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Title: Website help
Post by: zulfiqarchucknorris on March 18, 2013, 02:45:29 PM
My friends, I have made a list of all the sites that have exellent rebuttals to the anti-Islamic claims, please can you add to it, thanks.
also, some of them are not working, and i have used these ones more than others by a lot, if someone knows why they were taken down, please tell me (I could have just gotten the URL wrong though). I noticed that many of the good resources are getting taken down, it was not that long ago when they were all working.     (not Working)          (Not working)                    (Not working)                   (Not working)                          (Not working)                      

My fellow muslims, if we are to save these knowledge we have to use resources other than the internet (The internet is a priority though), but so is debating, prosylizing, and writing, books. We also need to save these knowledge, it wont take you 1 minute to copy and paste a good article into a word document, maybe a few more to print it.
Title: Re: Website help
Post by: Sama on April 14, 2013, 11:23:33 AM
salam alaikum

I think some software can take acopy of any site, is this right ?