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Sir , I wanted to know about Yajuj & Majuj and will they be supporting Dajjal during the fight b/w muslims & kaafirs during the time of Imam Mehdi?

Sir, on my blog today a non muslim asked me about the ayat in the Quran where it says that Allah will block the minds & hearts of the kaafirs so they can't understand or see the truth. Then he said that isn't it an unscientific fact that Allah (s.w.t) says that people think by their hearts. To answer him first I went to I.R.F site where Dr. Zakir Naik sir has given an answer that in the previous time the word in Arabic for heart & mind was the same , but according to me this answer wasn't very accurate. So for the people looking for a very accurate answer to this question can see it here
Ans: Actually its a scientific fact that heart is involved while we think something, now you are thinking how? Its because you might have noticed that your heartbeat changes according to the state in which your brain is for ex- if you are depressed the rate of your heart beat slows down , if you are angry or afraid of something your heartbeat increases , so this is what Allah (s.w.t) is saying in the Quran & it completely agrees with science , furthermore I would like to say that actually the brain & heart are just like hardwares the actual program or the software is our soul & according to my belief Allah has placed it in the heart , now you'll be thinking why do I think in such a way its because the life lies in our heartbeat , I.e even when our brain's dead ( in a state of coma ) we are alive because our heart is beating , we aren't dead at that time this is quiet a big proof that our soul lies in our heart

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« on: January 24, 2014, 01:33:41 PM »
Sir , everyone knows that marriage with an own cousin sister or brother is allowed in Islam but you knowthe non muslims say that your cousin is just like your own sister so isn't your religion promotung incest?? Sir plz help me reply them , ASAP

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