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Sir , I wanted to know about Yajuj & Majuj and will they be supporting Dajjal during the fight b/w muslims & kaafirs during the time of Imam Mehdi?

These sites are created by idiots for sur they try to malign Islam & rasoolallah but become fools theirselves by doing so , its like spitting on the sky , the spit gets back at your face

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« on: March 27, 2014, 04:05:41 PM »
It is totally crap , homosexuality ain't genetic , the people who are desperate to try new sexual things become gay or the people who aren't confident to be with someone of opposite sex , become homosexual in order to fulfill their sexual desires

Now brother glad to hear you are a microbiologist , I too am a student of medical in India & I've been trying to study the darwin theoru & neo darwinism but after thinking about it logically I've come to a point that its partially right , I.e only adaptation & survival of the fittest can fit but not the theory of evolution , like you said evolution is a long process & man has also been living in this earth since a very long time , I mean since millions of yyears if any kind of evolution wud have been shown then obviously we wud have got atleat some historical facts to support it & moreover if man evolved from the common ancestors of apes then most probably all the apes shud have been evolved into a man since we all know that man survives better than apes & can adapt better but this ain't the case , & at last I wud again like to say that I am not sure about evolution so I can't say anything & Allah & his messenger knows the best

@mclinkin , although it ain't mentioned in the Quran about Hadiths specifically , but again in the Quran it is written to follow Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) specifically , so how to follow him now exactly obviously through the SAHIH HADITHS , now obviously one will be fooling himself if he accepts the Quran & rejects the prophethood of Prophet Muhammd p.b.u.h , how can such a gr8 person through whom Allah revealed the Quran can be wrong when Allah perfected him , so brother I would like you to think about it & moreover if didn't had the Hadiths then we wud have known we have to perform salah , but how? We wud hav known to perform zakaat byt how? We wud have known to perform hajj but how?? So brother you shud start believing in hadiths at least the authentic ones

 An excellent question & an excellent answer by our Muslim brothers , but one thing i'd like to add to the answer , that everything is mentioned in the Quran , as Allah s.w.t promoses in the ayats of Quran, but these ayats are best explained by none other than our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) p.b.u.h , so in order to understand the Quran & follow it perfectly you have to follow the Prophet I.e the Hadiths , you have to follow the interpretation
For e.x - when I was in school & used to study english literature we had to read story books & in orde to understand the story properly & to know its summary we had a guide book. So the story book wasn't incomplete without the text book & complete by it's self , but in order to understand it better we needed the guide book , in the same way the holy Quran is complete by it's self but we need the Hadiths to understand it fully & properly

Assalamualaikum , & thanks a lot brother Rashid , now I can add this gr8 deal of facts to my answers
& may Allah s.w.t be pleased with you

I wud lyk to say that this thing is excellent & more people are getting to know about Islam , but here I just wanna say one thing , I don't wanna depress everyone but I guess that 90% of the people visiting this site are over 30 years of age , most of the youngsters whether of any religion are more intersted in movies , sports , girls & their career & money , I'm saying this coz I myself I'm 17 yrs of age & know the minds of todays generation so I wanted to ask , how to spread religion awareness amongst youngsters

& one thing I forgot to mention that till date no animal has been found to change its basic characteristics ( I.e change from one species to another) neither has any kind of mutation proved to be useful although some scientists say that africans have developed sickel cell anaemia in order to protect themselves from malaria but its like cutting your legs in order to prevent yourself from car accidents

& my belief is that Allah is much more knowledgeable than any of the worldly scientists so I believe that Allah & his Prophet knows the best about the ancestors of humans & how he brought Adam alayhisalaaam in this world , but still Allah doesn't mention in what form was Adam (p.bu.h) was created in , coz we know hauwa alayhisalaam was produced from his spine or ribs I guess , & neither does the Quran mention anywhere that in which state he was brought into the world so I am not very certain on this topic , only thing which I can say now is that Allah knows the best

My. Dear brother I too know that its not 100% correct but some facts like survival of the fittest & adaptation according to the environment are correct , I myself can prove that this theory is wrong by giving you short but effective points
1)the diagrams given by ernst haeckel of the embryos of different organisms were actually proved to be false when viewed through the microscope
2) the gase used by Urey & Miller in their expt to produce amino acids was a failure cause they produced some basic forms but it was impossible to make the complex compunds & secondly the gase used by them weren't correct acc. To the geologists the earlier atmosphere comprised of volcanic gases & when they were added in the expt the expt failed
3)the peppered moths photographs were fake , that white coloured moths didn't survived & black moths survived due to industrialization , actually the black moths don't even live in the tree barks , the dead moths were pinned on the tree & photographed
4) the fossils of rama pithecus , shiva pithecus etc were fakes , they were actually found to be man made
5)darwins finches who had grown their beaks for a few centimeters during the drought in galapagos island returned back to normal after the drought
Therefore all the basis on which this theory is based itself is wrong so how can the theory be right & moeover its till now called a theory & not a fact so how can a person believe upto 100% in a theory

Sir, on my blog today a non muslim asked me about the ayat in the Quran where it says that Allah will block the minds & hearts of the kaafirs so they can't understand or see the truth. Then he said that isn't it an unscientific fact that Allah (s.w.t) says that people think by their hearts. To answer him first I went to I.R.F site where Dr. Zakir Naik sir has given an answer that in the previous time the word in Arabic for heart & mind was the same , but according to me this answer wasn't very accurate. So for the people looking for a very accurate answer to this question can see it here
Ans: Actually its a scientific fact that heart is involved while we think something, now you are thinking how? Its because you might have noticed that your heartbeat changes according to the state in which your brain is for ex- if you are depressed the rate of your heart beat slows down , if you are angry or afraid of something your heartbeat increases , so this is what Allah (s.w.t) is saying in the Quran & it completely agrees with science , furthermore I would like to say that actually the brain & heart are just like hardwares the actual program or the software is our soul & according to my belief Allah has placed it in the heart , now you'll be thinking why do I think in such a way its because the life lies in our heartbeat , I.e even when our brain's dead ( in a state of coma ) we are alive because our heart is beating , we aren't dead at that time this is quiet a big proof that our soul lies in our heart

@ Mclinkin 94 if you trust & have 100% faith in the Quran then you have to believe in the SAHIH HADITHS because although Allah sent us the Quran but along with it he also sent its most accurate interpreter I.e Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) many things are wriiten in the Quran but the ways to do them ain't mentioned in the Quran for ex. - reading Salaat 5 times a day is mentioned in the Quran but how to do it , we know from the Hadiths that's why if you believe in the Quran you gotta believe in the Sahih HADITHS I.e SAHIH BUKHARI & SAHIH MUSLIM WHICH ARE CONSIDERED TO BE THE MOST ACCURATE HADITHS & EVEN I DON'T COMPLETELY TRUST THE SCHOLARS BUT SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO CAUSE ALLAH WON'T COME ON THE EARTH HIMSELF TO CLEAR YOUR doubts in the Quran & that's why he sent scholars on earth to explain it to you in a better manner

Actually its a 100% misconception about the theory evolution where many of us misunderstand the theory when we say that man evolved from apes , when you superficially read the theory you most probably misunderstand it , actually the theory states that man & apes had the common ancestor from which they evolved , but it doesn't say that man evolved from apes or vice versa

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« on: February 25, 2014, 07:19:12 AM »
Sir thanks a lot for your reply , @ sir osama abdallah but sir @ black muslim I was unable to understand what you were trying to say & I being a medical student agree with the previous answer that marrying with one's own cousin I.e the daughter or son of your father or mother's own sister or brother can cause adverse genetic effects on your offsprings

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