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Black Muslim:
Egyptian , you have said a fine thing . But I would like you to read this and see how far they lie to support their theories .


Thank you for the links Bro Black Muslim  ...... 

but in order to be objective ,let's hear the voice of the evolutionists countering the objections to evolution...

I personally convinced to evolution as a creation of Allah,and not taken place on its own.

There is only one God:
Australopithecus was an ape. Homo erectus and Neanderthals are humans. There is no transitional fossil, contrary to popular belief.

Mujahid Saifullah:
We're all apes. Great apes in fact. 8)

There is only one God:
Yes. But now there is evidence that Neanderthals practiced burial rites and cared for their sick, not so primitive now eh...

Burial rites are compulsory in all Abrahamic religions.


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