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I am trying to give a brief summary of my religious views. I am not citing Biblical verses for any statement unless I'm asked to clarify to save time.

It was spoken that the Dark Lord Yahweh placed Adam in the Garden of Eden. He instructed him to not eat from the tree of knowledge. There were actually two trees; the tree of knowledge, from which man would later eat of, and the tree of life. The Dark Lord Yahweh has claimed to be a jealous and vengeful God in the Bible. He did not want Adam to eat from the tree of knowledge, because by doing so, he would "become like gods, knowing between good and evil". However, the reason Yahweh gave to Adam for not eating the fruit was that by eating the fruit, he would "certainly die".

In comes "The Light", in the form of the serpent. Now the serpent was the wisest creature in the garden (Also in the Bible). He told Eve, "Did he really say, you will certainly die?", implying that Yahweh was lying about it. He later told Eve that instead of dying, he would "become like gods, knowing between good and evil", morality and dogma. Both Adam and Eve end up eating from the tree of knowledge. This makes Yahweh nervous, as he claims "Adam has become one of us. Let us cast him out, lest he eat from the tree of life also, and have eternal life". So, Adam and Eve are cast out of the Garden, and spend their lives on Earth, in the pursuit of gnosis (Experiential knowledge).

You see, the moral of the story was not, "Disobedience is sin", but rather, "Disobedience is necessary in the pursuit of knowledge". Since man has made "the sacrifice", which is, infinite wisdom over eternal life, we have a finite number of physical years of life to live here, for spiritual exploration. I believe in rebirth. Furthermore, this makes Lucifer the savior of man, as without his intervention, man would be spending his life in blissful and ignorant servitude. Indeed, the serpent is the only icon of free will, the bringer of light (Al-Noor as specified in the Qur'an).

Dark Lord Yahweh is the bad one?
The Light Serpent is the good one?


--- Quote from: submit on July 28, 2016, 09:33:21 AM ---Dark Lord Yahweh is the bad one?
The Light Serpent is the good one?

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Yes, you got it.


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