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Assalamu Aleikum Wa Rahmat’Allahi Wa Barakatu,

I would like to start by thanking brother Osama for all the great articles and pages he has put online over the years for well over a decade now, really may Allah SWT bless you and all your relatives for all that great work you have done Masha’Allah and Jazak’Allahu’Khair.

I just keep on learning more and more every time I visit your website which I have been doing for about the last 3 years now, and each time my iman (faith) deepens and becomes stronger thanks to Allah SWT and then you, and Insha’Allah on Yawm-Al-Qiyama you will be able to see for yourself all those hasanat (good deeds) you have piled up from all that good work you have accomplished. Insha’Allah, Ameen.

Also creating a forum board like this one so we can all come online and discuss matters pertaining to our Deen and other religions was a good idea as well, hopefully it can grow more and more Insha’Allah.

I have been meaning to register since day 1 or day 2 this board has been online but just haven’t had too much time unfortunately because of fasting, Taraweeh prayers and just daily tasks, etc, but now finally here I am :)

Anyways, so a quick point I thought I should mention is I was reading the article on the queen bee being the one referred to in the noble verses relating the roles of the female bee in Surat Al-Nahl (, which by the way per brother Osama’s analysis Masha’Allah was making absolute sense, and it seems that for some reason only part 1 (The Noble Quran’s Claims) is present, but part 2 and 3 of the article are not there yet or have been cut out mistakenly I would think, unless the article is still a work-in-progress and I just happened to stumble upon it by researching around the site, and this could then be the reason I couldn’t find it on the main Scientific Miracles of the Quran page of AC ( which would make sense.

EDIT: Also Arabic being my mother tongue I wanted to also 100% agree with the fact that the corrections brother Osama made to the translations of the verses were all correct and really basic ones like he says (and any unbiased/biased Arab speaker not lying would agree too) and it's just unfortunate translations indeed do change the true meanings of verses like this one where the main Ayat (sign) of the verse is a scientific fact which could only be verified today in modern time's scientific knowledge.

Translations may be alright most if not all the time to matters pertaining to religious commandments and deeds but when it comes to scientific knowledge where one word may have multiple meanings (and that dates back to Prophet Muhammad's SAWS time and even before that for the multiple meanings one certain word may be used for in the Arabic grammar, the word "Alaqa" being a prime example along side many others), mistranslations truly do destroy the entire meanings of some Noble Verses like brother Osama put it.

Hopefully I will be able to post more soon but for now I just wanted to thank brother Osama for all the great work, and also ask about that article relating to the queen bee since it was quite an interesting one like all the other articles on the site, especially all the ones relating to miraculous scientific knowledge in the Quran Alhamdulillah.

Assalamu Aleikum to everyone and Eid Mubarak as well (we have a joke over here now where we say Eid Morsi instead :)))

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