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hadiths are a big contraversy in islam.
aurthentic hadiths, although second to the quran, should be followed, but look at this key word, AUTHENTIC, any hadith that cannot prove its authenticity, or is proven falso or even has a chance of being false would be considered weak or rejeted. They have a chain of transmitions, person A told person b who told person c... who heard the prohet say "....
if the chain of transmition doesnt reach the prophet it is cosiered broken, or if 2 cosecutive narrators didnt see each other, living in different places, and or different time, etc. the hadith is considered broken
if there is no chain of transmissions, the hadith is rejected
the hadith is also rejected if one of the people in the chain of transmissions is weak, people say that he is unreliable or that he is a liar, or not good at memorization etc.

in conclusion, hadiths are a good source of faith and should be studied and, if authentic, followed, however, we should do thid CAREFULLY, because there is that possibility that it could be forged and not authentic, in this case its rejected, only if it is proven authentic through detailed analysis then it could, and should, be followed.

a good strategy of the enemies of islam is to bring up a weak or fabricated hadith, to confuse muslims.
Also remember, event the best of hadith books, bukhar, muslims, etc. have some forged hadith, although less thaan the others, but still contain them, and even if some schoalrs say that they are 100% authentic, we should still be careful, only the quran is 100% authentic.

hoped i helped bro, and good luck

im sure no (true) sunni would say that, however, i am merely stating that some terms that were originally good things have been corrupted.
PS Not all shia say ali is alive, most say he died n 661 and muhammad al mahdi is alive

Because the word has become associated to extremist who oppose things like modernization and new technology, it is seen as backwards, but those people justify there action actions by saying the salaf didn't use them therefore we should not.
Shia also became an insult as it connotates worshiping Ali, but in reality Shia come from "Shia't ali", people who suported Ali against Muawiyah and Aisha, personally if i HAD to choose between being on the side of Ali or the side of Muawiyah and Aisha during the first Fitna, i mean if i had no choice in the matter, i would choose Ali. And even if not, people still would have loved ali.
Shia, Salafi, Sufi, Sunni... are all meanings of something good
Shia: supporter of Ali
Salafi: Followers of the sahaba
Sufi: Pure, Wool (Asceticsm)
Sunni: a follower of the sunnh of the prophet

but there meanings have all been corrupted by people who claim to be them, or who represent a small minority of them.
The terms have come to mean:
Shia: Ali worshipper
Salafi: Backwards, Anti-Modern, struck in the middle ages
Sufi: Innovator, Anti-realist, only things about God,
Sunni: Ali hater,

This was a comment i found from youtube:
Instead of killing each other on whether to fold our hands during prayers or not, we should fight against those who want to chop them of.

To Osama Abdallah and other commentors: I agree that some Shia do worship ali, however, the majority sects, or at least the doctrince of those sects, such as the twelvers, zaydis, and some ismailis, are agaisnt that worship.

Remeber there is no racism in islam.

your ost welcome

In the quran, it says "labus lakum litahsinukum min busikum"
this is coming from a native arabic speaker
Labus is plural of libs, which means clothing
thee translation for this would be "clothes for you to defend against the enemy"
clothes tod fend yourselves with is not neccasarily mail, it could be any armour. wikipedia says european mail is dated in the 3rd century bc, david was not european nor does the verse say specifically mail
i hope i helped, peace.

« on: May 15, 2013, 10:07:08 AM »
Peace brother,
I just want to tell you that it was not a process that took gradual time, at the time of teh prophet and Abu Bakr, there were no actions taken to expel non muslims from arabia because of there faith, i would like to remind you that the wars of apostasy and stablization of thr muslim faith was early in Abu bakr's reign, after he was done, he had time to expel the non muslims but simply did not, and averted his attention to toher matters. When umar became caliph he still didnt take action, until 2 incidents, one was that the jews of khaybar attacked his son and dislocated his arm after they refused to pay tax.
another incident was that the christians of najran used usury, something that broke the treaty they had with the muslims.
After these two, historical sources differ:
Some state that only those non muslims were expelled, others state that they were expelled only from those places, others state they were expelled from the hijaz only, but they were allowed to return for a 3 day visit.
Most sources agree that the jews of taima and al wadi were left alone.
Umar allowed the jews to live in yemen and they havehad a continuous presence there till present day.
Because of these contradictions, many scholars disagree on whther jews and christians were allowed to live in the peninsula, whther it is mecca & medina alone, the surrounding are, hijaz, or hijaz and yammama, but only a minority of the scholars, not even the 4 great imams, say that they should be expelled from all of arabia, some even say itwas only for a certain time.

Quran Morality and Moral Code, Laws & QA / Re: Wine
« on: May 15, 2013, 09:37:49 AM »
But alchohol is smuggled in illegaly, and although it is not widespread as in some other countries, it is still a probblem.

« on: May 13, 2013, 04:47:25 PM »
I think you should now thsst prince waleed bin talal is a politician, not a religious figure or even politician. His wife is an activist who would probably want to do something about human's, women's, or  right in the quran, or women's right, but not scientific, religious, or political. Im not saying your wrong but this man and his family are Billionaires, and they are the richest arabs, you must do something that will make there reputation expand, they would not care that much about a website name.

Not trying to discourage you or anything, quiet the contrary, however, i think you should address religious leaders and politicians, not buisness tycoons and actvists.

But weren't the organisation of the qurans were done a few years before his first problems, i think the driving point was that uthman appointed many corrput govenors in iraq and egypt, and people were not happy because of that, uthman's family having power over him, and his growing nepotism.
this led to the fitna thati spoke of above.

I dont think that was the main reason they killed Uthman, Uthman, as good man he was, did make mistakes, among them, putting weak and corrupt rulers in powerful positions, they were also from his own family, so in addtion to previous things, he was also charged with nepotism, Uthman's family the ummayads also gained some power over him, and he was seen as weak. Some Muslims, such as muhammad bin Abu Bakr, Naturally didnt like that, so he got a few men to petition the caliph, uthman agreed, to begin reforms and remove the weak rulers, especially the governor in that town in iraq, cant remember which one though. However, uthmans secretary, Marwan bin Al Hakam (uthmans relative and future ummayd caliph), over heard and felt that his family would be ruined, he probably also felt that he would be dimissed, or he felt that Uthman had been humialted, or he might have felt that his family, including him, were losing there grip on Uthman, we might never know the motive, but what we do know is that he forged a letter to the governor of egypt (oriraq) to kill Muhammad ibn abi Bakr and his follwers upon there arrivals, he used Uthman's signature and his seal to make sure it looked like it came form the caliph directly. The letter was intercepted by Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr and his followers, and they were alarmed, it looked like the caliph had ordered there execution. So they raisedsome men, and marched to medina to siege the caliph, after many events during the siege, includingfor a brief time when the caliph was not allowed water, and besiegers broke in and killed Uthman. This is what i was taught, i could probably be wrong. BTW i would be importaant to note that Ali sent his 2 sons Hassan and Husayn to defend Uthman, so it would be unlikely that ali didn't like uthman, not agreeing on some policies and hating a person are two different things.

PS, i know i said Egypt and iraq here, I dont remember which is whic, whther it was the govenor of egypt or the govenor of iraq, or wther muhammad bin abi bakr was returning to egypt or iraq, so you have to forgive me about that

Although I have some disagreements with hardcore salafis, I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER, go as far as to call them Kafirs, if we do that, we are no better than bin laden.
if some truly worship God, and only him, and the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is his messager, then he is a muslim, even if they could be misguided in some ways.
Misguided =/= Disbeliever
The ayatoallah should say something like "you are our brothers in the religion of God, but i have a few dissagreements with you such as...", these debates will lessen the gap between brothers and make us find the complete truth.

there are 2 different marys. One is mary, the virgin, the mother of jesus. the other is miriam, sometimes known as mary, sister of moses.

Gald to help, makesure to also read the reply to your other post that i have linked below.

heres what happened
The muslims were getteng torutured and killed in mecca, the prophet tried to reason the meccans but to no avail, however, he found that his message had spread to neighboring medina, and the there were many muslims there, the muslims could not take the persecution and the boycotts any longer, a delegation from medina had told the prophet that they would except him as there leader if h solved a conflict with 2 tribes there the aws and the khazraj. the muslims then migrated to medina,when the meccans found out, they tried to prevent the muslims and the prophet from leaving, they surrounded the prophet's house and weer going to kill him once he left, but God revealed some verses and the prohet managed to escape.
Also read the responce i posted to you in you other post,1031.0.html
i put valueble info and articles there.
PS, i forgot to respond to this topic in the other article, the reason ALi was not killed, although it was considered, was that his killing would anger the Hashmite tribe.

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