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72 virgins
« on: May 09, 2018, 11:39:10 PM »
Aslaam alaikum Brothers and sisters in islam

Actually I was going through the 72 virgins article of Wikiislam and I realised that he is fabricating the content of Hadith and also giving references of hadith which actually don't exist in reality
1. He said ibn majah hadith talks about vaginas of virgins in book of zuhd book 39

In reality the book the book of zuhd is book 38 not 39
2. He quotes tirmidhi book stating that it talks about breasts of hoor which again do sent exists.

3. He has fabricated the hadith of Market of Jannah saying that Market of Jannah will be a slave market and whosoever wants to have sex he will go and fullfill his desire which is utter false

Please see

Please brothers apart from this I expect a thorough refutation


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