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Apparently nazarene is a town in Arabia near Yemen issa lived there
where is your reference about that ? please try keep providing your words with something real.

The Nasranis of Malabar, India are of Hebrew or Israelite heritage but not much is known of their past, making it difficult to be certain that they are also descended from the ‘Lost Tribes’. (Ref. Dr. Asahel Grant’s ‘The Nestorians or the Lost Tribes of Israel’ for more about the Nazarenes and Nestorians)

In my research , apparently that Nazarene = Nasrani (نصراني) Arabic singular (but for Christians (christian Arabs ناصري)(Nazarene for some foreign languages ) as a nationality to Nazareth not as an adjective or attribute or status) , Nasara(نصارى) plural = a supporter unto some cause or causer. as a status not a race.

see the web below for a brief but a very little information about the origin of yahood name for the jews in the holy Quran, when they repent after they worshiped that veal, and that Allah never named/called anyone based on race because we are one human race, but different status.

NASARA some of them are from the lost sectors, that likes to be neutral , and in disagreement to their opposites souls but supports them for the true cause in the same time.

and some can be from the cursed sectors who supports the evil work, but still thinks that they are NASARA(but unto the cause of who?)( We ask Allah not to be from them both , we ask Allah to stick our hearts on his DEEN and remembrance, and more knowledge and guidance )

 NASARA can be easily get misguided to support any bad cause or causer(bad sector), but it's dependable on how bad their deeds are and their honesty...... or they can be guided to support the true cause of the only god , and by supporting the group or the person who truly supports the true cause of the only god(good lost sectors) ,also mostly depends on how good their deeds are and their honesty...   rarely cases can supports the true cause unto the only god blindly but it needs a very high level of good deeds and honesty a neutral super character....

so  it's an adjective , a status, not a nationality. so i don't think it's rational to call a land a Nazarene.

arabic roots for that word is Nasr(نصر) = victor(verb), victory(noun).

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / History of the word Nazereth
« on: July 13, 2016, 09:30:38 PM »
There are no extant non-biblical references to Nazareth until around 200 CE, the excavations revealed that Nazareth was a graveyard in the 1st century CE not a well populated area, it is also never mentioned in the Tanakh or in any other Jewish writings of the period. Here is one of my references

There were more than one Bethlehem, which Bethlehem was Jesus born in if it wasn't Nazareth? and why add Nazareth?


so Is it really matters when the city being called Nazareth? the word Nazareth already written in Matthew (2-23) and Mark gospels after years of the historical Jesus PBUH lifting.

Nazarene:- which they translated in (Isaiah 11-1) = wə-nê-ṣer = וְנֵ֖צֶר = and a(wa) Branch or Shoot(neser) and still trying to stick it to Matthew 2-23..
 KJV (Isaiah 11-1)"And there shall come forth a SHOOT out of the stock of Jesse, And a Twig shall grow forth out of his roots.".

so (נֵ֖צֶר) = scion, descendant, shoot, offspring, offshoot, sprout.... in google translation. that means

BUT is:-
A- David came right from Jesse , so could it be him ?
B- how sure they are that the branch, offshoot(ne-ser) points to Jesus in that sentence? no proof
C- Is branch , offshoot is an appropriate call to a prophet , everyone of us is a branch and a shoot. so ?

 is that an enough proof that Matthew was wrong and there is no Nazarene in the OT bible of prophets? or he wanted to stick the call Nazarene to OT because of something else? or because Jesus PBUH was being called Nazarene(Naseri) by his people? or he was wrong and wanted to say "said in judges" not in prophets?

so i think that Christians now believes that Nazarene means a branch because of their scholars interpretation ,and I think it's a wrong believe.

lets find a appropriate meaning for the call Nazarene other than branch, offshoot from the bible.

KJV (Judges 13:5)"For, lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and no rasor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb: and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines."

lets see Nazarite from (Judges 13:5):-  in (Judges 13:5) = nə-zîr = נְזִ֧יר = a Nazarite.  it have close definitions to the word (Ne-ser) .

in google translation the word (נְזִ֧יר) = monk , frair , hermit , anchorite , abstinent. in english
Nazarite = (نذير) nazeer in arabic = a Warner. and maybe it can't be a Warner unto god. so he is a supporter unto god.(Naseri unto Allah) (Ansar Allah)

so Nazerite unto god in (Judges 13:5)  points to the one who supports the cause of god..

in Arabic he is called Naseri(ناصري) by Arab Christians (surely Naseri unto Allah).
Ansar Allah(أنصار الله) in Arabic means the ones who supports the cause of god also.. so Nazareth means Nasera(ناصرة) means the supporter , the Espoused.
Nasara(نصارى) = we called them Christians today and that's how (نصارى) Nasara translated in google , but in the real meaning they are supporters, helpers(we hope they can be helpers to the cause of god). and god knows best.

see the noble verse (3-52)
Arberry: And when Jesus perceived their unbelief, he said, 'Who will be my helpers(انصاري) unto God?' The Apostles said, 'We will be helpers(أنصار) of God; we believe in God; witness thou our submission."

my older research about that subject was weak so i updated it.

Matt 2-23"And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, He shall be called a Nazarene."

so let's analyze the intended nationalism call Nazarene in this:-

maybe his intention was:-
1- that he shall be called Nazarene because he came and dwelt in a city of Nazareth , but nationalism thing was not the intentions in Isaiah (11-1)( offshoot ) or in Judges(13-5) ( supporter ).
2- if Nazarene really points in the bible of prophets (Isaiah 11-1) a branch where he called a branch Ne-ser or netser not the nationality definition Nazarene,, so why mentioning Nazareth then?, what's the point? and where is Jesse in all that?
3- where is it spoken by the prophets "that he shall be called Nazarene" , or that he shall be called branch?
4- or it is one of Matthew mistakes?

and Jews didn't find any Nazareth or Nazarene in TANAKH, but we found Nazerite in judges(13-5) which is 1-not in the bible of prophets and 2- not Nazarene the nationality, then it's impossible and not rational to be meant a branch , offshoot for a prophet of god.

it seems that Matt just gave a nationality to Jesus by that sentence nothing more, just to strengthen his book in prophecies about Jesus from the OT.
i think it's false to say that he shall be called (netser)(offshoot) in the prophets , because everyone of us can be an offshoot but no one of us will be called branch (hey hello! branch how are you today?),  not the national call Nazarene..

 they also didn't call him Jesse Nazarene(Jesse branch) in Matthew or mentioned Jesse in that sentence.

it's all chaos in the NT for trying connecting it to OT.


 Muhammad sarwar is the closest translation for that verse. 5:48

5-48"We have revealed the Book to you (Muhammad) in all Truth. It confirms the (original) Bible and has the authority to preserve or abrogate what the Bible contains. Judge among them by what God has revealed to you and do not follow their desires instead of the Truth which has come to you. We have given a law and a way of life to each of you. Had God wanted, He could have made you into one nation, but He wanted to see who are the more pious ones among you. Compete with each other in righteousness. All of you will return to God who will tell you the truth in the matter of your differences."
IT confirms the (original) = (bayn yadayh)  (بين يديه) the scripture that revealed within Jesus PBUH hands not Paul's.
we have the Dominant over (mohaymenan alayh) (مهينا عليه) = holy Quran have the authority to abrogate or keep the original, so how about Paul's buybull ?, so it must be nothing to us and not credible at all ,we can use it just for exposing them and their lies .

 so according to that verse the holy Quran have the authority over their original scriptures which they doesn't have as Dr. Bart Ehrman said or maybe the apukrypha ones or maybe other hidden scriptures that we don't know about,  so how about when their buybull does not contain the original words of god physically at all or not fully physically which not spiritual words of god...

 about (not fully physically and have something spiritual) , the only god have challenged them in the verse before it (5-47) to judge in what god has revealed in it (بما انزل الله فيه). so Allah almighty knew that they doesn't have the original so he said what god has revealed in it , maybe points to some apukryfa gospels or the many other burned gospels through history or some hidden ones as in verse (3-187).
(5-47) Shakir: "And the followers of the Injeel should have judged by what Allah revealed in it; and whoever did not judge by what Allah revealed, those are they that are the transgressors."
(((((so revealed in it))))) !
 OR a CORRUPTED physically maybe fully ,and it's just as what verse (2-79) said, that maybe it points about some of their books, Pauls gospels and the official 4 most probably is (2-79) ,and they did what in verse  (3-187), or so corrupted like in verse (5:41)(2-75) maybe in some of their books Torah probably. so they can shut it about keep telling us you must believe in our physical scriptures...... we will believe only in the spiritual Jesus PBUH gospel  , and even if we believed it is the spiritual gospels we have the dominant over it 4-48. and when they keep bugging us about those verses that we must believe in their gospels according to Quran , we will put verse 7-157 as a criteria between us to their criticism , so they only have to bear witness 3 - 18 and 3 -81 if they can accept that criteria 7-157..

sorry for bad English
Khader Othman

it seems they wanna get us distracted with some of converted2islam has left Islam propaganda for making such a thing ready.
 so beware we better find what they are doing behind the stage.
 Romans can never stop updating their deities(Ze$Us), made up , sewed up scriptures and their same old games..

they technically worship the crucified body.
they just borrowed my country man PBUH fame and name, tossed it inside the already borrowed deity MithrUs . Romans are known in keeping updating/borrowing deities every decade, lets take it from the Greek Zeus to the Persian Mithra and which between them, then they sewed up everything together. their deity with Jews books as a proof and with Saul special additions package that fit Romans catholic idolatry doctrines , made the pagan origin trinity as an excuse for idolatry because of Jews and Arius, then brought the Greek Ze$Us to life in hypocrites minds(He is aliveeeeeee).

 whatta Frankensteined religion . and i wondered where we got Microsoft windows from . Romans are only artists and inventors. it's not a bad use. maybe they are better than us but a lost sectors. look how smart they are , they even interpret our Quran better than us , see Dr jeffery Lang purpose of life lecture , there never been any Arab scholar could get that interpretation and will never be something like that from us the Arabs i think.

see from 16:52
so they will pick what they like from the NT manuscripts, make a better NT with something like bible-net interpretation , fix errors ,and scientific ,and non logical errors, make a new lies translations like in Isaiah and Ezekiel , maybe make it a stand alone from OT, then send it to the market . surely any hypocrite will buy this [censored].

why still that Hindu introvert smiles in our website flooding/distracting others in a decent way? go back to Ze$us he lofs you , repent before it's too last. New York ATTIS died for your sins and because your father ate from his torch .

he removed the videos 110% proof that Jesus PBUH is god before a weak of his decision , so took a steps back to christianity , expect more videos from him soon after getting hired by some Islamophobia side. you wanna money these days ? embrace Islam for a little while , add supporting videos on youtube , apostate then there you go.

110% proof that he looked on the empty part of the glass without having the wisdom and ability of comparing the circumstances of war and life matters of these ages and our ages, and the nations/man evolution that came from these differences in people and the development in manners by the Islamic system on muslims and non muslims.

some of my discussions to people there....

whatever0411:25 AM

+There is only One God utter nonsense, in many of the wars - they did not even attack first. It was Muhammad who attacked tribed completely unaware - when they were off guard. The women were NOT helping their husbands in any war.

For example when he attacked Khaibar tribe - they had no idea Muhammad was going to attack. Khaibar broke no treaty with the Prophet; there was not any sign that they would endanger the Muslims. There was no reason for him to attack, and they were neither at war, not expecting any attack.

In this battle, he killed Sophiya's entire family and raped her the same night.

And you keep using the world 'disbelieving' like its a crime. What if we use 'muslims' the same way (like being muslim is a crime)?

You say -> "Those women were going against Allah (swt) and his Prophet (saw), and they deserved what they got !"

What if we too say - these women are muslims (and against judaism/christianity/hinduism) and they deserve to be raped?

Next time we attack Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan or Yemen or Syria - it should be okay for us to take ALL the women, rape them and use them as sex-slaves. Don't blame our soldiers when they rape your women in a war. Btw, which country do you live in? Would love to do that to you and your wife, sisters, daughters, and mother.
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Farlito Asfour1:06 PM+1
yes i agree , if i couldn't defend them and if you let them live with you giving them their rights without trying to rape them until they are convinced that you are their only man to be your right hand posses , then why not?. come to Jordan and try.
imagine that Brad pit came and invaded the land , he took my sister to his home as a captivate of war because other people was do more worse back then, if he treated her well based on my Islamic way, and let her sleep with his other female captives , then if there was something their between them , and she wanted to compete with Angelina jolie and Jennifer aniston , then she agreed to be his woman and a right hand posses as her only man so why not , let her compete. i don't call that rape. he became her only man and she got no other choice unless someone wants to marry her.
but i wont agree on something like Guantanamo or Vietnam or throwing the woman for bunch of hungry dogs fucking her all the day and night by different dirty dogs. our way was the best and still the best in these life matters and if these type of nations came back weather you likes it or not , and i believe that(we Muslims) our manners development and self hi-gene and strong social relations came from Islamic system. and surely we splashed some of it on others of you if not as your infrastructure. that evolution came from people differences and nations differences. we are humans in the end not angels. and we believe that we have the best manufacturer manual instruction for what we are . salam .
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whatever041:18 PM+1
+Farlito Asfour cool.. we shall do that then whenever possible. Also who told you they had to give consent for anything?

Here is Muhammad encouraging his men (who were reluctant) to rape the women in front of their husbands:

"Some of the Companions of the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers.  So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Qur’anic verse: (Sura 4:24) "And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess." (Abu Dawud 2150, also Muslim 3433)

Here is Muhammad telling his men to rape them (and not worry about making them pregnant) before selling them:

"O Allah's Apostle! We get female captives as our share of booty, and we are interested in their prices, what is your opinion about coitus interruptus?"  The Prophet said, "Do you really do that? It is better for you not to do it. No soul that which Allah has destined to exist, but will surely come into existence.” (Bukhari 34:432)

He himself raped at least two women the same night after killing their entire families that day: Umm Kirfa's daughter and Sophiya..

You may not like multiple men to rape your wife/sister/daughter/mother, but it will happen. Coz I am allowed to sell the slaves - and yes - they can be raped by a new man every day. Sorry - that's how the rules are..

Sorry I didn't read ur entire comment - the last part where you talk abt how rape and slavery in Islam are awesome and best thing in the world. I find that to be a little horrible and disgusting, coz I am a normal human being.. So sorry.. I didn't read that crap in the last 2 paras..
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Farlito Asfour2:22 PM

"we shall do that then whenever possible"
welcome , hard luck.

"consent" it depend on how mannered is the man. if he is a good Muslim and follow quran and sunnah and islamic manners , he will wait her consent , there are no proof that it is without her consent .

"(Sura 4-24)"

"He himself raped at least two women the same night after killing their entire families that day: Umm Kirfa's daughter and Sophiya.."
where is the historical proof or DNA research that he slept with her in the same night he killed her family? he only freed her and married her. she could have revenged in her marriage time, we never heard that she was ever tied up and can't use the kitchen knife or poison.

"You may not like multiple men to rape your wife/sister/daughter/mother, but it will happen. Coz I am allowed to sell the slaves - and yes - they can be raped by a new man every day. Sorry - that's how the rules are.."
So.. why not? , that's the circumstances of these days and maybe new wars can let these type of nations and circumstances comes back, so until she finds her man who may marry her weather he is her master or someone else wanna free her and marry her. and divorce or separation is a part of our laws so selling a slave in these days is not so far from divorce if she was his right hand and was sleeping with her, maybe he can sell her if something happens between them, the apostle of god PBUH never sold/divorced one of his 2 right hand posses who he were sleeping with.

so also it depends on how noble/human you are , and how much Islamic manned you are who free slaves or giving their right by following verses of Quran and sunnah or not..

"crap in the last 2 paras.." who cares Consuelo , i'm writing for my brothers and sisters, and you are writing for our opposites.

isn't that the same (white wanna be) introvert smiles on youtube? which is comes first language or grammars ? language came by who ? so every human made has it's exotics and exceptions. and if the creator chooses to cross over this exotics for something we doesn't understand , it doesn't mean it's wrong and poor.

either you can hear nothing about the black stone in the quran.

i don't feel the spiritual feeling in umra and the flew of the positive energy anymore after placing that big bin in mecca.

Allahum (اللهم) is the Plural of respect to the singular Allah, just like Elohim plural of respect to the singular Elaoh. mentioned 5 times in the Quran. we use it for asking directly from the only god.

this shape of what contain the glued broken pieces of the black stone been added later . it's based on people intentions of seeing it, if they see it as a .... shape , it's their mind not mine. it's been added later just like the political sign moon crescent by the ottoman empire .


have any saw the movie footage about 11/9 long kiss goodnight ? it was 5 years before 2011

whatever ISIS is , but it became almost all governments hanger , truth blanket and making of Islam/Muslims a scary crow to the civilians. when you just say ISIL/muslims did that , you can find no one will go or dare to investigate about it specially our people, then it will be documented as a black spot on Islam after the media trash talk .

Muhammad Sarwar:5-48"We have revealed the Book to you (Muhammad) in all Truth. It confirms the (original) Bible and has the authority to preserve or abrogate what the Bible contains. Judge among them by what God has revealed to you and do not follow their desires instead of the Truth which has come to you. We have given a law and a way of life to each of you. Had God wanted, He could have made you into one nation, but He wanted to see who are the more pious ones among you. Compete with each other in righteousness. All of you will return to God who will tell you the truth in the matter of your differences."

(within/between his hand) (بين يديه) (bayn yadayh) Eloquent metaphor for something he got, weather it was within his hands or mind. something revealed to him spiritually and maybe he or some of his disciples have wrote it down physically, in the end it points to the original. sadly after these many times editing and burning tens of gospels specially the Aramaic ones and burn who was holding them by roman empire during many decades. until now of editing and lying,  i think the original have been lost physically or hidden somewhere out there.

the word dominant (مهيمنا) (mohaymenan) mean dominant over the bible , and have authority over it as a last ultimate revelation.

he stole these ideas from the illegitimate child from morocco Rasheed Hamami who cried much on Abu Jahl who also took those ideas from the Coptics like Botros Zakaria, his show name is [so'al jaree'] , or maybe rasheed hamami and the coptics from channel al hayat translated their works to david wood and gave him these ready series for his show with addition of some donations and I$$$lamophobia prizes.

 david wood are nothing compared to Rasheed Hamimi and these coptics...... rasheed is a traitor went to atheism then the church bought him to curstianity or crosstianity or whatever it is. so still wait for more criticisms. it's out of date compared to rasheed hamimi show. the episode was a year later . now hamami latest episode was on wodoo'
this is his series about fasting. سؤال جريء 412 لماذا يصوم المسلمون؟
david wood is 1 year late.

in the end these roman curstians will say.
come back to Ze$us , repend before it's too last , HerculUs lofs you , MithrUs died for your sins , and because your father ate an apple from his tree.

sorry that was harsh.

please i advice all my brothers to see the lecture of jeffery lang purpose of life.

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