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The Problem of Evil Refuted.
« on: July 29, 2018, 06:42:31 AM »
So I want to make some point's against the Problem of Evil, especially since this is my last refutation since I don't see anymore newer arguments to refute but this problem of evil question hasn't been addressed as much as we want it to be.

Now Atheists like to bring up this problem to Muslims over and over again. But what they dont know is that this is not a problem for us, but a problem for them instead.

Lets say that issue in Thailand, when a man died to save 13 boys, now according to Islam he'll have his reward for that. now according to the atheists he will turn to food for worm, is that justice? isn't that great cruelty and evil? now lets say a woman is raped and the man who did it gets away, and lives his whole life happily and becomes food for worm, no punishment at all, now is that justice?

and now The Atheists like to point at Muslims for this question.

But what we have to know is that Evil exists, therefore God exists. especially the Quranic narrative of God. since its the only narrative which calls God creator of Good and Bad(evil). and after that the people suffering from evil, will have rewards in the end according to Islam they wont become food for worm as the Atheists believe, a martyr will go to heaven.

And not only that, most of the evil isnt due to God, it is due to our arrogance, we had two choices. The Better Path or the Worse path. and now we choose the worse path, due to urbanization and industrialization we have diseases which our forefathers have not even seen or known yet we have the guts to point towards our Creator when infact it is us who caused this evil.

Now the hypocrisy of the atheist is, in one hand he's like "WHY DOESNT GOD INTERVENE?!!" and on the other hand when God does give us a good way of life he says "BUT THATS DESTRUCTION OF FREE WILL". So its kind of hypocritical on the atheists term that he expects God to intervene but when God sends something he says that destructs his free will.
So God did give us free will, so what does that prove? that proves we had a choice and we made the wrong one which led to all this evil and suffering so Man is mostly to blame for the problem of evil and not God, God gave us a good way of life which avoids this called Islam, it is the fault of our evil dictators and leaders who don't want to follow the laws of Islam and want to follow the laws of Desire.

So thats why the problem of evil is a huge problem and infact, a bigger one for the Atheist. because he has no answer to it

As for us we have an answer to it, we have free will, and we had a test, our leaders chose the wrong path and the wrong way of writing this test by causing evil.

So what answer does the atheist have? he believes the most innocent,perfect man and the most nicest person he's met will only turn to food for worm when he dies.


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