Author Topic: Fasting Ramadan in the Northern Counteries where there is no Sun for many months  (Read 3700 times)

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As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

I was asked this question, and I'd like to ask for your feedback, dear brothers and sisters.  If a Muslim lives in the north, where the sunrise and sunset cycles are not like what we know.  The sun could stay up for months, and the sun could also stay down for months due to the earth's tilting and rotation around the sun.

Allah Almighty Said:

[002:185] The month of Ramadhan, wherein was revealed the Koran, for a guidance to men, and for manifestations of guidance, and for a Discrimination. And he amongst you who beholds this month then let him fast it (فمن شهد منكم الشهر فليصمه); but he who is sick or on a journey, then another number of days;- God desires for you what is easy, and desires not for you what is difficult,- that ye may complete the number, and say, 'Great is God,' for that He has guided you; haply ye may give thanks.

[002:187] You are allowed on the night of the fast to approach your wives: they are your garment and ye are their garment. God knoweth that ye defraud yourselves therein, so He turneth unto you and forgiveth you! Now, therefore, go in unto them with full desire for that which God hath ordained for you; and eat and drink until ye can discern a white thread from a black thread by the daybreak: then fast strictly till night (وكلوا واشربوا حتي يتبين لكم الخيط الابيض من الخيط الاسود من الفجر ثم اتموا الصيام الى الليل), and go not in unto them, but rather pass the time in the Mosques. These are the bounds set up by God: therefore come not near them. Thus God maketh his signs clear to men that they may fear Him.

The following article gives an answer in great details:

"So the Muslims in the country mentioned in the question have to define the times of prayer in that land, basing those times on the closest country in which the night and day can be distinguished from one another and the times of the five daily prayers are known according to the signs described in sharee’ah, within each twenty-four hour period.

Similarly they also have to fast Ramadaan. They can set the time for their fast and determine the beginning and end of Ramadaan and the times of starting and breaking the fast each day by the dawn and sunset each day in the closest country in which night can be distinguished from day. The total period must add up to twenty-four hours, because of the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about the Dajjaal mentioned above, in which he told his companions how to determine the times of the five daily prayers. There is no difference in this regard between fasting and prayer.

And Allaah is the Source of strength. May Allaah send blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions."


Take care,
Osama Abdallah

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I don't really trust islamqa, it is really salafistic and literal.


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