Crucifixion or Crucifiction?


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[1] Deedat: Irrefutable evidence from the Bible Jesus was NOT RESURRECTED

[2] Crucifixion is a lie - 6 minutes "Jesus: His Life Mary Magdalene"

[3] Metaphoric resurrections in the Bible, and Paul lifting mountains

[4] A Conversation I had with a Muslim convert regarding the crucifixion lie.

[5] Crucifixion, "Son of God", all stolen from pagan myths and added to the bible!

[6] Refuting Psalm 22:16 and isaiah 53

[7] Jesus's crucifixion prophesised in the OT? Jesus speaking about his crucifixion?

[8] Do zechariah 3:9 and zechariah 13:7 prove the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?

[9] Verses to slap at those that say Jesus didn't have 12 apostles


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