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Rebuttals & Polemics / Re: Faithfreedom , or basenessfreedom ?
« on: October 15, 2012, 09:06:38 AM »
Tanveer , the truth is , I'm don't have a great knowledge like a scholar . But one thing is sure : Even a beginner could expose his ignorance . The thing is not that I was too good , but he was awfully bad .

Brother Osama , thank you . May God leads us to what he finds best for us .

Final overture , Actually , I find some of what I said disturbing ( For readers , but I don't care if it is for him ) but the thing is , to us , when a lowly scum insults our prophet , blood pressure goes to extreme levels . That's because we have respect and love to him peace be upon him . But when you look at him , he's a cuckold . He doesn't mind if someone insults his parents and call them with bawdy terms . And that's the difference between us and them .

Rebuttals & Polemics / Faithfreedom , or basenessfreedom ?
« on: October 13, 2012, 03:34:45 PM »
Peace upon you .

Few days ago , I had an argument with the third snake in ( Editor 3 ) . And not surprisingly , he objected about the marriage of prophet Muhammad to Lady Aisha ( Yes , there are still idiots who object about it ) . And I gave him all kinds of proofs from non-islamic sources that a girl could reach maturity at five . And from Islamic sources I gave him proof that she was happy with her marriage . So what did that missionary hiding behind Atheism do ? He ran away as usual and insulted the prophet peace be upon him and acted like a pig . And I posted the argument here on my blog so that you judge who started with the street thugs' language .

And if Osama Abdullah see this . I wish if he could post it on his site so that the whole world knows what kind of a garbage dumb Faithfreedom is .

Peace .

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