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David Wood is pathetic. He made a lot of stupid videos about falsehoods of Islam.

2 weeks ago, he released a video about female genital mutilation in Islam.

Wow, wow, wow! I was born in Saudi Arabia under Shariah Law and I never circumcise my penis' forskin. My religious father never told about this.

David claimed that FGM is not forbidden by Muslim scholars. Really? Are you lying?

Well, I heard that the grand mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa, issued a fatwa condemning FGM in 2006. 7 months later, when an 11 years old girl died after her genitalia was mutilated, mufti urged the Egyptian government to ban FGM, saying that it's un-Islamic.

In fact, many Muslim countries banned FGM in recent years. For instance, Islamist president Yahya Jammeh banned FGM in Gambia in 2015.

Brother Osama, may Allah be pleased with him, already refuted this topic in Islam and Christianity. Visit:

Muslims support FGM becauseIslam?
Not always, the Washington Post reported that an Egyptian politician supported FGM so that women should reduce their sexual desires because men are sexually weak.

------- DOUBLE STANDARD -------

Anti-Muslims don't want to read this:

In fact, many African Christians support FGM as well.

Ironically,, young western women like to get breast implants and female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS), which cause tremendous health risks, but they don't care about that.

David Wood is a satanic deceiver.



Obviously, many Muslim experts knew that ISIS fighters secretly use alcohol and deadly drugs because they have no knowledge about Islam or Shariah law.

Here is the link:

Generally, anti-Muslim experts repeatedly argue that Islam is a "cancer" of the United States because of recent terrorist attacks.

First of all, this is absolutely biased, and they actually don't care about other non-Muslim violence such as gun violence and white supremacists. Even Donald Trump doesn't say anything about a white supremacist who killed 6 Muslim civilians in Canada.
Question: How many casualties were responsible by Muslim and non-Muslim suspects from 2014 to 2016? Let's look!

2014 - 2016

There were 70 deaths and 94 injuries by Muslim extremists. Oh no! This is very awful.
Really? Do you have any idea how many casualties were responsible by gun violence? I know that Donald Trump doesn't want to hear an answer, but let me help you to find a perfect answer.

Here you go.

There were 341,141 deaths and 380,672 injuries by gun violence across the country.
Note that the death toll is likely to rise in coming years because  patients are now more likely to die from a gunshot wound than they were even 10 years ago, presumably thanks to the increasingly powerful and sophisticated  guns being manufactured and sold in the U.S.

Obviously, people sometimes don't hear the news about gun violence in the U.S. daily because they don't care about it.

In the Orlando massacre, for example, a gunman killed 49 people, but the fact that there were 93 other people who had died in the U.S. in the last 72 hours in separate gun violence incidents.

Also, do you know that some conservative Christians praised the Orlando massacre? Visit:,2602.msg12178.html#msg12178

Unfortunately, President Trump is a strong supporter of Second Amendment which it means that he believes its people can get the guns easily. Even a person with a mental illness issue can get a gun too. Visit:
So, is the Second Amendment a threat to the United States?


List of Muslim terrorist attacks:

Gun violence Archive:

Christians argue that God loves homosexuality, but that is the opposite of what that the Bible says.

Here are some videos for praising Orlando massacre.

Pastor Steven Anderson: "I'm not sad about it."

Pastor Roger Jimenez


The sections of this article are:

1. The evidence of Israeli Zionists behind 9/11
2. Hijackers' background
3. Fake al-Qaeda's video for 9/11
4. Conclusion

Note: This article is not anti-Semitic, but it's anti-Zionist. If you are not sure, then do some research.

1. The evidence of Israeli Zionist behind 9/11:

According to Fox News, over 200 Israelis had been arrested or detained for anti-terrorism or immigration violations.
Here are 2 videos that you must watch it.
After you whatched it, how do you feel about it?

2. Hijackers' background:

First of all, do you know that 5 hijackers, including a leader, went to Las Vegas several times before 9/11? What were they doing? Very simple, they played gambling, drank alcohol, and threw money at topless women! In Islam, gambling, alcohol, and strip club are forbidden, but why these hijackers did not follow Islam?
Also, some hijackers are still alive after 9/11. Please click the link below.

3. Fake al-Qaeda's video for 9/11.

After 9/11 attack, Osama Bin Laden had denied responsibility for this allegation. However, the American intelligence released  a video that Bin Laden did claim responsibility for  9/11 attack.
First of all, this is actually a trick! The U.S. government secretly paid half of a billion dollars for making fake al-Qaeda's videos. Check it out.

4. conclusion:

In conclusion, it is impossible that Osama bin Laden had claimed responsibility for 9/11 attack because the U.S. and Israeli government are lying. Besides, Israeli Mossad agents don't want to release their classified documents about 9/11.

I also found a helpful video  about "5 Shocking Facts about WTC 9/11 Attack _ Was it an inside job?"

So, who was exactly planning to attack the United States in 9/11?

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