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Timeline of prophets
« on: March 04, 2013, 01:28:37 AM »
to be updated

~12000 BCE
Reason: Earliest known civilization (we have VERY tiny evidence of Adam, most of it is faith)

~3000 BCE
Reason: Date of the great flood of Ur
Werner Keller, Und die Bibel hat doch recht (The Bible as History; a Confirmation of the Book of Books)

~1800 B.C
Reason: Archaeological estimates

~2000 BCE
Reason: Genesis 11, part of the bible, says Abraham extended his family to a city known as Ur. I know you guys will be surprised at this, but the bible is actually really accurate in describing the early prophets, kind of like a history book. Sumerian tabs have confirmed the story of Abraham.

~1200 BCE
Reason: Ipuwer Papyrus which describes the 10 plagues, ancient Egyptian glyphs describing Haman, Firaun's body. Admonitions of Ipuwer

7 to 2 BCE
Paul L. Maier "The Date of the Nativity and Chronology of Jesus" in Chronos, kairos, Christos: nativity and chronological studies by Jerry Vardaman, Edwin M. Yamauchi 1989 ISBN 0-931464-50-1 pages 113-129

~300 CE
Unnamed prophet sent to the Sabaeans
Hommel, Explorations in Bible Lands (Philadelphia: 1903), 739.

400 to 600 CE
Unnamed messengers sent to al-Hijr
Phillip Hitti, A History of the Arabs (London: Macmillan: 1970), 37

~600 CE
Elizabeth Goldman (1995), p. 63 gives 8 June 632, the dominant Islamic tradition. Many earlier, mainly non-Islamic traditions refer to him as still alive at the time of the invasion of Palestine. See Stephen J. Shoemaker,The Death of a Prophet: The End of Muhammad's Life and the Beginnings of Islam, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011
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