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as you know there is a saying that iblis reads the quran in the opposite direction, thus many muslims believe that hallelujah or halleluyah or alleluyah is saying ya allah hu, in the opposite direction. I wonder if this was done intentionally because this word halleluyah which Christian call the highest praise did not exist in early churches infact it is a modern creation. Going back only few centuries.

Asalam ul laykum brothers, brother Osama I would like if you answer this post for me. I want to know the truth behind the word halleluyah( hallelujah, alleluja, etc..)

« on: January 16, 2017, 06:08:39 PM »
Brother muhammad saif, i can understand your difficulty especially since buddists follow a religion of satan so they can not bare to be around those who follow the religion of the almighty allah swt. This is also why that the brothers and sisters the Rhingyas are suffering because of, so i pray for you and rest of the ummah where ever we are living with those who choose to be clear enemies of allah swt by practicing magic or associating partners with allah, may allah protect us from there influence, inshallah and ameen.

« on: January 16, 2017, 06:04:34 PM »
Asalamullaykum brothers, im pakistani sunni muslim from USA, but originally from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Is false the Quran Challenge?
« on: January 14, 2017, 03:31:00 PM »
The funniest part of this attempt it it contridicts the aethist belief. They say they dont believe in god. But they turned sciene into god and called it the mighty. Lol absolute failed attempt that neither meets the acient arabic beauty nor the guidance and predictions about the world the start of the beginning and how the end will be, no info on heaven nor hell and etc... its absolutly foolish.

« on: January 13, 2017, 11:32:41 PM »
What would be the reason that they are small, because weren't thamud over sized people.

Srry if i phraised it as attack on islam, what i meant was a misconception by some muslims. When i learned about that it seemed that some muslims were trying to find the name allah in bible and thought this might be it. But i feel there is something really mysterious anout that word that christians say and it doesnt seem like something that would be exactly connected to god almighty.  Like this brother tried to prove this word is indeed refering to allah. But i question the entire word itself, because i know that those who do occultish deeds play around with words and their pronounciations.

Iono why my keyboard messed up "also wanted" to "sabebad" or watever, anyways, would like your insight on this topic.

For quite some time when i learned that the word in question if turned around was ya allah hu, i started to wonder if there was a dilliberate attempt to use god's name for naferious reasons by jews or christians or by who ever that invented that word.

I decided to do some digging, i alreaady knew that those who are occult use words and sounds to do their wicked deeds. But i wanted to know if this was an attack on islam. From what i learned from these 2 sources, it seems that the very words that christians and jews use without having knowledge are used for magic, but those who do "WORK IN LORD'S NAME" are indeed as their own bible accounts wont be saved. Because what they are doing is they are doing magic.

Please brother osama help me understand these 2 sources i found, also these sources show that the tetagramento or also known as star of david is indeed satanic, because people in history used them for that purpose. Also i sadebed to report that there are words that are mentioned that are even used in main stream media that are indeed magical words so we need to be really careful of what we watch or try to say.

I just want to understand what the true origin of that word is from, are christians tricketed into using occultish words.

It is quite funny that this fool doesn't realize that a true rhetoric peice of work used to refute cannot be biased based on your own emotions but has to be comprised of legitamate sources with academic authority. Aparently this guy believes he doesn't need all that to prove himself. This is classic anti-islamic rubbish.


This article is on life of prophet ibrahim a.s and his 2 children and wife. What is interesting to note is that while we all know and believe that palestine did exist before in 1800s the zionist terrorists took over. But what is interesting to note in article is some of the ways that help us underatand the zionist manipulation.

Zionist say there is no land of palestine, while that is true but it is also false. There is no land called Palestine but there is Philistine which is the proper wording. Meaning zionists had historians change it.

Another thing to note they admit in ismael a.s. is indeed the first son and the older brother. But they create lie how is betrayed god and his father, technically incriminating this blessed pious prophet with absolute lies with no evidence at all.

It is beautiful how over active the imagination of the zionist is that how they turn theories into reality with their money.

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« on: January 12, 2017, 06:51:52 PM »
What i believe that properly explains 89:9 is when allah swt mentioned "they HAD lofty pillars" that means depending on the time you live in you have to consider the effects climate change and how it can impact a deserted city. So the sahaba probably saw more than wat we can see now.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: understanding verse 89:9
« on: January 12, 2017, 06:42:18 PM »
In islam we don't have to see everything in order to believe it. That is why allah swt explained muslimeen as being believers of the unseen because allah swt himself is unseen. If allah swt says they were we don't need to see it to believe it. Like photos on internet about ppl saying skeleton of people of Aad or thamud. I can tell you as someone who uses adobe photoshop program it is easy to manipulate a photo. We need to believe what allah swt told us and not nick pick over every little thing because that is plan of iblis. People go after visual proof because they might not realize that there own iman might be weak. Quran and events in islam are proof enough for its legitmacy.

Yes that does make alot of sense. But i always feel a cringe when christians say " a new discovery" makes me feel here comes more made up stories.

Brother osama im sorry if you nisunderstood what i meant by that, but i do mean that holy spirit is INSPIRATION, in some cases it was in form of gabriel while other cases god directly gave it like how allah swt blew it in into mary a.s. womb. I did not mean to limit the spirit to just gabriel a.s. but i did say it was INSPIRATION. So yes i do agree with you that it comes in many form and no one says it is god. Because in Quran depending on the context it is easy to differenciate that holy spirit or spirit is different in all those cases.

But in regards to Judas, brother allah swt gave us clear warning that if any of you go turn back he will punish them. From what bible told what happen to judas when he went to get jesus pbuh while the soliders waited outside. When he emerged it wasnt judas so they asked the person who he is and they asked if it was jesus of naserath. Meaning the soliders and those among them never seen jesus. Since judas didnt emerge they though it can only be jesus.

But i would like to get more info if you believe this isnt correct i would like to know who was put on the cross. Because in quran it says that they did not crucify him. Meaning the person that was crucify wasnt jesus. Many jews till this day celebrate that they crucified jesus. When in quran allah swt said it was made to look as if they did. Then could mean that was either an illusion or the person on cross was someone else.

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