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Bible's absolute statements falsehood
« on: July 11, 2018, 11:31:24 AM »
As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

Here is a small brainstorm for the next article.  I'll put it all together in details soon Insha'Allah:

The Bible's absolute statements:

1-  Bible's writers say Jesus was tempted by satan.  Some Christians say it means "satan tried to tempt satan".  There are many problems with this kind of writing:

    -  The writers' writings are quite incoherent.
    -  Jesus either was tempted and coveted and sinned, or the Bible's language is quite misleading.

       -  Yet, Jesus said if your body parts sin, maim them!
       -  He never maimed himself when he coveted and sinned.
       -  There is good temptation and evil temptation.  I can tempt you to empty your wallet to donate to charity, or I could tempt you to steal or rape.
       -  Satan's temptation to Jesus was evil temptation.
       -  So Jesus was tempted means Jesus coveted the evil things that he was tempted to have.
       -  The Bible defines being tempted as having "evil desires".

    -  Bible's absolute statements:

       -  Jesus said: Nothing enters your mouth makes you unclean.  Really?  Does this include feces and oral sex in the mouth too?  If you say that the context was limited to food then this absolute statement is one strong proof that the NT's exaggerated statements are quite false and misleading, and you can not build beliefs and Laws from it!  In this stupid statement, one can not make lawful all of the forbidden food in the Jewish Law if the person said that he did not come to abolish that Law, because he has certainly thoroughly abolished it.

       -  Jesus said: All rich people are going to Hell.  Humans' history have thoroughly shown from the time of Cain and Abel till earth's last day that the more lacking the person the more evil he/she is.  The more poor the more evil and coveting and envious and violent and untrustworthy he/she becomes.  Not to mention infestation with prostitution, crimes and very very evil society.

       -  Polygamy forbidden?  Jesus didn't even prohibit it.
       -  Pork allowed?
       -  Law was not abolished by Jesus ("I have not come to abolish the Law")??  Long list of food and dietary restrictions, and polygamy and many Law-based Jewish practices were thoroughly abolished. Yet, he did not come to abolish the Law?
       -  Other Christs will come to you (disciples), make sure they are not me (Jesus).  How can they mistake Jesus if they lived with him for years.  Clearly this is a metaphor.
       -  Abolishing the sacredness of the Sabbath.  Yet, YAHWEH IN THE OT SWORE TI MAKE ALL EARTH HONOR THE SABBATH.
       -  Too many metaphors and symbolic-type-speech statements.

2-  The NT's authors' incoherent and/or exaggerated language makes it COMPLETELY WRONG to draw beliefs and Laws from it, especially when Christianity is almost entirely based on "We can only conclude" conjecture.  Religions of conclusions are false:,3210.msg15931.html#msg15931

    -  Trinity, crucifixion, abolishing polygamy, whom we can marry and whom we can't, allowing all food especially the forbidden ones in the Law are ALL FALSE beliefs by Christians.

This alone blows away Christianity and further proves that Islam is indeed GOD Almighty's Divine Truth that came to restore GOD Almighty's Original Faith, Islam:

I will write a detailed article about all of this and more, Insha'Allah.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah


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