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My 3rd study,The futile muslim-christian debate of "Is the Trinity biblical".

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Hundreds of heated online debates ...  between Muslims and Christians ,Unitarians and Trinitarians on "Is the Trinity biblical?"....   such debates attract numerous Muslim audience ,to the limit that some of them dedicate most of their times searching for whatever new debates related would appear online !!!..
many Muslims mistakenly believe that the only difference between Islam and Christianity is the issue of the nature of Jesus,that is why there are numerous Muslim-christian debates on the trinity.
I was once addicted to view such debates ,and debating others on the same topic.....  till I found out after reflection ,that me and other Muslims are wasting their time in such futile debates.....

Why Muslims err when they debate Christians whether the trinity is in the bible or not?

The following is my positive criticism regarding the matter :

I have noted several mistakes committed by those good Muslims (whom I respect and wish them the best) who are,were involved in trinity debates ...

The first mistake:

They exaggerate the significance of the issue with regard to the difference between Islam and Christianity ....
their mistake here is that they are not fully aware of Islam opposing ,not only how the Christians suggest the nature of Jesus is ,but also how would they suggested his role in both past and future ,in addition to all that Islam opposes strongly the concept of blood atonement .


The second mistake:

most of them, don't realize the big difference between , the Question, Is Jesus God? and Does the bible say Jesus is God?

I contacted many Muslims whom though know the Quranic attitude towards the bible ( as partially inspired with some added fabrications therein),yet they would never put into their consideration ,the possibility that among the uninspired passages in the Bible there could be ones suggests the divinity of Jesus .
They accept that the new testament falsely teaches the crucifixion,resurrection of Jesus ,yet they will never accept that the some biblical passages ,at least possibly be understood as teaching a divinity of Jesus !!!
Their common argument is just those who belong to mainstream Christianity misunderstood them !

Now hold on ... dear Muslim pause and think !

1- Don't you realize that arguing that way,would give the impression that we accept such verses as inspired,it is just we disagree with  Christians regarding how it should be understood !!

That is clearly against Islam , I will give just one example:

Do you know what is the Muslim-christian argument of the famous trinity proof text in John 1:1 ?

John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

If you notice, the dispute is whether the word (logos) is God, or "... a god" or "... divine" ...
Hasn't the Muslim debater already assumed that the problem is not the passage but the way Christians understand it?!
if so ,what would he suggest the proper understanding would be? ...... it would be logically the second option..... if so , would he accept Jesus as a god (not God) or in some sense divine? is that Quranic?

more important have you read what the THE WORD (LOGOS),did according to the writer of John?

John 1: 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

Through the word ,that is Jesus ,everything was created !.....
Are you ready to accept that?! Is that Quranic?!   
 it is obvious that the meaning that is suggested as an alternative from the text continues to contradict the Qur'an and teachings of Islam!
why would you waste your time arguing with Christians the meaning ?......
Have you any difficulty including such passage fully ,as one of the parts of the new testament to be against what the Quran defines as the true gospel revealed to Jesus,and thus has to be be rejected totally ?


The third mistake:

Though we got the message of the Quran that anyone, anywhere,anytime believes in the divinity of Jesus ,then has committed blasphemy ,yet I dunno why should a Muslim exclude one or more from the writers of the new testament to be a founder,believer of the belief of the deity of Jesus !!
Just where is such Islamic textual support either from the Quran or sunnah ,claiming that none of the writers of the new testament believed in the deity of Jesus ?

To add to the second mistake of confusing ,Is Jesus God? with ,Is Jesus God be biblical?

What if the divinity of Jesus proved to be biblical?
If we suppose that the trinity is biblical ,still that doesn't prove that the trinity is a fact..... Jesus ,according to the bible, atoned with his blood the sinful Christians ,but that doesn't mean it is a fact. Jesus  ,according to the bible, was killed and resurrected from the dead,but that doesn't mean it is a fact.
Our position in Islam is clear . the Quran denies the deity of Jesus ,not whether it is taught in the bible, or not !..
I have contacted some in-experienced Muslims who felt disappointed after reading or listening to the christian materials that argue for the divinity of Jesus as biblical .....
those good ,pious Muslims, been confused and wrongly thought, that if the bible teaches trinity then not only Christianity is true but Islam is false !!!!

The fourth mistake:

Is when the issue of Arius be brought in the discussion .... usually the Muslim while attacking the trinity, would suggest that the Arians were true monotheists ,and a representative of the true Christians ,who been destroyed by the trinitarians (false Christians) ....

but the fact ,with careful thinking ,one would easily understand that merely the belief that Jesus is not God ,doesn't necessarily require that those adherent to such belief to be Muslims or their belief to be in accordance with Islam.......

Though Arians never believed in Jesus as God the almighty ,yet the rest of their beliefs (including their view on the pre-existence of Jesus) are against Islam !.

 I believe, that not only Muslims would be wrong once they believe that Arianism is the representative of the true Christianity ,but also Christians would be wrong if they believe that Mohamed (peace be upon him) integrated and advanced the Arian theology !.....

Who are the Arians?

1-They ,unlike Muslims, believe the new testament as fully the word of God .
2-They, unlike Muslims , believe Jesus to be the son of God ,while divine , was created by God as the agent through whom he created the universe !.
3-They, unlike Muslims ,believe that Jesus was not only crucified but also atoned with his blood those who believe in his message (as it is in the new testament).

Are those supposed to be the true Christians?!!I don't find Islam agree with them in ANYTHING .....They opposed Jesus as God ,yet they preached the pre-existed ,creator Jesus !! both of the two versions against the Islamic created Jesus the prophet . Christians whether Trinitarians or Unitarians are two faces of the same coin ... no big difference is there ,indeed.

so what If a Muslim find out someday that the way that those who believe that the bible teaches Jesus divinity ,is convincing?

the mental reaction should be very simple ,and Islamic..

all what you should do, to include those writers (whether John ,Paul etc) who wrote those passages "that you are convinced to be teaching the divinity of Jesus" into the following noble verse :

The Holy Qur'an 5:72.they do blaspheme who say: "Allah is Christ the son of Mary."

don't feel sorry for them , they weren't true disciples of Jesus .....

all what they did,is that they collected some of the hearsay accounts regarding Jesus (truth and falsehoods as well) ,and added their personal exegesis,concepts ( which possibly include a concept of the divinity of Jesus) .....

To be factual , I think that a Muslim reaction to finding out that the bible teaches the divinity of Jesus,shouldn't be more than a yawn.


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