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In this paper, I will talk about the "crosswise" mentioned in Maide 33, but before that, I would like to briefly introduce another topic;

I also get a lot of questions about the punishment for theft according to the Qur'an. There is a lot of focus on whether the punishment for cutting off the hand is to cut it off completely or to scratch it and mark it.

When we consider the Qur'an in its entirety, the generally agreed conclusion is this;

In the book, the expression "cutting off the hand" in cases of theft includes all 3 meanings:

1- Cutting off his hand

2- Scratching (marking) your hand

3- Cutting off his means, i.e. imprisonment and similar restrictions.

It is noteworthy that in the story of Prophet Joseph, which is described in the verses, we see that the thief was detained, that is, imprisoned.

We think that the verses ask for one of these 3 practices depending on the magnitude/degree of the theft and the situation of the thief. In addition, the victim, i.e. the owner, can forgive the thief if he wishes, or there may be cases where the thief is not punished at all due to other special circumstances (e.g. stealing out of hunger/necessity, kleptomania/stealing disorder, etc...). Considering that the verses already authorize the relatives of the victim to forgive, i.e. mitigate the punishment, even for the crime of murder, which is the most serious violation of individual rights, it means that the same door of forgiveness is always open in the case of extortion of property/money, which is a relatively minor crime.

But as I said at the beginning of my article, I would like to address the issue of "crosswise" mentioned in verse 33 of Surah Maide and I will say something new about it. The situation is exactly the opposite of what is believed. The practice of crossing the hands and feet was actually practiced by the pagans against those who did not submit to them/Muslims, and what the verse is referring to is the struggle for defense by responding in the same way against the oppressors who did not give up this practice during the time of the prophet.

First of all, it should be well understood that the verse is about the Muslims fighting a defensive war against aggressors.

As I have already stated in this article, only self-defense, i.e. defensive warfare, is permitted in Islam:

And this verse, which also speaks of self-defense, speaks of retaliating against those who persecuted the believers at the time and persisted in doing so, and making them taste/return what they had done:

Surah al-Ma'idah 33: "The recompense of those who fight Allah and His Messenger and seek to make mischief in the land is this: They shall be killed, or hanged, or their hands and feet shall be cut off crosswise, or they shall be driven out of their homes. This is a disgrace for them in this world. And a great torment for them in the Hereafter.  34. Except those who repent before you seize them. So know that Allah is most forgiving, most merciful."
As I have said, the Qur'an only calls for self-defense and retaliation against the oppressors who attacked Muslims out of the blue at that time and refused to give up the war and refused to make peace. As the Qur'an tells us, the pagans had been practicing this practice of crosswise against Muslims since time immemorial (especially the Pharaohs of Egypt). In order to understand the subject, you should first read my study:

As Texe Marrs explains in his book Codex Magica, in Ancient Egyptian religion, the "X" or "crosswise" was a symbol of the sun god Osiris and therefore sacred to them. Egyptian kings were buried with their hands and feet crossed. The X symbol is frequently seen in inscriptions from the ancient Egyptian civilization and on the walls of temples and pyramids. They also used this crossing ritual to punish those who opposed them.

The verses also inform us that pagans have been obsessed with crosses since ancient times, even while committing violence against Muslims. In the incident described in Surah Taha, we see that Pharaoh attempted to use the crossing of hands and feet against Muslims:

Surah Taha

63. They said: "They are nothing but two sorcerers. They want to drive you out of your land by their sorcery and destroy your exemplary way.
64. "So join your skills together, then come together in ranks! Today, the one who prevails will be saved. "
65. They said: "O Moses, either show your prowess, or we shall be the first to show it. "
66. Moses said: "No, you throw!" And what did he see! Their ropes and sticks and their incantations made him think that they were really running.
67. Suddenly Moses felt a sudden fear within him.
68. We said: "Fear not, it is you who will prevail!"
69. "Put down what is in your right hand! Let it devour what they have produced as an industry. What they produce as an industry is only a sorcerer's trick. And the sorcerer does not prosper wherever he goes. "
70. Then the sorcerers fell prostrate and cried out: "We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses!"
71. Pharaoh said: "You believed in him without my permission? He is your elder who taught you magic. I swear by Allah that I will cut off your hands and your feet crosswise, and I swear by Allah that I will hang you from palm trees. Then you will know which of us will have a more severe and lasting punishment. "
72 They said: "We will never prefer you to the clear proofs that have come to us and to the One who created us. Execute your judgment. Your judgment is valid only in the life of this world. "

The pagan, Spiritualist/Spiritualist-based teaching of the Pharaohs, which held the sign of the cross sacred, was not limited to the ancient Egyptian period. It has survived to the present day under various names all over the world (Jewish mysticism was also built on the basis of this teaching) and still continues to this day (for example, in Far Eastern meditations, legs are crossed and trance is entered, etc.).

Spiritualism, which has continued to immerse people in shirk for thousands of years in its various versions, was of course influential on the pagans in the time of our prophet, as it was in every period. And so the polytheists of that time continued the same violence and methods against the Muslims. Just as they had done in the times of previous prophets.

                            Some pictures from Texe Marrs' Codex Magica     




And again, in Surat al-Ma'ida, it is presented as an option, as a defense strategy, to retaliate against the pagans/spiritualists who have been cutting the hands and feet of Muslims crosswise since time immemorial and who continue to do so, i.e. to do the same to them. Those who expelled the prophets and their followers from their countries were likewise expelled from their countries, and those who attacked them were responded to in the same way, in short, the permission of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" was mentioned. And as I said, when we read the book in its entirety, we see that this permission for defensive warfare given to Muslims ends if the attackers stop what they are doing to the believers and make peace.

In other words, the cross here has nothing to do with theft or whether the person believes or not. It only calls for a war of defense and retaliation against those who physically attacked them, that's all. Otherwise, everyone is free to believe or not believe whatever they want and to direct their lives accordingly. According to the Quran, no one can even be slapped because of their beliefs.

Greetings and love

(My Turkish article translated with machine)

The ships that sail in the sea like high mountains are among His signs. If He willed, He could stop the wind, so that they would remain on it. Verily, in this are indeed signs for him who is patient and thankful (Surah 42: Shura, 32-33).

The message of the verse is clear. If we can do something in this life, or if something happens, there is a reason for it. If that which makes it happen is removed, then that work-occurrence also ceases to exist.

Nowadays, whether the ships are powered by solar energy or not. Again nothing changes. This time, if the sun's light is stopped, if the sunlight doesn't reach our world, our ship is left stranded.

Or if the ship moves with oars, if the laws of physics that enable movement in this way are eliminated, the ship will be immobilized.

Of course, what is described here applies to all areas of life. Or if one of the elements necessary for life to continue is removed, there is no life on our planet. If the laws of physics that keep an airplane or a bird in the air are removed, they cannot fly.

Surah Nahl: 79 Have they not looked at the birds in the void of the sky, subjugated to a command? None holds them except Allah. Surely in this are traces-signs for a people who believe.

In short, the "sailing ship" in Surat al-Shura refers to both "the sailing ship", "all other technological means", and "all the things we do or have done" in our lives.

By giving a small part of the whole, the whole is brought into view.


42. And We have created for them other things like ships that they may ride on.

Everything that we think we do or that we think happens spontaneously can actually happen through the order that Allah has created and/or other things that He has created. Or, in other words, they are directly realized and created by our Lord.

Surah Vakia

62. And certainly you know your first creation. Then why do you think!

63. What about the seed you sow!

64. Do you bring it to completion, or is it We who bring it to completion?

65. And if We had willed, We could have made it a dry stubble, and you would have been babbling in confusion:

66. "Surely we are much in loss!"

67. "Indeed we are utterly deprived!"

68. And what about the water you drank!

69. Did you send it down from the cloud, or did We send it down?

70. And if We had willed, We could have made it bitter water, so be thankful!

71. What about the fire which you kindled!

72. Did you create its tree, or did We create it?

73. We have made it a sign and a source of benefit for those who dwell in desolate places.

74. So glorify the name of your Lord, the Exalted.

75, 76. I swear by the places of the stars - this is indeed a great oath, if you know

Another example similar to the immobilization of ships is given for human beings in Surah Al-Baqarah:

20. The lightning will almost strike away their eyes, and whenever He gives them light, they walk in it, and when darkness falls upon them, they are immobilized, and if Allah had willed, He would certainly have taken away their hearing and their eyes, for Allah is All-Powerful.

21. O mankind, worship your Lord, Who created you and those before you, so that you may be protected.

22. And He has made for you the earth as a mattress and the heavens as a building, and He has sent down water from the sky, and with it He has brought forth for you a sustenance of fruits and crops, so do not associate partners with Allah while you know.

We are able to realize what is called science and technology thanks to the laws of physics established by Allah and the wisdom and knowledge He has given us.

In short, both natural and technological blessings are all the work of Allah. Past, present and future...

Surah Nahl: 8 He has created horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride and as an ornament. And He creates what else you do not know.

Surat al-Nahl 81 Allah has created for you shade from what He has created. He has made for you houses of shelter from the mountains. He has also made for you garments to protect you from the heat and garments to protect you in battle. This is how He completes His blessing upon you, so that you may submit to Him and attain peace.

It was already programmed in our destiny that people will discover and use what and when.

In fact, all this is for us to face ourselves in our 2-day test life, to see what we deserve in the Hereafter, and to taste some small rewards or punishments in this world:

Surah Al-Jaziya 22 And Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth. So that every soul may be brought face to face with what it has earned, without anyone being wronged.

Surah Najm: 31 Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth belongs to Allah. This is so that Allah may punish those who do evil by their deeds and reward those who do good and think well.

Allah's continuous creation of things over and over again is perceived by humans as if it were a mechanical order that occurs spontaneously, when in fact it is the direct creation of Allah:

Surat al-Naml 64 Or is He better who begins to create and then creates again and again, and watches over you and provides for you from the earth? Is there a god besides Allah? Say: "Bring your evidence, if you are truthful."

Surat al-Ankabut 19 Have they not seen how Allah begins creation, then repeats it again and again? Surely this is easy for Allah.

Surat al-Qamar 3 They denied and followed their own desires and delusions. However, every work and occurrence is determined, measured and ordered.

But at the same time, our Lord shows with examples that this is not a spontaneous and unchangeable order, that He can create in different ways if He wishes, that is, He can change the laws He has established, and that these orders even come into existence later.

For example, he shows with evidence that he does not need mother+father=birth, i.e. sexual intercourse, to create:

Surah Ali Imran 59 The case of Jesus in the sight of Allah is like the case of Adam: He created him from dust, then He said to him, "Be," and he became. (Jesus, like Adam, was created without sexuality, one without a father, the other without both a father and a mother, their situations are similar)

Again an example of direct (ancestorless) creation:

Surah Al-Ma'idah 110 And Allah said: "O Jesus, son of Mary! Remember My favor upon you and your mother. I had supported you with the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, and you were speaking to the people in the cradle and in the age of maturity. I taught you the Book, wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel, and by My permission you created out of clay something like a bird, and you breathed into it, and it became a bird by My permission. By my permission you healed the blind and the blind from birth. You raised the dead by my permission. I kept the Children of Israel away from you. Remember when you brought them clear signs, and those who disbelieved said: "This is nothing but clear magic."

Apart from this, the verses stating that in the hereafter human beings are created directly from the earth, and that the universe was created out of nothing, also describe this situation beautifully.

(My Turkish article translated with machine)


Wa alaikum Salam my dear brother Osama Abdallah;

Thank you very much, I'm really happy.

Greetings and love

Holy Quran 6:146 For those who are Jewish, We forbade all that have claws; and from the cattle and the sheep We forbade their fat except what is attached to the back, or entrails, or mixed with bone. That is a punishment for their rebellion, and We are truthful.

Prohibitions such as clawed animals and the Sabbath were temporary punishments and tests for a tribe.

Jesus/Yusha, the nephew of the Prophets Moses and Aaron, and the Injeel, which came shortly after the Torah, already announced the end of these prohibitions.

Holy Quran 3:50 "Authenticating what is present with me of the Torah, and to make lawful some of what was forbidden to you; and I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, so be aware of God and obey me."


There is no limit to the amount of wealth in Islam, as long as it is acquired through lawful means. If there were a limit, there would be a limit of wealth equivalent to a certain weight/amount of gold or diamonds, but there is absolutely no such restriction in the verses.


Jinns are not fallen angels.

Jinns are tested just like human beings and they have good and bad ones. The bad ones will go to hell.

By the way, the famous jinn Iblis will also burn in hell. This information is given very clearly in the verses.

Satan is the adjective name given to the wicked, deviant ones of jinn and humans.

Iblis is the special name of that famous jinn devil(The Jinn who made Adam and his wife eat the forbidden fruit). That is a personal name.

Surah Nas briefly explains the subject:

Holy Quran

114:1 Say: "I seek refuge with the Lord of the people,"

114:2 "The King of the people,"

114:3 "The god of the people,"

114:4 "From the evil of the sneaking whisperer,"

114:5 "Who whispers into the chests of the people."

114:6 "From the Jinn and the people."

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By the way, it should be noted that our prayers do not change our destiny. Because even before Allah created us, He already knew what we would pray with our free will and wrote our destiny accordingly from the very beginning

Only Paradise is forever.

The verses emphasize that those in paradise, unlike those in hell, will not taste death except the first death. Those in paradise will live forever, while those in hell may one day be destroyed along with hell itself.

Saffat 55. When he looks, he finds him in the middle of Hell. 56. He says, "By Allah, you almost destroyed me too." 57. "Were it not for the Blessing of my Lord, I would have been with you now." 58-59. But then, [O my friends in paradise,] is it [really] so that we are not to die.
[again,] beyond our previous death, and that we shall never [again] be made to suffer?

They will not taste death there except the first death. Allah has protected them from the torment of Hell.(Surat al-Duhan, verse 56)

Yes, those in paradise will live forever, while those in hell will one day be destroyed with hell.

And according to these verses I have given, those in paradise will taste death only once in their lives. That is, their death on earth. But those in hell will taste a second death. Because they died once on earth and now they will die once in hell.

Those in paradise will have experienced a total of one death, while those in hell will have experienced a total of two deaths.

Another piece of information these verses give us is that there is no such thing as reincarnation. Because, as God says, there is only one taste of death on earth.


Holy Quran

40:40 "Whosoever does an evil deed, he will not be requited except for its equivalent, and whosoever does good, whether male or female and is an acknowledger, so those will be admitted to Paradise, where they will receive provision without limit."

6:160 Whoever comes with a good deed, he will receive ten times its worth, and whoever comes with a sin, he will only be recompensed its like; they will not be wronged.

1- Hell will end one day.

2- There is no reincarnation.

3- The reward is always greater and eternal than the punishment.

4- Those in paradise will have tasted only one death (their death on earth). But those in hell will taste a second death (they will die once more in hell in addition to their death on earth).

Almost all pagans are pantheists.

Pagans who worship idols or humans are aware that the things they worship are not gods. But in their perverted pantheistic philosophy, they see what they worship as a reflection, a manifestation, a part of God. Thus, they fall into the trap of the devil. They think they are monotheists, but they are actually polytheists.

The fact that the pharaoh sees himself as a Lord is also the result of this pantheist philosophy. He thought of himself as the reflection, that is, the manifestation of God. Like all pantheists, he worshiped himself and the universe.

The Holy Qur'an clearly explains these facts. At the moment, the only real holy book we have is the Qur'an. On the other hand, the elites hiding the books like the Torah and gave the Fake Torah and false Bibles to the people(hadith books).

And In the Qur'an, the spirit word is passed in singular form. The word "ervah", which is a plural of spirit, never goes in verses. This gives us another proof of the absence of souls.

Holy Quran
96:18 We will call on the guardians/Zebanis/forces of heavenly chastisement.

You Christians confuse Zebanis(guardians of Hell/forces of heavenly chastisement!) with demons.

The angels in charge of hell are not demons. Devils, evil demons, will burn in hell just like bad people.

Your false Bible has deceived you again.

Jinns are not fallen angels.

Jinns are tested just like human beings and they have good and bad ones. The bad ones will go to hell.

By the way, the famous jinn Iblis will also burn in hell. This information is given very clearly in the verses.

Satan is the adjective name given to the wicked, deviant ones of jinn and humans.

Iblis is the special name of that famous jinn devil(The Jinn who made Adam and his wife eat the forbidden fruit). That is a personal name.

Surah Nas briefly explains the subject:

Holy Quran

114:1 Say: "I seek refuge with the Lord of the people,"

114:2 "The King of the people,"

114:3 "The god of the people,"

114:4 "From the evil of the sneaking whisperer,"

114:5 "Who whispers into the chests of the people."

114:6 "From the Jinn and the people."

The followers of Jesus are Muslims and Jesus is a Muslim, period.

"Hadiths are rumors" ? what ? are you a quranist?

Of course I am a Muslim.

Hadiths are rumors, leave them aside. So since this is not mentioned in the Qur'an, don't try in vain to tell her age. Maybe forty years old.

18:21 And as such, We revealed their case so that they would know that the promise of God is true and that there is no doubt regarding the Hour. They argued among themselves regarding them, so they said: "Erect a monument for them!" Their Lord is fully aware of them, those who managed to win the argument said: "We will construct a temple over them."

18:22 They will say: "Three, the fourth is their dog." And they say: "Five, the sixth is their dog," guessing at what they do not know. And they say: "Seven, and the eighth is their dog." Say: "My Lord is fully aware of their number, none know them except for a few." So do not argue regarding them except with proof, and do not seek information regarding them from anyone.


I also think that the famous "Proof of Desire", which shows the existence of Allah and the reality of eternal life, is a proof that the Hereafter Universe and life already exists. Because humans want their lives to continue immediately/uninterruptedly. It is as if this desire is encoded in their genes and programs. No one wants to wait thousands or millions of years to be resurrected again. In this context, it is more rational to accept that there are some servants who attain the life of paradise immediately after their death than the proof of desire.

As I said, I think the Evidence of Desire shows that the afterlife exists even now. Let us itemize this as follows:

1- We see that the natural and healthy desires of human beings are usually reciprocated (for example, the desire to drink water is reciprocated by the presence/existence of water, etc...).

2- Almost no one wants to stay/wait for thousands or millions of years in a state of extinction, even if there is a break, they want to continue their lives as soon as possible, especially they want to reach the life of paradise immediately.

3- In this context, at least some deserving servants have already been created and started their eternal life in paradise without waiting (and therefore there is a place(s) where this happens).

In addition, according to the argument from desire, the blessings that people desire are mostly already created, that is, ready. From this point of view, again, according to the argument from desire, it is more logical to think that paradise exists now rather than in the future.

Furthermore, this point of view/questioning provides another proof that there are similar blessings in paradise as there are on earth.

(from my Turkish article)

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Choose happiness not misery
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Holy Quran
2:57 We shaded you with clouds, and sent down to you manna and quails, "Eat from the goodness of the provisions We have provided you." They did not wrong Us, but they wronged themselves.

2:58 We said, "Enter this town, and eat from it as plentifully as you wish; and enter the gate humbly, and talk amicably, We will then forgive your mistakes, and We will increase for the good-doers."

2:59 But the wicked altered what was said to them into a different saying, thus We sent down upon the wicked an affliction from the sky because they had transgressed.

2:60 Moses was seeking water for his people, so We said, "Strike the rock with your staff." Thus, twelve springs burst out of it; each tribe then knew from where to drink. "Eat and drink from God's provisions, and do not roam the earth as corruptors."

2:61 You said, "O Moses, we will not be patient to one type of food, so call for us your Lord that He may bring forth what the earth grows of its beans, cucumbers, garlic, lentils, and onions." He said, "Would you trade what is lowly with what is good?" Descend to Egypt, there you will find what you want. They were thus stricken with humiliation and disgrace, and they remained under God's wrath for they were not appreciating God's signs, and killing the prophets with no justification. This is for what they have disobeyed and transgressed

Here, the Israelites do not like manna, an extraordinary food specially produced for them, and they want to turn to other foods of inferior quality.

At first glance this may seem to some to be "wanting variety and richness". But no, a hundred kinds of tents are not worth one luxury villa or castle. If you choose a hundred kinds of tents over a castle, you are choosing poverty and misery, not riches.

"Exchanging an inferior blessing for a superior one" is self-cruelty.

And choosing misery and oppression over happiness and pleasure is deviation.

So self-persecution is not virtue, it is cruelty.

So we have to choose the good, the beautiful and the happy for ourselves and for all humanity.

The way to go to heaven in the hereafter is to offer beauty to ourselves and humanity in this world.

In other words, avoiding suffering and evil.

The Qur'an "shows what are the 'true interests' of human beings" and "shows the means of achieving these interests, of attaining lasting salvation. "

Some of the commands and prohibitions that seem like sacrifices are actually desires that in the long run provide pleasure and benefit both in this world and in the hereafter.

Those who play chess know well that you can bait a queen and checkmate your opponent after a few moves. Taking that queen may seem like a win for the opponent at the time, but after a few moves it will turn into a great misery for him.

The Qur'an warns people against such traps, and shows them how to "checkmate", that is, how to win in the end and avoid suffering.

(My Turkish article translated with machine)


Holy Quran 3:59 The example of Jesus with God is similar to that of Adam; He created him from dust, then He said to him "Be" and he was.

Adam and his wife, as well as the other humans first created in paradise, were created directly, just like Jesus. They have no father and mother.

And the verses explains that the creation in the hereafter is also a creation without ancestors, and that people will be created directly.

Also, as I have shown in my article, some special people, such as martyrs and prophets, have already been created in Paradise/the Floor of God and have already started their eternal life:

So Jesus and the other prophets are now living in the Hereafter Universe in the flesh.

In short, the situation of Adam and his wife, the situation of the other people created in paradise, and the situation of all the people created in the Hereafter Universe is like the situation of Jesus. They were created directly without ancestors and continue to be created. In other words, sexuality is not mediated in their creation.

And this ancestorless creation gives them no divinity. God creates as he wills. The creation of Jesus is just like any other example of creation without ancestors, there is no divinity in it.

Thus the Holy Qur'an once again corrects the false Bible on the market.

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