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Jazakallah Khair for sharing this brother, Inch'Allah I will read it completely, but at the moment kind of busy.

You can subscribe to the RSS-feed with Google Reader [Web/Android] or any other app or browser that supports RSS reading.

Saw it on TV some days ago.
Funny thing that they call themselves Muslims.

"Muhammad is not the father of [any] one of your men, but [he is] the Messenger of Allah and last of the prophets." (Qur'an 33:40)
Indeed, I wonder why those Muslims weren't aware of this.


Salam. Isn't in Islam, the wife-to-be must not be force in marriage? Please provide as proof that Aisha (RA) wasn't force and that her consent is OBTAINED. Thanks.  :)
Aleykum Selam,

Here is an article with some point of views you got to understand, by Sam Zaatari from

Here is a elaborate article made by brother Osama Abdallah, please also check the articles getting linked within them.

Another article by Sam Zaatari pointing out forced marriages isn't allowed in Islam.

I hope this helps.


it is better to create feed(just like rss feed) for answering-christianity web site.
It has a rss-feed automaticly generated.

« on: August 07, 2012, 07:40:31 PM »

So, is this completely true, because their site is multilingual and every language has a bit different content.

Yes, my brother, humanity comes with this. It is strictly forbidden to clone people but surely there will be ones who will do it. Organ transplantation sounds an option, that's why they so likely forbade it.

Jesus Christ said, "I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Light. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

Some Christians use this verse of the Bible to proof christianity, but then, if no one comes through the Father except through him, what about the Prophets before him, and what is the interpretation of this verse, and is there any evidence if this verse is fabricated, if it is indeed fabricated. (check the response of the Iranian)

I think I misunderstood this verse, is this about who has contact with the 'Father' or anyone wjo believes in him goes to heaven. I came to this question through a website about Hz.Isa(r.a.) on Islam.

Assalamun aleykum,


- Image credit: Bartley Price

ABC News’ Alex Marquardt reports from Aleppo Province:

We spent the last week meeting and staying with families and fighters in the middle of the conflict in Syria.
One evening, we stayed with one unit that was gearing up for what could be the biggest fight of their young lives.
Their faces are not the faces of battle-hardened warriors. They are young men, barely 20 years old. They are defectors from the Syrian military with just basic training.
They call themselves “the martyrs of freedom” and they tell us that they cannot wait to get in the fight. Tonight, they are going to Aleppo, where President Bashar al-Assad said the battle would determine the fate of Syria.
When asked whether they are afraid of going to fight, they respond, “No. No. No. … We’re only afraid of Allah.”
Allah is their god and their inspiration. What these young men lack in battlefield experience, they make up for with religious fervor and hatred of the Syrian regime.
“The regime has tanks, planes, helicopters. You just have AK-47s and RPGs. How can you defeat them in Aleppo?” they were asked.
“We have Allah with us,” said Ali, 21. “He will send soldiers.”
This is the holy month of Ramadan, when most Muslims fast all day. After sundown, they break fast. During dinner, the mood is light — not what you’d expect hours before the big fight.
Afterward, it’s time to gear up. The young men eagerly wait for their names to be called. Weapons are assigned — AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades.
If they’re nervous, they are hiding it well.
“Victory or martyrdom,” Ali says. “God willing.”
Ali and the others who have been chosen for battle say goodbye to their brothers-in-arms and head out into the dark. Those left behind are disappointed.
Abdulrahman went last time and tonight, it clearly pains him to be missing out.
For many, this will be the first and maybe last fight of their lives. There is not a hint of doubt among them that this is a battle that must be waged — and won.

ABC News’ Enjoli Francis in New York contributed to this story. [click source link to see his video]


-- by Alexander Marquardt (twitter)

Whoever changes his religion, kill him.

where was the explanation of this?

I had the page but I lost it, if it is about war, then what is the reference.


Thank you brother.

I played around many forum management systems like myBB and SMF, but also several others.
So let's start one by one.


PHPbb is the oldest board around the net, but that never means it is the best. I generally used PHPbb through services which installed it for me, I didn't have much experience of content management systems back then. But later on I started to install it on free webhosting services, later on paid ones, which are much better. But the most hatred of PHPbb is the way modifications are installed. You had to change the .php files to make the modification function, this usually was no problem but then after all my hard work it became nasty between us. Because the modification my whole board received an error code and I had to remove all the codes I had inserted in the .php files or replace them with the originals(or the backup incase of additional mods installed). Sooo, this all took too long and gave me a headache so we're seperated since a while now. And that proves that it is important to make a backup. [demo;u/pw=administrator]


I can't remember when, but I think it's when I saw a website made of this board, I liked how it was organised and how it looked(however it had a additional theme) so I decided to try it. It may be another way I met MyBB but it's not important now. MyBB seemed extremely flexible but I noticed it had a limited amount of modications, well, limited, if you compare them with any other well known board on the net. Uploading mods and themes was as simple as uploading them to the server and activating it through the board. Additional changes to some .php files might require for some MyBB modifications but that depends. However, it seemed to me like most PHPbb acquired changes to .php files, I think this is the reason SMF has more modifications for it's board than PHPbb, an it's probably also because PHPbb was programmed in an old method(maybe). At the end, MyBB looked alot like SMF, but SMF had way more extensions. Maybe there are reasons to choose MyBB over SMF but I do not know them. [demo;u:admin/pw:demo123]

Simple Machines Forum

I haven't been working with SMF so much, I had installed it a several times but I didn't actually do anything with it. But after looking around for quality forums I got recommended to SMF, and I see it is also used by this website. When I asked why the person that recommended me likes SMF he said it is customisable and I think he also said it was simple or easy to use, not sure though. I said to him all boards are customisable but I noticed SMF had way more extensions than any other board I know of. But that does not measure the quality of those extensions. The thing I am disappointed with is the messaging system, it only shows the inbox, not the outbox or any other like trash. Whilst you can select to 'save the message to outbox' you can not see the outbox, how odd. But I like where the admin page is put in, it doesn't require you to open a whole new page, nor it prompts you to re-enter the admin password like PHPbb, however this is better for security. I am currently working with SMF, but I still got to figure some things out. [ugot it installed :)]

Invision Power Board

This is a commercial board, so meaning you have to pay for it. Because of this the extensions will probably be limited. I just got to say this is a very powerful forum software, but just hard to find a decent theme for it. But however I do not recommend you to buy this as it's a better use for company's.[demo]

I seem to almost exceed the 4000 characters limit(full post) so imma keep it to this.\

Selamin Aleykum,
Your Brother of Islam


--[rebuttals to something]
--[rebuttals to something]
(you should put some content of the website on the forum.

-Learning Zone??

Imma put the learning zone on my website though, you'll learn what to put on the board on the way.

Brother Osama, why did you choose for the SMF board by the way, it seems limited, but I also got recommended to use it.

your brother

Insh'Allah I'll come up with a few of suggestions as I'm making my own islamic website.
Bear patience!

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