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                            We know Allah has taken the responsibility of preserving the Quran. And there are many ancient manuscripts at the museums of many countries. But what about Hadith? Allah didn't take the responsibility to preserve the Hadith. And where are the ancient manuscripts of Sahi Bukhari, Muslim? So anyone can include a new hadith in the present volume of Sahih  Bukhari and Muslim. How is hadith preserved? Many might say through memorization. But still it's difficult. For example, A accident took place in Kabul yesterday in which 14 people got killed and 60 injured. After 50 years will I be able to remember the number of dead and injured persons. No, I might say 30 got killed and 80 injured. In same way I think most of the Hadith were written after the demise of MUHAMMAD (S.A.W). Please explain the matter in detain,How is hadith preserved till now?
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