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Israel, a rogue state? The entity of Israel, a state with the ideology of Jewish religious Zionism still in search of an international legitimacy not recognized by the majority of neighboring countries, Jewishness alone is not enough to explain this savage colonization of Palestine with a very strong endogamy in the Jewish community, the reason is that they are afraid of disappearing... Israel's trump card in the world is the fundamentalist American Christians (evangelicals). Their support shifts from religious to political through AIPAC, which funds the campaigns of hundreds of select lawmakers to get Congress to approve everything that successive Israeli governments demand.
The West has forcibly erected Israel as a rogue state through powerful lobbies all over the world, which it is forbidden to mention under pain of insults, anti-Semitism and various and varied reprisals, thanks to a bewildering instrumentalization of the Holocaust. A rogue country that is racist, fascist, belligerent, xenophobic, and where the police fire live ammunition at protesters, especially if they are not Jewish, and which looks more and more like an apartheid regime. When the obsession with security masks the fear for whom military defeat means the death of the country. It is more than certain that Israel will disappear no matter how long it is given, the end will be the same, a graft cannot be tolerated for long by a body that rejects it.
So when Israel cries wolf, all the media in the Western world echoes, and it inflates funding for Israel, but as always, Israel plays on the trick of victimization, especially when it is Israel that attacks. However, the general observation is that Israel is in the process of revealing its traits of fundamentalist religious extremism, with racist tinges, of apartheid, which means that Israel is unquestionably in first place in the World Championships of Lies. This is not surprising, given that this state is prone to playing liar's poker when it comes to sowing diplomatic discord between nations, to which the Western world allows all kinds of turpitude under the pretext of past suffering.


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