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I am looking at the numbering for Sahih Bukhari book 65 on this website

I am not using the usc number

It says

Book 64  Military Expeditions   3949 to 4473
Book 65  Prophetic Commentary
Book 66   Virtues of the Quran 4978 to 5072

So it shows the large hadith number  for all the books except Book 65

Also when I click on Book 65, it says   Book 65, Hadith 4514

It doesn't give the In-Book Hadith number, for Book 65

For all other books within Sahih Bukhari it lists the  big hadith number and the in-book hadith number.

Also, the number goes from 4514 to 5029.. but that doesn't correspond exactly with the books before and after it.

I am not using the usc number

I have read  Ibn Ishaq is not reliable.

Is there any Sira source that is reliable?

What Hadith show that the first four Caliphs were and in this order-

Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali ?

Or each one being appointed by the previous one?

And how do we determine that they were all within the best first three generations?

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