.

And to those who try to cite verses that prove Muhammad's legislatorhood, all i will say is use your head. You need to reconcile them with the above verses AND MANY OTHERS or you'll derive internal contradictions. Im not going to tell you how to reconcile them, do it yourself.

The admin thinks Quranists are a cult of satan, that is scary considering how much time he put into this site.


GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Muhammad was not from Mecca!
« on: October 16, 2016, 05:55:59 PM »
Extremely interesting video by Sam Gerrans, and he's not an Islamophobe, he's a Muslim himself. Also, he rejects the hadith which is amazing (he has a video on why), i find Quranists always have more fascinating personalities and views, as opposed to your local Sunni sheikh who regurgitates whatever he is fed.

Very fascinating watch:

Watch his other videos too.


Good article. It was written by Ijaz Ahmed and posted on Paul Williams blog, may God be pleased with them both. Ijaz seems to really knows his stuff and he debates with brute facts/honesty.

Trinitranian thuggery at it again, professional liars. You've got to lie if you want to defend modern day Christianity, it melts under an academic lens.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Should we add Jesus to the Shahada?
« on: September 23, 2016, 06:50:09 AM »
Society seems drunk from media indoctrination, the average person doesnt research religion and if they do it's only to a very superficial level. Muhammad pbuh is painted as a warlord in the media, if you put jesus in the Shahada it will dilute this false perception because Jesus is associated with love.


Laillaha Ilallahu, Muhammadur Rasool Allah, Jesus Rasool Allah...?

The original Shahada was just Laillaha illalahu, but they added Muhammad pbuh to it by tradition to honor him.

"In livestock, too, you have a lesson- We give you a drink from the contents of their bellies, between waste matter and blood, pure milk, sweet to the drinker". [16:66] Abdul Haleem translation.

"Did you notice that your Allah (swt) did not know that there are so many humans that are lactose intolerant. Let that idea sink in for a moment, oh the irony, it burns. your imaginary friend that created the universe and all the people did not know that there are some humans that have lactose intolerant digestive systems.

also, science and history provide a better and more eloquent explanation for the milk production system and the evolution of cattle and their mammary glands.

I will also note that raw milk is medically unsafe for consumption and that's why there's a pasteurization process. Before pasteurization, cattle milk was rife with dangerous bacteria. your god does not know anything about the processing of milk.

pure indeed, ideal for harmful bacteria and germs. I would've submitted to this allah, sorry I mean Mohammed's ego, if he had mentioned bacteria or germs in milk or elsewhere".

Asalamu alaykum,

They say that all the surahs initialed with A.L.M have a total occurance of the three letters taken together that is a multiple of 19. The same goes for the other initialed surahs e.g ya-seen, ha-meem etc.

How can we know that this is legitimate? For example, isnt the Alif a vowel, therefore its not compulsory to write it, therefore how can you still count all of the Alif-Lam-Meem letters together?

According to this man it's possible that Mohammed never existed:

Asalamu alaykum

In short, the guy concludes that people will abide in hell for eternity, however the hell itself if not eternal so the suffering will come to an end.

As an analogy, we in this life are eternally human but this life is not eternal so our human experience will cease to exist.

He seems very well read.

Its the only way for Allah to be all merciful, if hell never comes to an end then this would be contradictory to his nature.

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