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One doesn't need to appeal to the Bible to see that the trinity is taught. In nature we see the teaching in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. We know that this material universe consists of three parts time space and matter but it is all the same universe. If we break these three apart we see that time again is separated into three but it is all time past present and future. Space we live in a three dimensional universe length width and height. Matter also exists in three solid liquid and gas. Nevertheless I believe the biggest and most easily recognizable to all of humanity is the family a family consists of children a mother and a father. Before any one gets any ideas this concept is explained in the bible because all of the believers in Christ as God and savior are adopted into Gods family as Children. As a person without any revelation from God |I could make an argument that I would be with God forever if only I was His son because a great being like |God must forgive his children all that they do as an earthly father forgives his children. The question is who can connect with me a perfect God to be His son The answer would be a perfect son Jesus.   

^Problem with believing in God appearing as son of God on earth and holy spirit being part of 'triune oneness' was never taught in 7 Laws by gentile prophet Noah nor by 10 Laws Israeltie prophets.

Only the Christian Romans believe in such Triune-Oneness God. Something really new and NEVER BEEN heard before. Read Deuteronomy 13 where God reminds the Israelites about the coming of new/unheard God that certainly refer to Triune Oneness God. Deut 13 can not be referring to idol God as idol worshiping is not new and have been heard before during the time of prophet Abraham (as).

The reason the statement is worded in the way that it is, is to get people to think of God outside of the text they have received. God is certainly greater than the Bible and He is greater than the Quran. These books are what people study to get a further understanding of who God is. I would like the people reading the question to consider the information present, not what has been written in books. God has left a testimony of himself in what He has created, so that the entire world is without an excuse before Him on judgement day. I could get into the Hebrew words used for God in the old testament, but I think my point has yet to be answered. Why does the universe we exist in have so many parts pointing back to a three in one concept its not foreign or new Time space matter and families have existed in threes from the beginning. There is a natural precedence for this thought. I believe God is three in one and this belief extends beyond what I'm taught in a book. What I have read in the Bible is confirmed by what I see in reality, so I accept it as true. Nevertheless, not all men have the witness of scripture, so they are taught by what has been made. God is making Himself known to humanity not just in words but through What He has made. Why do you believe God is an absolutely one solitary person, and how can he relate to us if He is again He is spirit we are not He is infinite we are not he is perfect we are not he is all powerful we are weak If he cannot relate to us than how can he judge the world? If He is a solitary being then why does the creation speak to us so clearly in threes?   

well in Islam, you can not imagine about God using using the concept of His creations and try to relate to it about the existence/nature/attributes of God.
Almighty God be like a family? Almighty God like mixture of space,time,matter..? Almighty God like spirit? Almighty God like flesh? All of those are things created by God.

That is why in Islam , one need to strive hard fulfilling what was ordained by God. to be righteous so that the reward in the afterlife is to meet God the creator.

God transcends His creation. I'm not saying that space time and matter are God, but when God created these things He left an imprint of Himself. The universe could not exist in the balance it does today if an Omniscient mind had not created it, so god's that make mistakes are automatically ruled out as are gods who are less than sovereign because their wills could be overruled. I'm saying that in the creation of time space matter and the family God is teaching men, not in words but as only a Creator can through what He has made, that He exists in three persons God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit.

As for your second comment, if Islam is the fulfilling of what God has ordained in order to achieve the after life then were all going to hell no one can be as perfect as God even to the extent that we follow rules we will fail. For example, this month is ramadan and I can almost guarantee some one you know has broken the fast either on accident or on purpose. Have you ever failed to fast in this month? I fasted yesterday so as to not offend one of my Muslim friends and its no walk in the park.


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