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Rebuttal to christians claiming Islam is more violent than any other religion.

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Didn't want to continue this because it digresses from the original topic, but people joining Daesh are not only the bombed innocents of Iraq or Afghanistan. It also includes many others living very blessed lives in Europe, Australia and other areas. People such as Anjem Chaudhary brazenly advocating for the allowance of killing innocents in Islam, or rather arguing that no-one who is a disbeliever is innocent in Islam.

Take a look at one particular sub-group from Hizb-ut-Tahrir arguing the religious duty of creating a global caliphate in their short book "Jihad, The Foreign Policy of Islam". This was published just a few months before the attacks of 9/11.

From what I have seen and heard the innocent blood on Western hands is the primary motivator for the "Muslim" terrorists but the fact still remains that these "Muslims" are the ones who repeatedly manipulate the texts to find (or rather create) justifications for shedding innocent blood. As a human being, I would say these people are doing what any human will naturally do given the circumstances but as a Muslim there can be no allowance for their actions or interpretations.

And which Caliphate can be called the "true" caliphate, aside from the Rashiddun? The Ummayiah Caliphate killed innocents, the Abbasidds did so too, the Ottomans have the issue of Armenians on their hands.

The numbers that joined daesh from abroad are small (hence the reason they appear most in recruitment posters), most of them are locals. The foreigners that join daesh are solely based on empathy of Muslim brothers in need to win a war.

True caliphates are those that are able to maintain tranquility in the land that they rule.


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