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Even if the moon landing was fake, that has nothing to do with the splitting of the moon. They have space telescopes. Secondly, NASA hates Islam. Surely, they would not forge anything that would cause people to embrace Islam. They even refused to show true evidence proving Islam to be true many times, let alone they forge something for the benefit of Islam. :P
I hope oneday Muslim will have their own expedition to the moon or co-operating with some neutral organizations who prioritize on finding the truth.
Doubt that the landing is fake
And I don't believe Neil Armstrong became a Muslim
Thanks about that info.

Peace be upon all of you,

I thought that Allah gave freedom to devils to stir up human affairs. Is it possible Satan is too strong to be harm by those missiles?

There is so many controversy about the moon on the internet. For instance, moon landing was fake and the pictures taken were doctored.
Then we have Neil Armstrong convert to Muslim after coming back from the moon.
And there's even claim about the scars on the moon is too short to proof the moon was split before.

Will it be just rumors? Curious to know what you guys think about them.




Again, please watch the videos and read the quotes that I've provided in the link above.  Us not finding skeletons that date back billions of years ago isn't proof that the claims are false.

It's very compromising because the Jurassic exist longer than human yet their remains are found. I'm not expecting people to find the skeletons of the first generation human but why there's no trace of the intermediate ones maybe around 20,000 to 200,000 years ago. Looks like i just have to miss the bone... :'(

If the earth is really expanding, then the period of its rotation which conjunction to the moon's will change, so as its surface that expose to the sun.
Does this have anything to do with Muslim calendar which is shorter than the international one?


Mediator, see this website:;D
The same person that wrote this book on the website, Harun Yahya, writes a specific chapter in every single one of his books against the theory of Darwinism and gives evidence of why it is wrong.

Thanks alot RamziBinNabil, that site is great.

Thanks and Peace be upon you all.

The article gave detail explanation but it still did not answer my question about oversize bones.

People who deny Darwin's theory of "ape>man" have the speculation why there's no intermediate species to be seen. So people will be questioning Islam too about the intermediate giant or at least their remains.

Do Muslim scholars actually agree or disagree about Adam's gigantic size?

Egyptian and Brother Osama, please give me more detail and reference.


As an Atheist, science fulfill my expectation more than religion. It is also about science that i am so fond of studying Islam more than Christianity and Judaism.

Recently i found that science had presumed the earth was expanding while its life form were getting smaller because of the increase level of gravity as the earth grew bigger.

This discovery once again connect science with the Quran which mention about the gigantic size of Adam. If all of this expansion evolution proof to be true, i will like to know why there's no oversize human bones to be discovered like those of Dinosaurs. It seems that the tallest human ever record in history is of genetically abnormal.


Thanks, it was very clear.

Some say yes and some say no.
If no, who is Zulqarnain?
If yes, why no record in greek about Alexander became muslim?


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