Baal and the OT

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Qualities of Allah:
So Yahweh discontinued using Baal. I ignored the Book of Isaiah because I just assumed that it would be the same context that Yahweh was going to be called husband instead of "master" But your explanation makes sense (that Yahweh called himself Baal before) . And by the way, I like your term toiletianity. Its funny how you come up with new words like these.

Qualities of Allah:
Another thing, why is Yahweh calling himself someone's husband in the first place? Isn't that blasphemy?

It is possible the translation is false, meaning the original word wasn't that or didn't mean that.  They are also known to fabricate verses and change meanings as Allah Almighty said in the Glorious Quran about their corrupt scriptures:

In any case, toiletianity is a false lie from Hell.  Islam is the Divine Truth of Allah Almighty.

Qualities of Allah:
The ONLY verse in the Quran that talks about Baal is 37:125 and it is when Prophet Ilyaas (Elijah) rebuked his people for worshipping Baal.

"Do you call on Baal, and abandon the Best of creators?"

اَتَدْعُوْنَ بَعْلًا وَّتَذَرُوْنَ اَحْسَنَ الْخَالِقِيْنَ

This is, as I said, the only verse in the Quran that addresses Baal. There is no place (Islamic sources or Quran) that says Allah is Baal. So, I think Osama, you should add this Verse to your article and say this is the only Verse in the Quran that talks about Baal to spit in the infidels' faces even more.

I updated the article.  Jazaka Allah Khayr.


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