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Can anybody tell me why we do istikhara??


I have been doing research regarding Istikhara Prayer/Dua myself for quite a while and my findings are that it’s not better. Please suggest me an authentic source of guidance. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated!!

Hi Nihaanoor!! ;)
I appreciated your effort and nice to hear about Istikhara Dua. The curiosity to know about istikhara may lead to prosper of life. :D
"Istikhara Dua is a supplication to Allah swt approaching what is best and suitable for us. Istikhara petition to God profits us in settling on the right decision. Muslims perform Salatul Istikhara Dua to Allah swt for direction." Please visit to get detailed knowledge.

Thanks Aansa!! ;) You have solved my big problem. :) I have visited istikhara dua website suggested by you. This is very helpful for me.


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