Author Topic: how to deal with people saying Muhammed pbuh copied the pagans?  (Read 3723 times)

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He writes:

"Yahweh is one god chosen from many gods. The advance towards monotheism in Israel was facilitated by monaltry, and strict monotheism came about as a result of rationalism. But the old scheme was too imprinted on the psyche. And Christianity had a 'son of God', including a heavenly god (the Father) and a goddess (Mary), which is the regurgitation of the old Baal religion. This is why Jews could not accept this heretical religion called Christianity. The veneration of Jesus and Mary was akin to that of Horus and Isis, who were the Baals of Egypt. Christianity started out amongst Pagan Jews. Eventually the pagan cult was Judaized.

And Mohammed reinterpreted Ramadan from its origins in pre-Islamic paganism. Ramadan is heralded by the crescent moon. The Hadj itself is a pilgrimage made by the pre-Islamic Arabs to the Kaba. Read A.J. Wensinck in his Handbook of Early Mohammedan Tradition, 1927."

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Re: how to deal with people saying Muhammed pbuh copied the pagans?
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Assalam alaikum brother

You have to study islam basics first.

Can you tell me who is "He".


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