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The reason i mentioned MRSA is because it is quite abundant within the homosexual and LGBT community,

And no I do think that it can be fixed if researchee but LGBT doesnt let anyone research that you know? When those protests are held when a investigation is labelled anti-gay?

Anyone can get MRSA on their body from contact with an infected wound or by sharing personal items, such as towels or razors, that have touched infected skin. MRSA infection risk can be increased when a person is in activities or places that involve crowding, skin-to-skin contact, and shared equipment or supplies"
General Information | MRSA | CDC › mrsa › community

And No,by Influence I dont mean sex

And those genetic disorders can be fixed by genetic engineering,rather than that, they choose to dress up,act and engage in sexual activity wwith the same gender until they get a gender change surgery?

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Reply and few claims refuted
« on: April 04, 2018, 04:23:15 PM »
Yes,but adoption isnt always the wiser method,for multiple reason
Influence,STDs can affect them,MRSA,etc can be passed down to them by even hugging their own parents.

And another thing is, Homosexuality is causing many kinds of STDs to spread.

And a few claims they make is
'Animals change gender so transgenders are okay'
Wait so the reason alright,The Frogs,etc change gender,is because they have chemicals triggering this gender change,humans dont.
'Homosexuality is natural cause animals do it'
STUPID, if you put a supposedly gay animal in a room full of female counterparts of that animal, the animal will most likely breed with the woman instead of the man, so Homosexuality is enviromental,not natural.

And No claiming moral superiority for not being against them wont work against facts.

if these people really believe in the concept of Darwinian evolution
It actually goes against homosexuality
You see,darwinian evolution promotes an idea, that Humans need to survive and reproduce offsprings
Thats the nature of humans
And homosexual sex
does not produce offspring
So its not natural for the human to have homosexual sex
So these beliefs just contradict,and this in the atheist mind,and the agnostic and the LGBT liberals mind
is a huge contradictions
they cannot solve
Until they realise most of what they believe is false

When you meet Arab nationalists,they burn from the inside out when you quote them the hadith in which The Prophet SAW said That the arab is not superior to the non arabs
Many Companions of the Prophet SAW werent arab,some where Persian,some were greek,some were also from Africa. It wasnt completely arab,Islam by its nature was diverse and fair to every race.

So if Arab nationalists like Dhahi Khalfan have the guts to speak against Pakistanis,he must speak against the Prophet Muhammad SAW,this UAE government has been building temples for hindus,etc so Indian Hindus become their slaves and are obedient to them, trying to restart what Our Prophet SAW finished. Racism and Paganism.

And when you go to India you see Hindu indian nationalists killing innocent Muslims "Indians are innocent"my ass,Dhahi Khalfan doesnt know what hes speaking about, Pakistan houses Millions of Muslims and protects their rights as much as they can,as for India,it destroys the right of Muslims, so really, India has done more crimes against Humanity than Pakistan could ever imagine, heck these people force Muslims into Paganism and Pagan based culture like Sufism.
So really
If Dhahi Khalfan has anyone to speak about for "crimes against humanity" it should be India,they're backwards Hindu fools who kill other religious groups for a bit of satisfaction.

So thats all I want to say,Dhahi Khalfan is being a racist hypocrite as even some arabs called him instead of seeing what India is doing.

Wait,but the sun does set the other half of the year though

Yes but this argument is still being taken seriously by Missionaries,its just historically embarassing and unsupported,really.

Another funny thing about the argument is that Petra flooded in 551 and was destroyed by earthquakes and people Abandoned Petra in 551. so we can see it could NOT have been Petra since Petra died in 551 and theres no historical proof of Muhammad SAW being there  ;D
So really the argument just springs back to NWOs face since there was no trade route in Petra after its destruction in 551. and Muhammad SAW was born in Makkah. as many historical records tell us. heck HIS OWN COUSIN. Ali Ibn Abi Talib R.A came out of Makkah. no Petra was mentioned.

Even his adopted son. Zaid as his name is mentioned on the Quran. a historical Zaid of the such was only recorded in Mecca
 not a Petra.

So really this argument is hilarious as NWO is mentioning he follows the Quran yet goes against its Historical narrative it proposes.

Very Ironic Wallahi  ;D

Ahh this old argument that I refuted it was actually fun to dig down on ancient maps and finally find several that were showing Mecca to be a city.

and that Incense route took me a week and hours of research to finally find xD

Thing is. Mecca had historical sites. REALLY ANCIENT ONES proving Muhammad SAWs existence there. but they were all destroyed thanks to the Saudi government.
and also another thing to consider is in the Maps the area Mecca is we see the sign of a city that Ptolemy used to draw to signify a significant place.

And another historical thing to consider would be that many cities werent well known in the ancient world. for eg. there are some maps where Jerusalem isnt there. for eg. Some Maps show America doesnt exist.

So thing is. Mecca was a global trade route as I've shown but in the same it could have been a tribal one
Perhaps the reason Quran calls it mother of all cities was because of how famous it was among the arab tribes.

« on: March 27, 2018, 04:53:30 PM »
Yeah so basically Muhammad SAW would get kicked out. abused. almost assasinated and insulted in public. All due to an illusion. what else will the claim be. when a strong wind wiped out the Quraysh in one of the battles as seen in the hadith with multiple eyewitnesses is an"Illusion" too? Muhammad SAWs miracle of water coming out of his hands an "Illusion" too? both had multiple eyewitnesses.

Gays often claim safe sex will lower the possibility of STD.
can we refute it?

« on: March 26, 2018, 10:28:40 PM »
Not really. the chat group was in Discord.

« on: March 26, 2018, 04:16:21 PM »
So basically I went to a Islamic chat group to share some thought but just because I had a fight with a Liberal Muslim in which I got extremely frustrated and did say some violent things. from then on EVERYTHING I said was being misinterpreted to killing.

Really if some of our own secular Muslim brothers from the west is treating Muslims in the west like this.

I cant imagine what the Muslims of the west have to bare when it comes to Anti Muslim and white supremacists.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / This is getting ridiculous.
« on: March 23, 2018, 11:04:07 AM »
Look I get that you have the problems you have. but dont spam the wall to the point other and more beneficial knowledge is put down by a bunch of anti Islam arguments.

if you want your questions to be answered go to Islamqa or some site like that. we dont deal with spiritual problems but we deal with doubts.

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