Author Topic: PLEASE RESPOND Did Muhammad pbuh learn from Bahira the monk non muslim sources  (Read 3055 times)

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Asalamualakum i was suprised their are non muslim sources about the meeting of Bahira and the prophet Muhammad pbuh

the book basically is saying how Bahira inspired the Quran

page 57 -58

page 67 please read where Bahira says i taught Muhammad that he had been carried up to heaven i made him say to them i have ridden al buraq

i need a response to this like people could say Bahira taught the prophet astagfurillah then the prophet was memorising it over all them years untill age 40

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The link is not working. And we actually know the prophet, peace be upon him, did question christians and jews.

But for now I can't answer for the link is not working.


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