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Who are you aiming that remark at?

« on: June 19, 2013, 12:21:53 PM »
Depends on the content of the music.


I'm saying that the prophet got the Quran verbally and he told his companions to write the Quranic verses. The companions spelled a word in a way sometimes and in a different way. For example, Imagine I use 'Color' and 'Colour' in the same sentence. Atheists/Christians like to say it was a mistake, Muslims say it was purposely put there. How did the prophet tell the companions the way a word would be spelled if he was illiterate.

Ah right, interesting. Well im not an arab speaker and not really sure but could it be the context dictated which spelling to use?

how could the prophet Muhammad purposefully choose words to be spelled differently either for rhetorical purposes or numerical miracle purposes?? How could an illiterate person choose words to be spelled differently?
Brother farhan, remember, the Quran is Allah's word. The Prophet PBUH didnt choose words to be spelled differently, Allah did.

Yes but how did the Prophet choose the spelling. The Quran came to him verbally.
I am a bit confused Brother mclinkin. The Quran did come to the Prophet PBUH verbally but i dont think he did anything to it. He simply relayed exactly what he was told by Angel Gabriel. Atleast, thats what ive always been told.

how could the prophet Muhammad purposefully choose words to be spelled differently either for rhetorical purposes or numerical miracle purposes?? How could an illiterate person choose words to be spelled differently?
Brother farhan, remember, the Quran is Allah's word. The Prophet PBUH didnt choose words to be spelled differently, Allah did.

OAKY, brother I apologize. I think instead of writing begalis I should have written some Bengalis. And yes I hate the politics of Pakistan. Many acts are taking place in Pakistan which are contrary to Islam. Every nation has bad and good people. yes some nations have much good people some much bad.

  Please forgive me for the offence and lets be friends again. As muslims we should all be united irrespective of arabs, non-arabs, Afghans,  Pakistanis, Indians, Iranis, Palestinis, Bangladeshis etc.

Yes. Some would have been a better way to explain it. :) The politics in our muslim countries really disturb me. We have KSA with its mysogyny against women, bangladesh and pakistan with political unrest, syria in civil war, the taliban in afghanistan, al qaeda in iraq and all that crap. We are still friends Brother Farhan. I apologise too. My language was a bit too confrontational i guess. You are correct. We should all be united and on the most part we are. Its just that fringe few that ruin it for us.

I decided to quickly check if you had responded anything in your defence.

Statues are most likely erected by the government. You really think people who are too busy being crushed underneath collapsing buildings have the money to spare to erect some stupid statue? You didnt bother to actually check if sarees and lungis are in conflict in islam. You merely assumed. Your reasoning is extremely shabby.

Seeing as you asked for forgiveness, you are forgiven. Just remember to learn the facts before you start making claims.

Shaky ground there Brother Farhan. The saree and lungi have absolutely no religious significance. They are simply a type of dress worn by a specific culture. Frankly, im absolutely disgusted that you consider  my father is apparently 'not following islam' simply because he wears a lungi. I guess the fact that he's a five times a day-er, frequent jummah goer and a quran reciter means nothing to you. I am disgusted. It is also ironic that a pakistani scholar himself says there is no problem with wearing sarees ( Id say that man is more qualified than you in making judgements. Here is another scholar's opinion.

Ofcourse, women need to make sure the saree is modest enough but that is the same with all clothes in all cultures. As for the issue of statues and other stuff. The objection is valid but you dont see me going around saying pakistanis arent following islam with the violence regarding politics. Thats not islam either. Learn not to judge, it will take you a long way.

Ive been holding in my anger for a while now. So much judging going around on this forum. But this has hit the limit. This is goodbye everyone.

ASSALAMUALYKUM, I think irrespective of nations and colours we the muslims should forget about the past and look front. We all should unite. Every nation has bad or good people. I personally believe there are many good people  in KSA, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, even in USA. And I think KSA is changing day by day.Now it grants citizenship to foreigners with phd degree residing there for 15 years. It has ensured woman's right. Yes still there is lot to change.

 Whatever I think as Muslims we should unite. Because I think as day will pass by, the situation of the world will deteriorate.

I think after the drying out of the oil reservoirs in KSA, Kuwait, Qatar etc, USA will attack these countries. They are just holding back for oil. I think by 2060 the oil reservoirs will dry out, then I think sucide bombings, killings will initiate in KSA and other gulf countries. And that unrest might spread all over the world.

  So, the dark age is knocking at the door, I think. We muslims now should unite. I should e remembered that Arab-Non Arab doesn't matter the only thing that matters, that is we are Muslims. No one is superior here. In the present world the ancestors of the people of mainly Pakistan, India and Bangladesh were either Arabs or Persians. Many Arab went their to preach Islam. For example HAZRAT SHAHAJALAL (RA). He went to Bangladesh. His grave is still there. So the present world is mixed of arabs and non arabs.

 ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST. Take care brothers
Are you a bengali Brother Farhan?

Thanks for the explanation brother. It was the best yet. :)

Mountains as pegs:

1.) Figurative sense: Sure
2.) Literal sense: Sure as well. Mountains have roots like pegs and they resemble pegs.

It can work both ways brother.
That's not how I meant it Brother. I came across some people that said that just like pegs hold clothes on a clothes line the mountains hold the earths crust to the earth but I have found no scientific writings on this so I simply concluded as you have that this is describing the appearance of mountains.

Looking back on my reply, it looks quite rude. I apologise. :)

You dont have to hope with me Bro Osama. You know ill always accept your apologies even though im not offended at all. It was just getting a bit ridiculous ya know? ;)


Shamoun the WHALE has the nerve call people fat ?
LOL. One of a kind. xD

How would you find out about how to pray without the hadith describing how the Prophet PBUH prayed? And really, I really dont see why people keep repeating it over and over again. We know not all hadiths are authentic. Thats why people like Bukhari memorised over 600, 000 sayings yet only authenticated 7200. The entire reason we had hadith scholars was to find the authentic sayings from the weak and fabricated sayings because the hadiths arent preserved by Allah. Whenever anyone quotes a hadith in an article I straight away go and check its authenticity if its not already given. We know some people are fond of using weak and fabricated hadith but does that mean we should throw away all the hard work done by people such as Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim?

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