Author Topic: Sameer's Hypocrisy(Part 2)  (Read 1132 times)

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Sameer's Hypocrisy(Part 2)
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:43:35 AM »
1.He says he doesn't believe in hell but fears the thought of eternal hellfire,sigh this guy just never quits does he?

2."Evolutionism" Arguements against Religion are used in almost many of his videos.

3.As I have noticed in all his videos he's forcing people to watch his videos and promoting Anti-Islamic channels like the Masked arab.

4.He presents arguements such as "Abrogations",etc,etc which were used once by David wood and his likes in the past.

5.His most weakest arguements,none they all are weak,but I'll just present one
That Mecca was not known as a trade route back then,Alright,what!?

First of all,no Muslim source claimed it to be a trade route,it was just famous among pagan Arabs,second of all he claims Muhammad SAW's time Mecca didnt exist,alright mr.retard Sameer here(Dont call him Abdullah he's a liar,from now on this will call him Sameer)

Didnt hear of references to a blocky building in the BIble,or Macoraba or any ancient views of the Ka'aba and Mecca.
Strange huh?.

6.He's probably not really the person you wanna be talking to,he's a stalker,Ali Dawah wanted to debate him,but when he wasnt joining Ali Dawah's Skype call,Ali Dawah left and didnt debate him,I do admit Ali Dawah did come across as rude in his last comment,but even he has a life.
but after this issue he went and sent people to Ali Dawah's acc to attack him and stalk him along with himself.

7.I've seen him ignorantly debate on a youtube video,okay so he claims that Muhammad SAW should've known the PERFECT words for all Scientific Verses these,well Sameer doesn't know Arabic I guess,if we read Arabic we can clearly see none of these words have a problem at all,Look Arabic is a ancient language,translating it into english will give us simplistic terms,but when we translate the Quran from basic arabic with all the analogys,etc we see that the Quran is perfect in its scientific terms.

And basically these are all the tyrades he went on.


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