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I think so. If you've said your debt, you are no longer a debtor. So, I think that executed criminals will go straight into heaven.

Quran Morality and Moral Code, Laws & QA / The Book
« on: September 18, 2012, 02:32:01 AM »
<quote> [HOLY QUR'AN 3:7] He [Allah] it is Who sent down to thee the book: In it are verses basic or fundamental (of established, clear meaning); they are the foundation of the Book: <quote/>

So, why is there a need for Islamic scholars? Why is there a need for narrators of the Ahadith to make the Qur'an clear? Maybe this is the reason:

<quote> others are not entirely clear. But those in whose hearts are perversity follow the parts thereof that is not clear, seeking discord, and searching for hidden meanings, <quote/>

The truth is:

<quote> but no one knows its interpretation except Allah.<quote/>

In Islam / Allah blesses women
« on: September 17, 2012, 01:35:29 AM »
Every muslim should find out for him/herself what islam really mean; and what it means to be muslim.

Every muslim women must ask, herself and allah, if being muslim means getting half a man's share; being rendered being half mentally adept; having to share a husband; etc. If allah could bless marium with a son immaculately, how much more can he bless you as a woman? With allah, anything is possible. We, as women don't have to submit to men. Only submit to allah. He could if he wanted give you a child without using a man's sperm; give you food in abundance without your having ever worked a day in your life or having been someone's wife. Amin.

Muslims like to ask christians questions, to question christianity. But, muslims should question muslims about islam. Question the dictatorship. Question the discrimination. Question the bloodshed. Question the poverty. Question the characters of the muslim scholars.

A woman is like a mother to us when she breast-feeds us, because her milk becomes part of our bodies. This is according to islamic thinking. So, based on that premise, I have this question: are cows like mothers to us if we drink their milk, because their milk becomes part of our bodies?

Quran Morality and Moral Code, Laws & QA / Halal?
« on: September 15, 2012, 09:30:12 AM »
Is it halal to eat apes, or cats, provided that they were slaughtered in a halal way?

A muslim man has 3 wives and children with all. Then he divorces one wife and gets custody of the children aged 10 and 11. He has a house with each wife. So now, do the children live alone in one house while the father is spending time with one of the other wives? Or does he ask one wife to look after the children? Or does he get someone to look after them? Or does he take them with him when he goes to visit the other wives? What are the rulings on a situation like this.

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