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The real conspiracy theory.


Mujahid Saifullah:
In my honest opinion, anyone who accepts the official story as truth is an imbecile.

But, for the sake of balance, I found some sites that supposedly debunks 9/11 realities.

and more links here:

Feel free to post rebuttals to these Zionist shills.

The Conspiracy theorists skepticism is understandable though. Like TIOOG said some random arabs making it through US Security. It does make you wonder how they achieved that feat and what on earth the security forces were playing at. Same with 7/7. All the security cameras stopped working all of a sudden. However despite this i still believe Radical Filth did commit the 9/11 and 7/7 tragedies.

Mujahid Saifullah:
I'm certain 9/11 was a Zionist false flag. The official story makes no sense at all. Any Arab or Muslim involvement is unimportant to the larger picture.


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