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Qualities of Allah:
Also wow you definitely hate Wstern women a lot, lol. And who was that one guy who said that, you knew him?

Maybe brother.  There is no certain documentation about this.  Again, memorizing 6236 Noble Verses is not easy.  Maybe the Prophet, peace be upon him, actually did.  But in the end, it wouldn't at all compromise the preservation of the Holy Quran, because it was thoroughly documented and preserved by the community, and not just by one person.  Plus the Quran is read in parts and systematically in our daily Prayers from beginning to end, and is read whole during the Month of Ramadan.  So there were many who memorized it and documented it.


--- Quote from: Qualities of Allah on May 22, 2021, 05:25:00 PM ---Also wow you definitely hate Wstern women a lot, lol. And who was that one guy who said that, you knew him?

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A guy at work.  I don't hate anyone.  I wish them all Divine Guidance from Allah Almighty.  But I definitely do not want my daughter to associate with anyone of them.  Me and my wife are in total agreement on this.  No non-Muslim female friend, and certainly no male friend at all (Muslim or none).

Qualities of Allah:
Jazakallah Khayran for answering the questions. I guess you have to send your daughter to Islamic schools. And you have to be really careful.

Qualities of Allah:
I got more questions related to this topic. I was looking at Surah Ahzab and 2 verses seemed outdated. Also one of the 2 verses abrogated the other one it seems. The verses are 33:50 and 33:52. 33:50 reads as follows:

"Prophet, We have made lawful for you the wives whose bride gift you have paid, and any slaves God has assigned to you through war, and the daughters of your uncles and aunts on your father’s and mother’s sides, who migrated with you. Also any believing woman who has offered herself to the Prophet and whom the Prophet wishes to wed- this is only for you [Prophet] and not the rest of the believers: We know exactly what We have made obligatory for them concerning their wives and slave-girls- so you should not be blamed: God is most forgiving, most merciful."

As you can see, this verse first of all IS ONLY ADDRESSED TO THE PROPHET. Only he can marry women who offer themselves to him (more than 4). So one question can already be made without reading the other Verse, "Why is this Verse in the Quran? This Verse doesn't apply to us?"

Ok moving on to 33:52:

"You [Prophet] are not permitted to take any further wives, nor to exchange the wives you have for others, even if these attract you with their beauty. But this does not apply to your slave-girls: God is watchful over all."

Here is the main question: "Why did Allah 2 verses before tell the Prophet that he can marry anyone who proposes to him and now He is saying that the Prophet cannot marry anyone else (except slaves)? This clearly sounds like abrogation.

Please address these 2 questions. (Note that as I see more things that seem to be abrogation I will ask them in this topic over time. In other words, questions will be added here over periods of time.)


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