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I will be writing a detailed article on scientific errors in the Vedas, shortly on my website, insha Allah. Until then you might take some help from an article I wrote on 'medical science in the Vedas?'. Read it through the following link and post your feedback.

oh iv been on ur website iv emailed u i havent got a reply yet

Emailed me?

I never miss emails. How did I miss yours? duh. By what name you mailed me brother?

i just emailed ur webiste email adress

As-Salam Walekum Everyone , Brother there are many scientific errors in Vedas. for ex- they say moon marries Stars and their is a mountain 10 times bigger thn Mt. Everest and many more. and the biggest matter is that of compilation and editing of Vedas. they have rejected many Books in vedas recently and moreover they have added a lot of unauthentic manuscripts in Vedas with their compilation. and if have heard these scientists cmnts from a hindu or hindu source thn akhi plz confirm it bcoz hindus are biggest liars even more bigger thn christians. And for scientists cmnts on Quran


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