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Also reading akbar, it is a clear fabrication they made because the arabic work akbar means greatest. It is a very attempt they made but i am curious if there is such a thing as aplocalypse of bahira then i hope brother Osama can refute it.

I believe that brother submit made a good analysis that it is a "legend." Thus meaning they came up with it so most likely the whole challenge might be a moot.

Firstly that is not an academic or scholarly challenge but rather an ignorant challenge. To that ask them to provide with proof. If they cannot then their just liars.

Assalam ul lakum, i hope that the ramadan for all my brothers and sisters in islam is going well for all. Brother Osama i ran into this yet another lie of the christians that monk bahira through his apocalypse of bahira contributed to creation of quran. Plz refute it brother, as a humble request.

There is nothing wrong with rubbing spit in eyes, it was an acient remedy to cure eyesight and is still recommended as a home remedy for eye sight.

" Rub your saliva onto your eyes.
I know this sounds a little awkward, or perhaps you won’t even want to try this. But it really helps. It is an ancient method of improving eyesight. Rub your saliva like Kajal(KOHL) in morning, without having your mouth washed or cleaned. You are not supposed to do this after drinking or eating something. Continue this until changes are obvious."

I dont believe that wahabbis wanting to demolish prophet muhammad pbuh grave was a myth. But that doesn't show there devout but rather radical and extreme. Also that would actually would be crime against prophet muhammad pbuh, because that would be defiling his grave.

Also during time of prophet mubammad pbuh there was no other sect there was only islam, which is sunni because of following the sunnah of peophet myhammad pbuh. Also prophet muhammad pbuh warned us of deviant sects that will rise as we first noticed the shias and sufis, now 18th century the salafis. These were not the islam that prophet muhammad pbuh taught.

Also take a look at mr. Hemphers memoir to know how the christain british imperialist and zionists contributed in destruction of ottomans and creation of salafism

Sometimes u dont need to go far to know the truth. 9/11 was indee a false flag but it was much more than just that. A month before the event, larry silverstein the leaser of the twin towers was at court and was being sued because twin towers was infested with asbestos. The repairs required would cost him billions. He instead with support of the zionist communities and israeli mossad created a plan where they would destroy the tower blame it on muslims and larry would also get away with claiming insurance claim of 4billion. I have 2 sources that confirm the truth the absolute truth regards to 9/11. Also another point to make marvin bush was owner of the security company of twin towers, Securicon. Bush family worked with the mossad and zionist americans to pull the biggest lie in history.

Memoir of mr. Hempher:

As we can see these tactics are continued to used against us muslims even today. Amd among the last tactics was to erouse doughts regards the quran and hadith. I believe that these tactics are today even used my intelligence agencies to spread many different means of propaganda against muslims and islam.

The creation of saudi arabia was a policy of proxy wars under the british imperalism. This source points out some academic sources tht bring insight to the relations of the british imperalists and ibn saud.

Memoir of Mr. Hemphir , suggests that the british spy mr. Hemphir met up with al-wahhab and conspiricised with him to create this radical sect.

This memoir was labelled by western agencies of being a fabrication. Which as we know is the same claim they always use to divert people from truth. The same was also said about the Protocol of Learnt Elders of Zion which shows the early planning of the jewish conspirators in gaining dominancy in world. On its own it could be flagged as 1 but if you know about talmud the oral laws of rabbis then you will know. That how much that the satanic jews worked to dominate the world. The real jews follow only the torah not the talmud.

There are those who are common wahabbis and those who are the actually salafis of muhammad al-wahhab. I know a wahhabi family there kind and are some of the best people i know. But i am talking about those with connection with the ibn saud family.

Yes it is the muslim brotherhood that was created by the ibn sauds.

I will post my findings later i hope u can take a look at them and let me know.


Srry the early isis was called Ikhwan not Ihram, i got that term mixed up.

Yes indeed ibn saud family and the salafis/wahabbis have had a huge role to play  in zionist infiltration of the muslim ummah.

First of, i am on a phone so it will be difficult to give references so i will provide my finding later. I have come accross some very disturbing information through research, of how the illuminati zionist have affected the muslim ummah and certain teachings through the salafis.

Before going into salafism, i will explain how saudi arabia of today is a creation of the zionist illuminati cabbala family the Rothschild. In 18th century britian and other EU allies wanted to crush ottoman empire but realized the complexity of how well the quran was perseved they evently met a man nammed abdul aziz ibn saud who asked for support from them and the international bankrrs the Rothschild family, more closily Nathan Rothschild. They funded ibn saud and provided support through cooperation they systemactially through espionage and introducing alcohol and other harm means separated and conquered ottoman empire. In exchange ibn saud gave palestine to Rothschild family, which is why israel is known also as state of Rothschild, those who know what happened. Then to support the zionist cause further a radical scholar by the name of muhammad al-wahhab started the salafist movement they also created the early ISIS that were known by the name Ihram. They butchered ottomans of every religion even muslims which they claimed to be apostate like what ISIS is doing today.

I recently came to an article that makes the connection of muhammad al-wahhab to being a crypto-jew who supposedly had connection to the crypto-jews the Donmeh of turkey.

Donmeh was a very group of heretic jews who converted to islam but secretly practiced there heretic judaism while in public masquarading as muslims. There leader the founder of the Cabbala the satanic jewish heretic teaching  Sabbatean Sevi who had millions of followers was forced to convert to islam by sultan mehmet II. Also the same source i found says that sabbatean sevi started sufism but i am not sure how much is that reliable.

Now keeping that in mind i will show the connections of these individuals with illuminati also known to us muslims dajjal system.

Sabbastean sevi started Cabbala the mystic jewish heresy, jacob  frank who self proclaimed to be successor to sabbastean sevi started the satanic frankist movement in EU he believed that the messiah will come when world has become all good or all evil for the messiah will come to correct the world and since he believed not everyone can be a saint let everyone become a sinner. A man by the name weisht (i forgot his surname) started illuminati with support of the international bankers rothschild family, illuminati was created to counter and destroy the catholic church and christianity all together they bought the christian guilds Masonries and turned them into Freemasonry.

Rothschild family has inhereted all of these things they both have the Cabbala religion and inhereted illuminati. Rothschild is among the 13 bloodline families of illuminati. They own world bank, control US and EU federal reserves and own 80percent of worlds gold. They are systematically replacing tangible currency with credit.

So yes, the saudi family officals are puppets. Both turkey and saudi arabia are trators to the ummah. Rothschild origin also start at turkey. There are very few real jews in the world, most are satanists.

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