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Allah swt and his rasool pbuh knows best i am only posting my findings and understanding and seek forgiveness  from allah swt if i got anything wrong.

Asalam ul laykum brothers. I noticed there were 2 points that did not recieve much attention.

1. Who or what is holy ghost.
2. The last supper.

In qura  allah swt, mentions that holy ghost is inspiration and as we know from the event of jesus pbuh birth that the inspiration was sent via angel gabriel a.s.

(Quran 2:97) Say, "Anyone who opposes Gabriel should know that he has brought down this (Quran) into your (muhammad pbuh) heart, in accordance with God's will, confirming previous scriptures, and providing guidance and good news for the believers."

(Quran 16:102) Say, "The Holy spirit has brought it (Quran) down from your Lord, truthfully, to assure those who believe, and to provide a beacon and good news for the submitters."

Srry that was bit off topic but i wanted that to be clear for the viewers.

Part 2

Regarding how the last supper has a big part in this conversation.

Surah al maedah verses 112-115 mention the event of the last supper. As we know Judas was among the believers of jesus a.s. at the moment.

Quran (5:115) Allah said, "Indeed, I will sent it (table cloth from heaven) down  to you, but WHOEVER DISBELIEVES AFTERWARDS from AMONG YOU - then indeed will I PUNISH HIM with a punishment by which I have not punished anyone among the WORLDS."

What does the above ayat indicate?

1. As we know judas was at the last supper and was a former disciple of jesus pbuh.
2. Judas was the only disciple that betrayed jesus pbuh. Bible 18:2 "Now Judas, who BETRAYED HIM, knew the place, because Jesus often met there with his disciples." Till verse 18:8. Which shows only 1 person came back out after Judas went in to get Jesus pbuh. That means it could have only been Judas back because quran says allah swt saved him, also that it appeared to them that it was jesus pbuh.
3. The supposed jesus said "My Lord, My Lord, why have you forsaken me?" God never forsakes a believer or uses him as a example which when we might do something what are we suppose to do in order to get back into god's grace. But this wasn't god's example, allah swt said clearly this is punishment, when allah makes someone example he the almighty says that He (allah swt) forgave him(the prophet or the individual).

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This is a message from allah swt stating even if you were in a lofty tower or on plain ground death will over take you. Also even though the meccans did not have towers. Other nations like the byzantine or persians did. This is message for all mankind not just meccans.

Asalam ul laykum brothers. It has been a while since ive been back on this site been busy with lot of stuff. I am not sure if you brothers are aware of this video by Ken O Keefe a former us veteran who renounced his citizenship after serving in iraq and became an activist. Also i confirmed his info. Through other sources and seems truely legit.

This also shows the overwhelmimg corruption in our government. Also comparing his video to this article also proves even more validity.

This site proves the severity of asbestos contanmination of world trade towers.

Larry silverstein went from paying millions to repair world trade center to recieving BILLIONS of of dollars of US insurance payers money and killing americans, securing israel interest, and ruiening muslim world future. All by planning this naferious plan with his friends who are directly connected with nethanyahu.

Also more on this related topic refer to authentic hadith books: Shahih Bukhari, Shahih Muslim, Tarmidi and so on. Also becareful if you run into dubious hadiths on the internet or other areas, many enemies of islam try to come up with fake hadith to help their own rhetoric.

Asalam ul laykum brother, from what I gather about the mark of the beast refers to satan and anti-Christ. It is some Christians who like to play around with words and come up with conjectures that think that it talks about the same beast that is mentioned that will rise out of earth. Now, here are some verses from the bible I gather that are more clear in understanding of what the "beast" is, if you compare it with Quran. It is clear it is a prediction of the future coming of the anti-Christ.

Revelation 14:9-11 "And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God's wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.” "

See how it says "forehead" and mentions that "He will be tormented with fire and sulfur in presence of the holy angels and in presence of the "Lamb"(referring to jesus pbuh)" this is a future prediction that are supported by quran that will happen that Dajjal(anti-Christ) will have a mark on his head which will say Kaffir and when jesus pbuh will come he will die.

Revelation 20:4 "Then I saw thrones, and seated on them were those to whom the authority to judge was committed. Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years."

this is about the golden age after dajjal dies. Remember Quran was sent to confirm and complete. Even though bible is not injel and gospel is not injel, there are some parts that still exist, however many parts might have a bit of truth but also contain conjectures that make them a bit hazy.

So far all the wars that bush adminstration and the zionists hve caused are war of lies. I recently watched a video on sadam hussein which the bush adminstration tried to paint as a dictator but he did not sound like a dictator at all infact he even had even recited the shahada when he was being killed by the Shia terrorists

Allah set is the true creator, people can create things through forging and mixing materials and minerals. That is a form of creation but a very minisculr form of creation. True creation is creation something from nothing. All Allah set has to say is "BE" and it is.

Also brother these are nights of decree, lallut Al qadr, take advantage of it.

Also another point to make is that from the very start of their history they were rebelious as how they treated their brother, prophet yusuf a.s., but i believe their time in eqypt is what corrupted them truly because after majority if not all the black magicans proclaimed their faith in allah swt with the children of israel, we can see how Samari who was a high magican misled them to worship a calf. Also i believe that because parties then co-mingled the children of israel and the magicans is also why such vast majority of jews later in history have mystic teaching such as how the rabbis during solomon a.s. time made usury halal, also they created the oral teaching the talmud which they respected more than torah.

It is quite clear that it is the rabbaic judaism the talmudic jews that totally destroyed what ever belief in allah they had. Since even though the torah prohibited evils such as usury and marrying with idol worshippers, their talmudic teaching corrupted them. It is reported from their own sources that they created the talmud since babylonian times and they said that this is also moses a.s. teaching but are only remembered by rabbis and is perserved orally until later they put it in manuscripts, thus calling them the oral laws of the rabbis.

Sorry i have not had time to go through the article, i was making a point regarding the present jews of our time. Also yes i am well aware of the history of the children of israel, how they started out as children of Jacob, and how they became oppressed by firoun but in turn later giving moses pbuh hard time and not following through with the covenant and even braking the sabbath.

Yes also i am aware that you must follow the prophet of your time and the covenant that allah swt made with ibrahim a.s. that he completed through prophet muhammad pbuh. Also i know how bani quraidah betrayed the treaty and how the half of jews of yathrib became muslim. And the true jew has to become a muslim.

What i am talking about are the different jews of our time and how to identify who is real and who isnt. Quran says as you pointed out. The righteous believers, righteous christians, righteous jews and righteous sebaens. What i am telling you is that out of all the jews who want to see destructiob for muslims and palestine there is a party among them who are continuasly protesting for us against israel.

Actually not everything is black and white, as quran told us that there are still some righteous jews. These jews i have come to realize are the ultra orthodox jews that only hold onto torah and not talmud.

Majority of rabbical jews, askhanazian jews, crypto-jews and so on follow the talmud. Which is oral laws of the rabbis. This document is so racist and evil to the core. It teaches jews that they are chosen people and they can do whatever they want to the goyim. They can steal from then, rape their women, kill their children and etc...

If anyone says that Protocol of Learnt Elders of Zion is fake tell them then read the Talmud. Those who are righteous jews when they learn about the Talmud they leave judaism because it is so evil.

Just who were these "MYSTERIOUS" people that wrote the bible?

An important analysis is that during those early christian times the early christians called the polythestic religions who worshiped zeus and 3 maiden and etc... MYSTERIOUS RELIGIONS. There could be a possibility that emporer Constintine ordered these mysterious people to write bible anf they decided to incorporate trinity to please both the pagans and christians.

If bahira was an arian and arians are no more then it means that the true christians that believed jesus to be a prophet mostly are all gone since now trinitarian, coptic, and alexendrian christians exist which all believe in either duality or trinity. Also bahira saus "UNADULTERATED" meaning it were most likely the pagans that changed there religion to suite them as well.

This btw is a possibility, until proven with facts. However it is a strong possibility.

Brothers please it is ramadan, don't debate each other you both are muslims and should behave in such ways with each other. What unites is La illahaillallah muhammadan rasoollallah. What ever rhe mistake we think each other is doing will be resolved when allah sends ak mahdi.

Brother ahmad, i have no problem and im sure what brother osama is not talking about all wahabbis because there are many that are ignorant of how salafism/wahabbism started. But what i do hate is the ibn saud family that betrayed the ummah of rasool sallallahoallayhi wa allayhiwasalam, i am shocked for their own selfish gain that hypocrite family betrayed the palestinan brothers and sisters.

I am apolled how they are still not helping the millions who are suffering when jordan and other muslim countries are helping.

I am shocked that how they could relate to those people that quran says that they will achieve great heights of evil and bible saying synagoges for satan.

I am shocked how they can love money more than those brothers and sisters who are willing to bleed their blood to protect them from the very evil they supported.

I am disgusted how they are willing to join NATO and not be a close ally to their muslim brothers and sisters.

I am shocked at the hypocrisy that they brutaly execute prisoners when not following the sharia themselves. The king's daugther doesn't even cover her hair and the son used to go to night clubs. How csn they call themselves true muslims and do that and enforce others to not to.

I am originally from pakistan, we love saudi arabia so much because our hearts incline to there because birth land of prophets and mecca and medina. When i think that such evil people rule it just disgusts me.

Among the minor end signs was that evil people will be thrown out of medina, meaning there are evil people there in our beloved   muhammas pbuh land, i really wait for the day al mahdi comes and we can clean the ummah of the spies and hypocrites of the mushrikeen.

I forgot to add that he was illiterate, he could not read or write because almost all of the bedouins were illiterates.

Couple of points that totally destroys this rubish legend.

1. It talks that this legend went through metamorphosis meaning it was continusly changed.

2. It claims prophet muhammad pbuh was a devout learner of christianity, which is rubish because that would not only destroy his history as a child but those who ineracted with  him during those times because they were witnesses.

3. We have such clear info that wat verse came out where at what time, that these christians cannot refute. Mecca and medina, also the only time he left mecca and medina was only 2 to 3 times, 1 during accompying with caravan to syria and 2 during when he went for trade to iraq for khadija.

4. The claim that he had manuscripts is a fabrication because if that was the case why did he need to wait till he was 40 to deliver the message.

5. This claim with other claims such as regarding waraqa teaching prophet muhammad pbuh or another christian teaching christianity to prophet muhammad pbuh in mount hira, prove that chriatians have been trying very hard to come up with a lie that sticks, which none do.

6. Most of the quran does not contain verses from bible, which are even more relevant than the verses and stories that are similar, infact quran does wat it says came to confirm and complete what cane before it.

7. We know the monk as bahira, creating a different name like sergio is something these christians do very often.

8. Only instance that the quraishin said they ever talked to bahira was that very moment, there were no other time that any quraishin said they ever met him.

9. From our islamic history we know bahira died lil while after he met prophet muhammad pbuh, that is not giving enough time to learn anything. Another point refuted is that of this other character that was near bahira when he died. We know it was another monk named shamoum.

What i can convlude is that there could have a possibility of another person with name bahira and the christian polmecies trying very hard to CREATE a connection between these 2 DIFFERENT characters.

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