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Actually an expanding universe is consistent with ancient beliefs about the role of sky-gods, because the sky-gods were allevated to the position of bright souls which light up the night sky. One of the most famous divinities of the sky was Nut, who was supported by Shu. Shu is not just the god of air and wind, but also he is the god who expands to the two horizons. He is sometimes show as a god of the light of the moon and of the light of the sun. The sun appears to slow down at the horizons, thus the Egyptians believed that the god Ra changed to a different boat on his journey to and from the horizons, and hence the appearance of the slowing down of the sun at the horizons. It is called in scientific terms, differential refraction.

But in Egyptian parlance the concept of expanding a domain was relegated to expanding influence and power. For the Egyptians in order to overthrow chaos an expansion of the borders had to occur. The gods speak of overthrowing chaos in the universe. This is why in Egypt the great Pylons were erected as an extension of the cosmos. In some reliefs the god is slaying his enemies and the inscriptions mention that the god has expanded his territory and has overcome the great chaos. In one scene, for example, from the temple of Edfu the pylons show Horus smiting Apophis who represents the dark void. The dark void has no light and therefore nothing can grow in it. There is no space here just void, oblivion. The god Horus is here represented in the image of the falcon as the bringer of light in the afterlife which dispells the darkness of the void and expands the peripheries of this world and the next, expands the known cosmos to the egdes of the unknown.

The effects of the Big Bang may well have been known by the ancient Egyptians. They encoded it. Shu and Tefnut represents the laws of the universe which is concentrated in Maat. The galaxy we are in is subject to expulsion/expansion and contraction or gravitation. Shu represents the force of expansion, he is heat and air. Tefnut is moisture which is contractive. The Egyptians were being philosophical and scientific. In the same mythology the god who bore Shu and Tefnut is Atum, and he represents the physical aspect of the universe. In the mythos he is the Primeval Mound at the beginning of time, thus Atum emerged and gave birth to the two forces that now govern our galaxy. In the mythology the two forces of Shu and Tefnut are commanded to hold up the sky, thus expand the sky towards the two horizons.

But does this mean that the Egyptians believed that the universe is expanding? It would suggest only that the cosmos is subject to certain laws and forces, and the god desired to expand his divine power over the forces of chaos and darkness.

"...We built the heaven with might and We expand it wide."

Who is this "we"? Obviously it is the Elohim gods.

"...It is He (Allah) who created the seven heavens, one above another."

Thus I conclude that the expansion of the universe was the same as that for the Egyptians in their expansion of the peripheries of the horizons. The Egyptians called it the Horizon of the West and the Horizon of the East. And when the sky was formed it was "rent apart" and this Nut was separated from her lover, Geb. The same is told in the later Babylonian myth of Tiamat and Marduk, where Marduk splits Tiamat in two, thus separating the two halfs.

The "seven heavens" or Aeons here may be the celestial domains of the Archons, rulers of the world according to Gnosticism. In Egypt the seven heavens are delinated in the Ogdoad (eight gods, Elohim, Kabiri), where the cosmos is expanded to an eighth heaven. The Egyptians had nine heavens in total, with two of them being the two portions of Earth, the dual-land. In the book of the Enoch there are 10 heavens, which recalls 'perfection', for the Egyptians believed that 9 or 10 were perfect numbers. The Aeons are also mentioned in ancient Babylonian texts. But another explanation for the seven heavens is that each of the seven planets swims in its own heaven, thus there are seven planets and seven heavens respectively.

Take a look at this:

In the myth of Pangu, developed by Taoist monks hundreds of years after Lao Zi, the universe began as an egg. A god named Pangu, born inside the egg, broke it into two halves: the upper half became the sky, while the lower half became the earth. As the god grew taller, the sky and the earth grew thicker and were separated further. Finally Pangu died and his body parts became different parts of the earth.

How do i refute the above brothers/sisters? Was this egyptian information EVEN available?

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assalam alaikum

can you tell me who is this person that is trying hard to convert you to disbelief based on your superficial info on islam ?

He is using the flooding technique, but his lies are obvious.


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