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Essence Of Thought and EFDawah
« on: April 26, 2018, 11:23:15 PM »
So theres this quarell that happened around a week ago between Br Hamza and Essence Of Though

Now while watching through this 3 things really pissed me off in essence of thoughts video about Hamza Myatt,
1)Rape victim card
2)Rape profiteering claim
3)Claim that Hamza puts his religion more than Rape victims,
4)Victim blaming
Now thing is

HOW THE ACTUAL HELL CAN HE CLAIM HAMZA IS RAPE PROFITEERING WHEN HE CLAIMS TO BE A RAPE VICTIM WITH NO EVIDENCE AND GAINING MONEY OFF OF THAT, That is rape profiteering! You're promoting your own self and some false childhood rape claim about yourself and getting people to donate you over it, is that NOT rape profiteering?! This really pissed me off, if someone was a rape victim noticing this, you can imagine how stressful he'd feel about this

As for Hamza I dont think Hamza is rape profiteering,Hamza didnt claim to be a rape victim,he spoke against rape, by the logic of Essence of Thought, we can say Psychiatrists who help rape victims are Rape profiteers since they get money and donations from that, its like saying Policemen who get money for warning and protecting against rape are rape profiteers, Hamza made it clear if anyone knows or finds out a person in such a acts,report him to the police immediatly in the video and he never begged for money in the video at all.

As for the last claim, the whole context of the video is purposefully removed and never shown I wonder why huh? the video clearly shows this is a response to Tommy robinson and his group saying Islam is supposed to promote rape gangs,
If Hamza didnt put his religion forward he wouldve failed to make a argument and done a strawman, and thats why he had to give the religions view, indirectly if you notice EoT is making an Islamophobic claim that hes lying about the Muslim stance even though what Hamza said has proof in the Islamic sources, so really EoT is trying to hide the video since he knows how much of a liar he is.

As for Victim blaming this one made me question such an individuals existence.
How can ANYONE TAKE this argument seriously after watching Hamzas video, in Hamzas video the idea is that

These Victims became vulnerable due to neglect by society, now is Hamza saying NO IT IS THE VICTIMS FAULT FOR BEING VULNERABLE, no Hamza is saying that noone cares that these vulnerable little girls are being completely neglected by their families and hence they tend to look for love, which is a natural feeling, Hamza himself said we cant blame them for that, but thing is, noone questions the fact  a young girl is drinking out with an old Man, and this is a fact, its true noone questions some teenager at the bar in the middle of the night, so who is it to blame? ISLAM? No, The victim? No, The western culture? Yes, since its due to the western culture such an idea is promoted that once the child is a teenager he has to be neglected and left alone.

This is the reason they become vulnerable due to this culture, and it shouldnt be this way,their parents are to blame for neglecting them


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