Author Topic: How do we explain the Miracles of the Prophet SAW to atheists?  (Read 2054 times)

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How do we explain the Miracles of the Prophet SAW to atheists?
« on: November 04, 2019, 03:28:42 AM »
So. As the subject describes. this will be directed towards Atheists mainly rather than Christians or Jews or so on.

Alot of the times We are bought with the question by an atheist. Where is the evidence that the Prophet SAW. Did any of the miracles shown in the authentic hadith?.

The Answer to this is in the history of hadith. the hadiths about certain miracles are mutawaatir. They have been mass-reported and have a direct chain back to the Companions of the Prophet SAW and the Qurayshis who witnessed the miracles. So this is one witness evidence that indeed, something had have to happened in the time. Its almost impossible that Bukhari Rahimahullah, or his likes could even make up a lie. Throughout the 1400 years of Islamic history, we had multitudes of Medieval scholars ready to criticize and review the chains of each hadith. Which they did, Bukhari himself had a strict filtration process for his hadith. Its well known that if there was even one defect in a hadith, he would have thrown it out. So this is a witness evidence to The Prophet SAWs miracles. And history is judged by such kind of evidence because these are the best kind of evidences we have on history. many Historians dont ask for images or Extra-terrestrial evidences of such kind of events that happened in history, they judge by the consensus of each Report of a certain historical event that what is consolidated and what can we deem true? So a shared view is very important in Historical accounts.

We have questions about certain hadiths that, even if these were true, what if it was a hallucination, or what if It was a made up lie?

This question that we are asked concerning the miracles has two implied arguments.

A.) That The Prophet SAW's Companions were hallucinating
B.) They made the Miracles up for some narrative.

So A.) We can already deduce why this argument is a bad argument, its absurd. It wasnt just one companion who saw the Prophet SAW doing such miracles, it was the whole Tribe of Quraysh and the whole group of Companions. We see in the hadith and Quran about this. For example, the Idea that The Prophet SAW was a sahir(magician) Astaghfirullah. There was a reason why they called him such, The Quraysh were trying to find any excuse and way to try and thwarp the miracles and explain them off.

The Quran explains this too in Quran 54:2 "And if they see a miracle, they turn away and say, "Passing magic."

Even in the hadith

'He said: I met a person in Mecca who is on your religion and he claims that verily it is Allah Who has sent him. I said: What do the people say about him? He said: They say that he is a poet or a Kahin or a magician'

B.) They made up a lie to create a narrative.

Now this is very very unlikely as such a huge lie and narrative would have some reports about such and such lies because this means they lied about the whole generation of 610-630 A.Ds. Which is very unlikely. This is also a extremely absurd claim.

In history, Lies were made for benefit and gain by people. what did the Companions gain from 'lying'? This limited them to prayers, bought them on the same level as slaves of the time, and it gave them faith. There are multiple hadiths outlining how a king is no different from a slave. so there was very little benefit or gain about 'lying'.


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