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Qualities of Allah:
I'm saying what if the government and everyone kafir in a country oppress Muslims and take Islam away from them? Can't Muslims start killing those people because they can't even follow the government (or else they will lose Islam). Like debates with these arrogant people of the supposed country would be useless. The people would still oppress Muslims. Does this mean that Muslims can just start killing these oppressors in order for freedom (because there is no other way) and just turn the country into an Islamic country? Is there any Quranic evidence for starting the PHYSICAL war when the kafirs first started a TAKING ISLAM AWAY war without getting physical? Because if the Kafirs didn't get physical but still oppress (and try to take Islam away from) Muslims, the Quran says to just say "Peace" (according to only my finding).

Qualities of Allah:
Basically, I'm confused what Muslims have to do in this case. Are they permitted to start a physical war with them?

No nation 100% goes against all people.  There is always the good people that will side with you.  Islam prohibits lump summing people wholesale into one category.  Please read entry number 246 in this link:

In the civilized world there are courts and legal avenues a community can take to bring down the oppressors.  People of color have done exactly this in the US and Europe.  So no, you do not fight wholesale everyone.  You don't paint everyone with a broad brush.  You are permitted to fight the immediate and direct attack and threat on you and your family.  But this can never be used as a cheap excuse to start terroristic attacks and vandalism in a country.

9/11 was an Israeli and CIA and FBI lie and attack on Muslims and the USA.  You fight the sons of satan by exposing them to the masses.  The masses are not your enemies.  They are usually the ignorant ones who know little, and they would convert when they know the Truth.  Eventually, Allah Almighty will bring the Truth to all:

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Qualities of Allah:
Ok those questions have been answered, but now I have another question. So when and how do Muslims fight a physical war?

It depends on the situation, brother.  There is no fixed answer for this.  The community would decide this; when things reach a boiling point for the entire population and not just for some individuals who are itching for terrorism and are waiting for any excuse.  Again, the masses are not your enemies.  Islam came to convert the masses, not to kill them.

Why fight anyway??

Right now in the age of advanced technology, where you can reach millions from your laptop, you can convert the masses with Islam's Divine Truth with your fingers.  And when the majority become Muslims, then they'll peacefully change things on their own in every country they are in.  Our Holy Jihad must be now with the word, not the sword.  The days of reaching people with the sword are over, since they now can be reached with ease from your laptop.  There is no need for any hostile fight even with the biggest anti-Islam mouths out there.  With a website like this that we are on now,, and with lots of money, you can reach and insha'Allah convert many people both directly and indirectly.

I am working on accomplishing both, insha'Allah.  I have not even begun entering Youtube and social media yet.  But the website is becoming more and more air tight and rock solid with Truth, walhamdulillah.


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