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My 2nd study "trinity in the Holy Quran, A muslim - christian dialogue"

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You still wonder, why the worship of Jesus ,Mary and the saints is being attacked rather than the holy spirit? !!!!

to conclude the point of Mary ,let's quote a non Muslim objective writer

--- Quote from: Professor David Thomas ,Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an ---verse 5:73 attacks the notion that God could have partners in his divinity. The teaching in this verse is certainly that Christians place other beings alongside the true God. If it is taken in its context, the implication can be drawn from q 5:72 and 75 that one of these is Jesus, while from the firm emphasis on his and his mother's human needs in q 5:75 (“Christ the son of Mary was no more than a messenger [q.v.]… and his mother was a woman of truth [q.v.]; they had both to eat food”; see food and drink; prophets and prophethood ), it is even possible to infer that the other was Mary
Whether or not this is the intention in q 5:73, the second reference in the Qurān to three deities makes such an accusation explicit. This is in q 5:116: “And behold! God will say: ‘O Jesus, the son of Mary! Did you say to people (al-nās), “Take me and my mother for two gods beside God?”’ He will say, ‘Glory to you ! Never could I say what I had no right .’” In what is intended as an eschatological interrogation of Jesus, God brings up a claim evidently associated with him, that he encouraged people to regard himself and Mary as gods besides God (min dūni llāh). The implication is that Christians made him the source of the wrong belief they hold Strictly speaking, this verse need not be read as a reference to a version of the Trinity but rather as an example of shirk, claiming divinity for beings other than God . As such, it could be understood as a warning against excessive devotion to Jesus and extravagant veneration of Mary, a reminder linked to the central theme of the Qurān that there is only one God and he alone is to be worshiped. .
--- End quote ---

Jazakallah Khair for sharing this brother, Inch'Allah I will read it completely, but at the moment kind of busy.

Final Overture:
Edward Gibbon in his book The History of The Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire says:

--- Quote ---The Christians of the seventh century had insensibly relapsed into a semblance of paganism: their public and private vows were addressed to the relics and images that disgraced the temples of the East: the throne of the Almighty was darkened by the clouds of martyrs, and saints, and angels, the objects of popular veneration; and the Collyridian heretics, who flourished in the fruitful soil of Arabia, invested the Virgin Mary with the name and honours of a goddess.
--- End quote ---


welcome and Jazakumallah kharan brothers mYucesan and Final Overture ....

and May Allah strengthen us to make our best efforts in worship,in the last greatest days in Ramdan...  Ameen

God is my Saviour:
Understanding the GODHEAD. Just as I am a mother, a daughter, and a wife...just because I act in a mother role at one time does not discount that I am still a daughter and a wife. To me God is the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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