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If I were a Jew, and why I am a Muslim
« on: July 11, 2018, 08:56:44 PM »
As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

Here is another brainstorm that I will make a detailed article out of, Insha'Allah:


If you were to leave Islam, then would you Judaism or Christianity or neither?


Arguments that Jews dismally fail to use against Christians:

1-  Jews get caught in the trap of disproving that Isaiah 53 is about a flesh and blood human to come.  They claim that it is about the State of Israel and not a human Messiah or Prophet.

2-  All Christians have to do is prove that Isaiah 53 is about a flesh and blood, and it will immediately instill doubt in the heart of the Jews.

3-  Jewish rabbis avoid reading Isaiah 53 in their temples/synagogs we are told.

Simple arguments that will smash Christianity:

Jews can avoid this nonsense of translating OT prophecies into Jesus by giving the following arguments:

1-  GOD Almighty in the OT swore on His Holy Name that the day shall come when the Sabbath will be honored by all nations on earth.

2-  The OT also predicts that an evil shepherd will come and will change time.

3-  Eating pork to GOD is like blowing smoke in the nose of GOD.  GOD in the OT hated it.

We know Jesus nullified the Sabbath, and we know that the Christian Gregorian calendar has indeed changed time, and Christians are the world's biggest pork consumers.

That's it!  You don't need to legitimize Christianity by arguing over OT interpretations.

Jesus = Isaiah 53?
Jesus = Time changing evil shepherd?

Furthermore, the 12th disciple in the NT was chosen by a game of chance (casting lots).  They couldn't all unanimously agree on Matias.  So they had to chose him through rolling the dice.  Clearly the Holy Spirit didn't chose him. 

So why am I not a Jew then?

Because the OT predicts the coming of the Prophet of Arabia.  The OT makes prophecies about two Prophets (Servants):

1-  One who will be born in Bethlehem (book of Amos I believe).  That's precisely Jesus.

2-  One who will come from the land of Kedar (Saudi Arabia; Kedar was one of Ishmael's sons).  That's precisely Muhammad.

     -  This second one will also have a new Covenant with him.
     -  Will also sing a new song (new Divine Revelation).
     -  Will crush idols and defeat the enemies.
     -  Will establish GOD Almighty's House in the "desert" (Saudi Arabia).

Also, like the NT, the OT is filled with lies.  Not only we have clear contradictions, but we also have obvious lies.  Here are a few examples:

1-  GOD became worried that the Babylonians were going to build a sky scraper that will reach Him.  So he confused their tongues.

2-  Throughout the OT, we find commands from GOD Almighty to kill all innocent people from babies and women and children, and even plants and animals.  Yet, in the OT it also say in reference to not being cruel and unjust:

Would you really kill an innocent person?

You couldn't make this garbage up!

3-  The OT spells it out that the Jews were liars even from their essence. 

4-  So why must we trust what they write and fall for the lie and trap of believing it is from GOD Himself, especially when GOD supposedly swears on His Holy Name?

Thank Allah for Islam:

As a Muslim, I don't need to fall in this swamp of lies and conjecture and BS.  We have Islam!  Thank Allah Almighty for Islam and for the Glorious Quran!  The Holy Book is Scientifically and Numerically and Linguistically Miraculous exactly as Allah Almighty clearly mentioned in the Quran:

Ample passages and proofs coming up, Insha'Allah.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah


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