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Title: some help against a non muslim guy
Post by: shaad on November 04, 2017, 10:51:25 AM
Assalamualaikum guys,

There's a non muslims guy which has brought up some hadiths to prove that the Prophet PBUH killed civilians and "innocent" people, i already have refutations to most of his claims but i'm stuck with 3 hadiths, can someone please respond to them?

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Masud :
The Prophet recited Suratan-Najm (103) at Mecca and prostrated while reciting it and those who were with him did the same except an old man who took a handful of small stones or earth and lifted it to his forehead and said, “This is sufficient for me.” Later on, I saw him killed as a non-believer.

Bukhari Volume 2, Book 19, Number 173

Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas’ud: Ibrahim said: Ad-Dahhak ibn Qays intended to appoint Masruq as governor. Thereupon Umarah ibn Uqbah said to him: Are you appointing a man from the remnants of the murderers of Uthman? Masruq said to him: Ibn Mas’ud narrated to us, and he was trustworthy in respect of traditions, that when the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) intended to kill your father, he said: Who will look after my children? He replied: Fire. I also like for you what the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) liked for you.

Dawud Book 14, Hadith 2680

Narrated Sa’id ibn Yarbu’ al-Makhzumi: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: on the day of the conquest of Mecca: There are four persons whom I shall not give protection in the sacred and non-sacred territory. He then named them. There were two singing girls of al-Maqis; one of them was killed and the other escaped and embraced Islam.

Dawud 14 number 2678
Title: Re: some help against a non muslim guy
Post by: H. on November 04, 2017, 01:55:33 PM
ok regards the first one, it doesnt say muhammad ordered his ddeath, also this is referring to the quraishi people. and we know the muslims came in multiple wars with them, so if this old man fought against the muslims in a war and he died he isnt innocent he is a quraishi (which is the offending pary) and he is a combatant.

second one

this refers to uqbah, uqbah is innocent HAHAHA. even wikipedia knows better than this fool: was one of the principal adversaries of Islam. He was a Quraysh leader

so one of the leaders of quraish. quuraish presecuted muslims, killed innocent muslims, tortured them, put spears in their private parts, crucified them etc.

lets see what he did: Uqbah was one the neighbors of Muhammad. Yet he assaulted Muhammad verbally and physically as he was preaching monotheism[1] He also constantly ridiculed Muhammad when the latter was preaching in Mecca. On one occasion, when Muhammad was praying in the courtyard of the Ka'ba, Uqba brought the waste of a slaughtered camel (intestines, blood, dung etc.) upon the suggestion of other Quraysh leaders who were gathered there, and placed it upon Muhammad's back while he was in prostration. They laughed so much so that they fell on each other. He remained in that position due to the weight, unable to lift his head from prostration until his daughter came and removed it.[2]

On another occasion, Uqba spat on Muhammad's face at the incitement of his friend Ubay ibn Khalaf. According to the Islamic tradition, the Quranic verse [Quran 25:29] was revealed at that moment to Muhammad regarding Uqba and Ubay.[3] Uqbah was also one of those enemies of Muhammad who rejoiced at the news of the death of Muhammad's second son 'Abdullah.

is that all he did or did he try to kill muslims as well, well yes he did.

As well as this, he wrapped a sheet around the Prophet’s (p) neck and tried to kill him.

Narrated `Urwa bin Az-Zubair: I asked `Abdullah bin `Amr, “What was the worst thing the pagans did to Allah’s Messenger?” He said, “I saw `Uqba bin Abi Mu’ait coming to the Prophet while he was praying.’ `Uqba put his sheet round the Prophet’s neck and squeezed it very severely. Abu Bakr came and pulled `Uqba away from the Prophet and said, “Do you intend to kill a man just because he says: ‘My Lord is Allah, and he has brought forth to you the Evident Signs from your Lord?” (Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, Hadith 27)

Furthermore, Uqba on a number of occasions persecuted many Muslims. Safi-Ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri writes:

When they reached As-safra, he ordered that two of the prisoners should be killed. They were An-Nadr Bin Al-Harith and Uqbah Bin Abi Muait, because they had persecuted the Muslims in Makkah, and harboured deep hatred towards Allah and His Messenger (p). In a nutshell, they were criminals of war in modern terminology, and they execution was an awesome lesson to oppressors. [1]

Apart from all the above, Uqba even engaged in battles against the Muslims. He never ceased from his evil until the day he was caught by the companions of the Prophet (p) and ordered that he be executed.

It was narrated that ‘Amr bin Maimun said: “Abdullah told us: ‘The Messenger of Allah was praying at the House (the Ka’bah) and a group of the nobles of Quraish were sitting there. They had just slaughtered a camel and one of them said: “Which of you will take these stomach contents with the blood and wait until he prostrates, then put them on his back?” ‘Abdullah said: ‘The one who was most doomed got up and took the stomach contents, then went and waited until he prostrated himself, and put it on his back. Fatimah, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, who was a young girl, was told about that, and she came running and took it off his back. When he had finished praying he said: “O Allah! Punish the Quraish,” three times, “O Allah, punish Abu Jahl bin Hisham, Shaibah bin Rabi’ah, ‘Utbah bin Rabi’ah, ‘Uqbah bin Abi Mu’ait” until he had listed seven men from Quraish.’ ‘Abdullah said: ‘By the One Who revealed the Book to him, I saw them dead on the day of Badr (their corpses) in a single dry well.'” (Sunan an-Nasa’I, Volume 1, Book 1, Hadith 308)

so no innocence

the third i will reply in due time
Title: Re: some help against a non muslim guy
Post by: Albarra on November 04, 2017, 03:25:38 PM
Shaad, This link should help you to defeat anti-muslim users.

Besides, the US-led coalition has been killed thousands  of civilians in Syria and Iraq since 2014, according to Humand Rights Watch.

Title: Re: some help against a non muslim guy
Post by: shaad on November 04, 2017, 05:50:28 PM
Thanks brother Albarra, i really appreciate your incredible help...may Allah reward you for that...
Title: Re: some help against a non muslim guy
Post by: shaad on November 04, 2017, 06:01:34 PM
Thanks brother Hani, you've helped me a lot bro, may Allah reward you for that...